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60 attended Wednesday’s Webinar featuring my friend, Chris M., who has been helping business people fund projects globally since 2004 and helping investors grow wealth exponentially.

Many missed out because of scheduling conflicts. If you’d like to hear Chris M tell how he’s helped many become centi-millionaires and several become billionaires send me an email to with the single most important question you’d like to ask Chris and I’ll aggregate the questions and intercede for you.


Serving you since July 1, 1999. Project Funding $1m to $10b+, Managed Buy/Sell, Trade Programs $100k to $5b, Instrument Monetization, and more. 

Best time to reach me: 7AM to 5PM M-F Pacific: if you get voice mail leave a message with the best times to reach you, I’m probably helping someone else. 

I do a live webinar/call Wednesday at 4PM Eastern. I give an overview on each product and service. Calls run 60 to 90 minutes depending on audience Q&A and content to share.

Meeting Details for “CFSI/Joe Tufo Weekly Wednesday Webinar Offshore Asset Protection, Offshore Investments, Project Funding, and More” 

Wednesday, May 15, 4:00 PM 


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We do Instrument Monetization. The smallest instrument we will monetize is $50M. For high rated Banks will do 60% to 80% LTV. For weaker Banks will do 20% to 60% LTV. The term or block is normally only 45 to 60 days. Being non recourse this is very attractive as the client can repeat the process. Higher rated banks can do Admin Hold, weaker Banks must do mt760. We will take BG, SBLC, MTN, CD, and CASH. We will need a CIS, Passport, and Bank Statement. Once received, the Client will be on the phone with our principal within 2 to 3 hours. (Carl)


We do Project Funding/Financing. Normally the client needs from $200K to $10m+ in cash depending on the funding source participation. We will need the Clients CIS, Passport, Bank Statement, and Project Summary. Once received, your principal will be on the phone with our principal within one to two business days. Our Principal will work with what the client has depending on the size of the project.  All questions will be answered then. This is private money and the principal can be very flexible. I cannot set an appointment without the necessary paperwork. (Carl, Steve, Chris, Vince, Mike)


Vince has a special program beginning at $1.5m EUR that can fund any viable project, any size, almost anywhere in the world. This requires three to five days face-to-face in Sacramento CA at an investment of approx. $2,000 per person (you will receive a refund at the first tranche). I will block time and together: you, your advisors, Vince and his team, and me will go over all the contracts line by line, we will go over the procedures step-by-step. You will learn the math and you will create your own spreadsheets. You will meet the trader and your application will be processed while you visit. You will be into trade upon departing Sacramento if you submit a complete package. You will understand the program completely and you will become Our Client For Life. 

We have access to commodities: gold, fuel, sugar, precious metals, precious stones, rare earth, edible, non-edible and others. (Steve)

We have access to instruments. (Greg, Steve, Chris)

We can do Currency Exchange. (Steve)

We have a CD Program with a top European Bank that pays 3% a month at $100,000 or more. You must proof $1,000,000 or more in the bank to qualify. (Chris)

Offshore Services: IBC, Trusts, Foundations, 2nd Residency, 2nd Passport, 2nd Citizenships, Diplomatic Passports, Portfolio Management (Mike)


Lastly, we do tailings and concentrate from gold mines. We process through our plant in Las Vegas. We write a contract after analysis and send our trucks to pick up the tailings. We can then sell the bars or give a 150% net loan against the bullion if stored in our Bank. We prefer mines in the Western US.  (Carl)   

CFSI and our sources:

Asset Management (Steve, Chris)

Wealth Management (Steve, Chris)

SWIFT, Trade Finance (Steve, Anthony)

Managed Buy Sell (Chris, Steve)

Project Funding (Chris, Vince, Steve, Mike, Carl)

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CFSI/Joe Tufo Weekly Wednesday Webinar Offshore Asset Protection, Offshore Investments, Project Funding, and More

Wednesday, May 08, 2013 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM Eastern Time

Personal message from Joe Tufo

Chris was the featured speaker yesterday on our Weekly Wednesday Webinar. 36 attended by computer and 24 by phone. The program went strong for 90 minutes. All questions were answered. Several submitted applications afterwards. If you are interested in our programs from $100k to $5b+, building wealth or funding a project from $1m to $50b+ you need to contact me by phone or text at 925-352-6000 or email me at Call or write for an invitation to a future meeting. We hold them every Wednesday at 4PM Eastern. If you’d like to attend a future webinar with Chris let me know that too. Thank you.


Joseph P. Tufo

925-522-0700 Direct
Skype:  jptufo
Referral Key: 


Offshore Private Banking, Asset Protection, Commercial Loans and more visit and sign up as a Client: Agent Code ACJT2565CAUS

Private Client Services $100k to $100m+, Project Funding, Asset Monetization, Offshore Financial Planning, and Business Consulting 

Providing Honest Answers in a Timely Manner No Matter How Difficult the Situation. 


Trust, Integrity, and Service: Here Today, Here Tomorrow

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100% Project Funding Available $2m+ (financial district)

100% Project Funding Available $2m+ (financial district)


Conventional Commercial Loan vs. GFC 10/100 Commercial Loan

Conventional Commercial Loan:
1. 30 to 40% down payment to the lending bank. 2. Recourse to the borrower via personal guarantees. 3. Generally require minimum three years financials. 4. Debt to servicing ratio no more than 40% of gross income. 5. Debt to equity ratio of no more than 0.5:1. 6. Restricted by jurisdiction. 7. Come under Bank Act lending policies.

GFC 10/100 Commercial Loan:
1. 10% cash reserve/equity requirement by borrower. 2. Non-recourse to borrower as no personal guarantee is required. 3. Require three years financial statements. 4. Debt to servicing ratio no more than 40% of gross income. 5. Debt to equity ratio of no more than 0.5:1. 6. Not restricted by jurisdiction. 7. Do not come under any bank act or lending policies other than ones that are self-imposed.

Borrower has a savings account setup with the GFC. Debit/Visa cards are issued and loan proceeds will be deposited to this account.
Asset to Purchase
Deposits 10% of loan request into account with the GFC.
Borrower’s bank account with GFC. The borrower draws on the loan as per an approved capital expenditure budget to purchase the asset..

To see if you qualify visit and enter agent code ACJT2565CAUS and my name Joe Tufo. It will take three banking days to have you vetted. You will then be provided a user name and password and be able to access the loan application and upload your documents to our military grade encryption website. Underwriting generally takes three to four weeks. Average funding is 120 days. The fastest we have funded anyone is 60 days and the longest 180 days. We move at the speed of the client.

We are a private merchant bank and offshore trust serving hundreds of clients worldwide.

We host live weekly webinars for vetted agents and clients and host bi-monthly dinners in San Francisco for accredited sophisticated investors. Our next dinner is March 26th. 26 have RSVP’d. We have room for 50.

Joe Tufo, GFC Sales and Marketing Manager
925-352-6000 Cell and Text
925-522-0700 Office
Available 7AM to 5PM Pacific M-F