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Funds & Funding for Transactions


Funds & Funding for Transactions

Performance is Guaranteed by an Escrow undertaking supported by Insurance Guaranty to refund your Fee deposit if we would ever fail to perform as agreed!

Who buys funding Services?

Clients who require cash funds to settle their Transaction.

What are the Services?

A Commitment to ‘Funding’ your Transaction supported by a bank proof of ‘Funds’ for $1±Million -to- $100+Million.

What are typical Transactions?

Any transaction with a guaranteed exit —

Buy-Sell assets — invest in Private Placement Programs — buy or support Enhancements — make Escrow deposits — fund Debt/Bridge obligations — structured Project financing.

How do we do Business?

Services are escrow exchanged for Service Fee.

Service Fee is refunded if we fail to exchange the Funds as agreed.

Service Fee refund is supported by escrow undertaking and/or Performance Bond.

What are the Benefits?
Quick, private, and direct with principal.

  • Our Funds — Your Transaction.
  • Services may be customized to meet your needs.
  • Quick cash to fund your transaction = quick benefit to you.
  • Leverage your capital 20-to-100 times = higher profit for you.
  • No credit check — No collateral — No encumbrance — No delay — No profit share.
  • Protects your bank relationship, your source, your privacy, and your benefits.
  • Performance or Refund Is Guaranteed

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If you need Proof of Funds this private investor does a good job. he’s been very successful at this and has been at it for decades.

We have other funding sources that provide these services.

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