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Fact or Lie?


Fact-To do a real PIO buy/sell trade is when a client signs a direct bank contract on bank letterhead or bank verifiable contract with the program bank.

Fact-When signing a contract with a platform, you are not doing a trade. You are doing a contract with a corporation on their letterhead because you are not in a trade, You are in a contract and your name and information is not with the bank, but with who ever you signed this so called contract.

FACT- Sorry, but 99% of these people who claim to be able to do PPP, are not able to perform and their due diligence is not with the program bank, which means, it is useless, as you are not in a bank trade.

FACT- 99% of the people who say they can do a PPP with the banks in Europe, have never spoken to a real trader and are only speaking to a  Platform of brokers that say they are traders, as the internet is full of these types of non-performers.

FACT- Only certain Western European Banks have been appointed as buy/sell Program Banks.

FACT- There are not many traders with the bank clearance level to do these programs direct from the bank and if you are not working with one of these traders, then it will explain why your trade with your platform did not get done.

FACT-U.S Traders do not know or understand how High Yield European PPP trades are done, as they do not have the clearance with these program banks, though the traders, might have dealings with European banks. It is not the same thing as doing a Closed market PPP in Europe.

FACT-Private placement programs with the banks in Western Europe are ZERO RISK and are 100% guaranteed, as the clients contract is with the program bank and not some platforms contract, which the Program Bank has nothing to do with.

Joe Tufo
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Phone: 1-925-352-6000 Cell/Text 1-800-669-2700 Office

This is with a Real European Closed Market Private Placement Program Bank Trader with the Clearance to Top Banks in EUROPE.

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100% Project Funding Available $2m+ (financial district)

100% Project Funding Available $2m+ (financial district)


Conventional Commercial Loan vs. GFC 10/100 Commercial Loan

Conventional Commercial Loan:
1. 30 to 40% down payment to the lending bank. 2. Recourse to the borrower via personal guarantees. 3. Generally require minimum three years financials. 4. Debt to servicing ratio no more than 40% of gross income. 5. Debt to equity ratio of no more than 0.5:1. 6. Restricted by jurisdiction. 7. Come under Bank Act lending policies.

GFC 10/100 Commercial Loan:
1. 10% cash reserve/equity requirement by borrower. 2. Non-recourse to borrower as no personal guarantee is required. 3. Require three years financial statements. 4. Debt to servicing ratio no more than 40% of gross income. 5. Debt to equity ratio of no more than 0.5:1. 6. Not restricted by jurisdiction. 7. Do not come under any bank act or lending policies other than ones that are self-imposed.

Borrower has a savings account setup with the GFC. Debit/Visa cards are issued and loan proceeds will be deposited to this account.
Asset to Purchase
Deposits 10% of loan request into account with the GFC.
Borrower’s bank account with GFC. The borrower draws on the loan as per an approved capital expenditure budget to purchase the asset..

To see if you qualify visit and enter agent code ACJT2565CAUS and my name Joe Tufo. It will take three banking days to have you vetted. You will then be provided a user name and password and be able to access the loan application and upload your documents to our military grade encryption website. Underwriting generally takes three to four weeks. Average funding is 120 days. The fastest we have funded anyone is 60 days and the longest 180 days. We move at the speed of the client.

We are a private merchant bank and offshore trust serving hundreds of clients worldwide.

We host live weekly webinars for vetted agents and clients and host bi-monthly dinners in San Francisco for accredited sophisticated investors. Our next dinner is March 26th. 26 have RSVP’d. We have room for 50.

Joe Tufo, GFC Sales and Marketing Manager
925-352-6000 Cell and Text
925-522-0700 Office
Available 7AM to 5PM Pacific M-F