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The Perfect Storm: Unprecedented Opportunity, Hundreds of Millions Funding Now, REO Availability, POF, BLOC $50k to $150k, CFSI – 10 Year Anniversary

Greetings from the sunny, warm San Francisco Bay Area where temperatures are in the high 80’s.

I’m pleased to report that four of our large projects are funding at this time: they range from $10 million to $454 million.

If you have a large project that you need funded you’ll want to visit and subscribe. You’ll want to read “How We Do Business” on that site. You may also want to visit

While it might look like a tough time for the national and global economy I believe that we are encountering the perfect storm for entrepreneurship.

I recently read a poll which I wholeheartedly agree with. Americans were asked, Who will lead us to a better future? 63% believe it will be small businesses and entrepreneurs compared to only 21% for large corporations.

I’m certainly not surprised by the outcome of this poll as I’ve been working with entrepreneurial small business owners for 10 years with Cash Flow Specialists, Inc., and 22 years previously when I owned an insurance agency and brokerage.

Small business provides more than 60% of new net jobs in America. We – small business owners, entrepreneurs, and their advisors – are the backbone of the American Economy, and we have a duty, to our Companies, our Clients, and the Greater Economy , to strive for success and do all we can to make sure that the American Dreams are reachable goals for whomever strives towards them.

I believe that 20 to 30 years from now historians will record and call this the greatest window of entrepreneurial opportunity of our lifetime. It is over the next 12 to 18 months that the successful companies of tomorrow will be created or make their move.

Did you know that 16 of the current Dow Jones Industrial Average stocks were born during either a recession or depression? It’s true; Procter & Gamble, Disney, McDonald’s, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson and others – once entrepreneurial startups, now giants in industry.

Now is the right time for you to build your business.

Every so often our system of capitalism shifts. The present financial crisis and economic downturn have shaken the status quo. In prosperous times it’s difficult for a small business to compete with big business. But now the playing field has been leveled:  everything is up for grabs. You can become one of the future kings of commerce.

The economic downturn has created  a whole bunch of problems that savvy entrepreneurs can step up and solve. Solving problems are the lifeblood of entrepreneurism. Those who create solutions to these new problems will become the great beneficiaries of the next decade.

Everything is on sale. It has never been cheaper to build, equip, and market your business than it is today. Vendors are flexible, opportunities are unlimited, and there is a pool of extremely talented people looking for a promising future. Your companies big ideas may be fueled by this unprecedented opportunity.

Challenges and obstacles force us to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions, services, and products. 40 years ago Joe Gandolfo wrote a book, “Ideas are a dime a dozen.” The challenge is to follow thru and implement a great idea.

Now is the time to get started.

This is a welcome letter that I send out to all new referral partners:


My name is Joe Tufo. I’m president of Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. of Concord CA. We are located 30 miles due east of downtown San Francisco.

I started this company July 1, 1999 after selling my insurance agency that I owned for 22 years. We were initially incorporated as a C-Corp in NV. I re-incorporated in CA February 2009 as a Subchapter S Corp.

I am not perfect. I do the very best that I can to serve you and the clients that you refer. I work 7AM to 5PM Pacific M-F. The toll-free number to our office is 1-800-669-2700. The direct dial number to my desk is 925-691-8200. When I am not in the office calls forward to my cell phone.

You can email me at either or I receive hundreds of emails a day and do my best to answer each. if you do not receive a written reply kindly call me and I’ll find the email and respond. Thank you.

I return all morning calls and emails from 11AM to 12 noon and all afternoon calls and emails from 4PM to 5PM.

If you would like to purchase consulting time for you and/or your client visit If you need coaching visit or

We have a popular website at If you want to learn about most of our products and services you should subscribe to the blog. New content is added several times a month. It’s a great place to refer prospective clients to inculcate them to our way of doing business. We are adding video to explain each post and page.

I encourage you to enroll at to learn about our products and services. Listen to the video on the site.

We are adding a second site for referral partners only. This will also be a subscription site. Soon you will be able to earn commissions through Click Bank for selling our books, templates, and courses. It can be a tool to supplement your income. will give an overview of our products and services. There are hyperlinks to other sites complete with video. We tweak the map by adding products and services so you’ll want to check back often. It’s a good starting point to refer clients. is a great tool for borrowers to become pre-qualified. Glenn & Mary just got $100,000 approved on a credit line and $150,000 on a grant using that program.

We have many other websites some of which are featured on the

I’ve attached the referral partner paperwork. Kindly complete and email back.

For REO’s go to the site I list all inventory. Get a LOI on the principle’s letterhead and an absolute proof of funds not more than three business days old.

For green projects read everything on the blog site especially references to large projects check and the site and

For credit lines other than BLOC E visit We have a new site that we are populating at We have access to merchant cash advance, asset based lenders, hard money, factoring and more alternative sources that fund in 30 days or less.

To access our public videos visit

Dale and I wrote a book on FOREX visit

95% of our business comes from referral and the balance comes from my public speaking engagements.

As always I am here to serve you and those whom you choose to refer to us.

May God bless you exceedingly, abundantly above whatever you may think or ask.

We Just Added a New Credit Line Provider!

We added a provider in the DFW area whose partner is an attorney in LA last month. They can furnish credit lines from a few thousand dollars to$100,000 or more.

In order to qualify for more funding sources I urge you to enroll in our Power Funding program at

We specialize in unsecured lines of credit for small businesses. We have a program for all of your business needs, whether you are an established business or just getting started. Our extensive nationwide lender network provides unsecured fundingto businesses at various stages of growth.

There are many advantages to using our consulting services. We help you tosuccessfully navigate today’s lending environment in securing the capital that you need. We have done the research for you, and with many years of experience in the financial industry, we will work to get you the most money at the best rates available in today’s market.

We only work with banks that offer no documentation, stated business financing. What that means for you is that we will not request business plans, tax returns or collateral for these programs with this vendor.

We offer a true no collateral loan or line of credit. Your good credit is your collateral. You must have a minimum 700 FICO score to qualify for this vendor’s program. And we offer a simple application process. You only need to complete a one page application. Once we receive your completed application and submit it to our lenders,we are able to obtain an approval generally within 48 hours.

We are so confident in our ability to help our clients that we do not charge upfront fees on this particular program.  We are particularly unique to the industry as we can also supply qualified clients with an Aged / Shelf Corp with no upfront costs!  Therefore we can deliver a perfect funding solution for new or expanding business owners.

The back end cost for the unsecured lines is 12% of which 2% is paid to Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. the back end cost for the tw0 year old  NV shelf corporations is $8,900. Cash Flow specialists, Inc. charges $2,500 which is in addition to the $8,900.

Financing Approved $50,000 – $150,000+

NO Upfront Fees
NO Documents Needed 
NO Application Fees
NO Financials
NO Collateral Required
NO Equity Needed

Fast, Easy Funding!
(1) Fill Out Form

(2) Get Approved

(3) Receive Your Funds

We have six large projects funders of which four are open now. We have four business line of credit lenders including the one featured above. We have a REO source that is one of 10 with access to the FDIC. We have five Proof of Funds providers. We have access to 383 hard money lenders, asset based lenders, merchant cash advance companies, bridge loan lenders, factors, private investors, hedge funds, banks, and other alternative funding sources.


We have an opportunity to put a investor into Wells Fargo to access REO multi-family inventories. Our primary investor got in last week and Wells has offered us a second buyer slot.
Do you have a investor or JV group that can buy 50 to 100 million in Multifamily?
This came in Friday June 19th

Hello Joe:
One of the brokers we work with in Chicago is looking for a JV partner to take down a buy with a workout plan and share the income stream. He has many years of experience in the region and is looking for a Joint Venture partner.
He has cash but is not strong enough to do the REO take down and the work out with the safety margin he believes is prudent.
We are working with him on tapes in the 4 to 5 million range (broker has 1 million cash) and his plan is buy and rent using existing management at just below market averages or via HUD contract. This type of workout should produce 30 to 50% annual return on initial purchase price.
Do you have a potential join venture partner for this type of deal?
Best Regards,
If you want REO’s visit and subscribe. You’ll see REO postings and the criteria for placing an order – LOI on the principal’s letterhead and an absolute proof of funds not older than three banking days.

July 1, 2009 will be our 10th anniversary of being in business.

As always I am here M-F 7AM to 5PM to serve you and those whom you choose to refer.

May grace and peace be multiplied to you (2 Peter 1:2a)

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I try to send an update once every week to 10 days. This was written and sent Friday June 19, 2009 to our 230+ referral partners and hundreds of past and present clients. There are 5,081 people in the database. Of those less than 10% receive the email by my choice.

I urge you to subscribe to

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