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Right From The Heart: Seasoned 3-yr old WY/NV Corps 80 PAYDEX, $100k Trade Lines, $100k Assets Funding to $1m only $50k, Monster Corporations $500,000 to $14,800,000; Trade Programs $5,000 to $50,000,000+, How To Fund Your Viable Project $10m to $2B, and More 20101006

Right From The Heart: Seasoned 3-yr old WY/NV Corps 80 PAYDEX, $100k Trade Lines, $100k Assets Funding to $1m only $50k, Monster Corporations $500,000 to $14,800,000; Trade Programs $5,000 to $50,000,000+, How To Fund Your Viable Project $10m to $2B, and More 20101006

Greetings from the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area where temperatures are in the low 70’s, humidity is low, there is a constant breeze, and overnight temperatures are in the low-50’s.  Looks like rain.

Thanks to each of you we now have 5,339 double opt-in subscribers.


We’re running a Special Promotion until December 31, 2010:

We’ve had good success in funding several in these difficult times.

We’ve found that those whom we meet with face-to-face for a couple of hours, that really get plugged into our websites, newsletters, articles, and webinars have amuch higher funding success rate than those who try to “go on the cheap” skip the process. don’t read the newsletters and, in general, try to do things their way.

If you’re serious about getting funded you’ll come to Concord CA and spend two hours with me.

For only $2,500 you’ll receive two hours of coaching for you and your team here in Concord CA on how to properly fund your viable project or idea, a thorough review and written critique of your Executive Summary, Bio’s, Detailed Use of Funds, 5-Year Pro-Forma, and Exit Strategy, and a one-year prepaid subscription our 4,000+ page and growing private subscription website which archives our newsletters. This is a $4,664 value if you buy the services separately.

In addition, if you choose to become a Priority Client we’ll credit your entire $2,500 investment plus the costs of your travel to Concord CA towards our Priority Expedited Client Fee.

We’ve been successful in funding dozens of business people who struck out using mainstream funding sources. Block a couple of days; fly or drive to the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, bring a cashier’s check or wire funds direct to our Bank of America corporate account.

If you need more than two hours we’ll charge only $500 an hour instead of our normal $1,000 an hour and we’ll still credit it all towards our Priority Expedited Client Fee.

If you need me to come to you for two hours you’ll need to add $10,000 for travel expenses and time away from Concord CA. If you need more than two hours we’ll charge only $500 an hour instead of our normal $1,000 an hour and we’ll still credit it all towards our Priority Expedited Client Fee.


We’re pretty good at what we do but we’re far from perfect. You’ll learn that our clients and funding providers are far from perfect too. Hopefully we’ll all learn some lessons on how to do business better.

We’re looking for “Clients for Life.” If you’re looking for a trustworthy, hard working Capital and Cash Flow Specialist perhaps we can do business. With 33+ years of financial services experience (November 1976 to present) we may be uniquely qualified to serve you and those whom you choose to refer.

Please remember that we work on a Priority-Expedited basis and a Non-Priority- Get To You When We Can basis. Not everyone understands our business model and that’s okay. After 33+ years in financial services we can’t please everyone – We do the best that we can for committed paying clients because they’re the ones who keep us in business.


I’ve sat through tens of thousands of presentations since we started in business July 1,1999. Most are made by shrewed entrepreneurs in search of funding for their new business concepts.

I am continually shocked by the failure of most of these presentations to communicate effectively and persuasively.

The problem is that nobody knows how to tell a story. And what’s worse, nobodyknows that they don’t know how to tell a story.

The overwhelming majority of business presentations merely serve to convey data, not to persuade.

You need to be able to master the art of telling a story in a clear, convincing manner.

Investors have been burned badly in the past several years. There’s nothing worse than receiving a 250-page “novel” with the funding request buried on page 57. We don’t have time to sift and sort through hundreds of pages of data and to give dozens of hours of our precious time away.

If you’d like to be “coached” on how to present powerfully and effectively you should retain Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. as a Priority – Expedited Client.

We’ve helped hundreds obtain funding, are you next?

Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.

And Joe Tufo

International Project Financing And Investment


Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. provides expert financial services for procurement of private placement investment, direct investment, international project financing, venture capital funding, capital loans or credit lines. We work directly with capital funding, financing and investment sources, to procure the most competitive and profitable terms for our clients.

  • International Project Financing from $10.0 Million – $2.0 Billion
  • Investment Capital for New Companies or Corporate Expansion
  • All Countries and All Industries Can Be Financed
  • Low Interest Credit and Loans From 1.0% – 7.0% Interest
  • No Collateral From Client – We Procure Collateral From Third Party Investor

For projects without collateral from the client, Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. has well-developed and proven methods for organizing andstructuring capital financing loans, including collateral instruments and insurance bonds from our investors, cooperating banks and international financial institutions, for procurement of full capital funds with favorable terms and rates.

Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. itself is not a fund, and does not give investment capital from its own funds. We are an international firm that performs expert preparation of investment projects, on the basis of direct expert knowledge of the rules, requirements and criteria of numerous financing sources. The client must pay for the preliminary expenses of this work. After preparation, Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. conducts full management and active work on procurement of capital funds,100% on commission.

Structured Capital Financing Loans

For businesses that can not provide sufficient collateral to secure a commercial loan, a complex and multi-level approach to structuring the transaction makes it possible to successfully receive venture capital funding, without any collateral from the client. This category of capital procurement requires extensive inside financial industry knowledge, legal and negotiating expertise, and direct, active professional support.

Working with financiers to structure conditional purchase of discounted collateral and other guarantee instruments, Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. can reliably obtain full, once-source funding from venture capital lending banks. The core of this mechanism is third parties, usually other banks, financial institutions or insurance companies. These collateral providers either partially or fully back the loan from the source, with little or no risk to the receiving company.

Fairness and Non-Discrimination Policies
Each structured funding package organized by Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.  includes risk management and collateral procurement mechanisms built into the process. This approach both serves to keep interest rates lower, and also results in increased fairness and more favorable consideration of proposed businesses in developing countries. Ratings for countries such as Standard & Poor’s or Moody’s are considered irrelevant, since it is widely recognized that very successful and profitable businesses can be established even under highly adverse or unstable conditions.

Funding sources and their representatives who work closely with Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.  have repeatedly verified and confirmed that the investment banks in Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. network do not discriminate against any country, unless it is un-insurable, or on governmental terrorism lists. Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. European and American funding sources have firmly established rules that all projects must be assessed for risk only on the basis of the merits of each proposed project. Similarly, the interest rate for approved capital financing loans is based exclusively upon the risk factors of the business strategies for each individual project, and no “country risk” factors are used.

Reliable Results for Investment and Project Financing

The reliable procurement of capital funds is not a myth, but an unavoidable reality. The mission of funding sources is in fact to give working capital, not to withhold it. They are under significant pressure from contractual obligations with constituent investors, pension funds, trusts or even government agencies to make active use of funds to realize gains. Underperformance or inactivity results in damage to the source’s reputation, and even loss of rights to manage the entrusted funds.

Applying extensive professional resources, intellectual property, and effective strategies, it is only a matter of time before a professional services firm obtains an approval and offer from a source on favorable terms.

During over 6 years of professional practice, the Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. success rate for obtaining approval of client projects and offers from collateral providers and capital funding sources is more than 50%.

Although not every collateral provider and every source accept or approve each particular project, the resources, methods and persistent work of Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. allow us to maintain and repeat this record of reliability.

How to Start the Investment Process

Whether you are looking to finance one commercial project, a joint venture, or your whole company, the best way to start is by talking to a Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. project manager for a free consultation.

We will work with you to identify your goals, assess the best category of venture capital sources for your business, determine a target strategy, and help you pick the professional services that will be most cost-effective and work best for you.

I met with one of our clients, Hector, and Jeff from Wells Fargo Bank at the clients business office last month.

Out of 40 submissions by Hector all 40 have been accepted which is the highest through-put Jeff has fromany source.

All banks visit the applicant at their office or business address. They want to see that the business is viable. They interview the prospective client and take copious notes. You had better know how to persuasively convince the lender to bless you with a loan.

Some of the questions:

Tell me about your products and services

How did you get into this business?

How long have you been in business?

Are you the founder?

Are there any other partners or investors?

Have you co-branded any products?

Where are the products manufactured?

Is there a language barrier (China)?

How many customers do you have?

Do you do business internationally?

Do you have any strategic partners, dealers, or brokers?

How do you advertise?

How many employees do you have?

How many suppliers do you have?

How many do you actively do business with?

Where are they located?

We hold your hand through the 90 to 150 day process.

If you’re looking for a cash infusion Monster Corporations are the way to go.

We have two clients funding this month with Monster Corporations. Each is guaranteed $1,000,000 and may receive more than $1,500,000.

It’s $50,000 up front for $500,000 guaranteed 12% back end fee up to $500,000 and 15% back end above $500,000.

It’s $90,000 up front for $1,000,000 guaranteed (up to $1,500,000 targeted) and 12% back end.

This requires a 740 FICO Score and debt to high credit under 30%.

The process takes 90 to 150 days but we move at the speed of the client. We’ll hand-hold you and walk you through the process. The success rate is almost 100% to date.


John S. is offering three-year old corporations from NV or WY with foreign filings, $100,000 trade lines, an 80 PAYDEX score and $25,000 of assets for $25,000. There are no financials or tax returns. By opening a DDA account at Wells Fargo and having a 720+ FICO you’ll qualify for up to $100,000 in funding.

For $100,000 in assets add an additional $25,000 for a total investment of $50,000. By opening a DDA account at Wells Fargo and having a 740+ FICO you’ll qualify for up to $1,000,000 in funding.

The back end fee may be about 10%. I don’t have that at this time.


In Ecclesiastes 11:2 Solomon writes, “ Divide your portion to seven or eight for you know not what evil may happen on earth.” That’s great advice!

If you have $500,000 in investments place $62,500 to $71,500 in Chris P’s program and generate $3,750 to $4,290 a month.

If you want to generate $10,000 a month place $100,000.

If you want to generate $25,000 a month place $250,000.

We have a few considering $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 at this time.

TRIAL / TRADE Approved Trades Platform owned by MGB
Amount of Trade Term Cycles Rolls Profits Pay Outs
$ 5K to $ 25K 6 Mo 90 day None 4% P /Mo. 2 total
Trade Structure and Terms:

Trial Trades are for 6 months or 2 /90 day trade cycles in term.  Trial Trades payout once every 90 days for a total of 2 payouts before they end. Trial trades can not be rolled to another 6 month cycle; they must terminate at the end of the 6 months term. They can however, reapply the next trade  season 2011

Trial Trade; are for Investors that are:

·         Skeptical, not sure they wish to commit a larger sum of funds; without seeing how it all works.

·         Investor that has been given so many different program offers, and never had one deliver in the end.

·         Investor that just does not believe, these are not real and that they are all scams.

We understand these concerns and thoughts, so this is your opportunity to prove it out.

Kick the tires to sort of speak.

INTERMEDIATE / TRADES Approved Trades Platform owned by MGB
Amount of Trade Term Cycles Rolls Profits Pay Outs
$ 30K to $ 75K 9 Mo 90 day None 6% P/M 3 total
Trade Structure and Terms:

Intermediate Trades are for 9 months or 12 months; depending upon the investment amount, (see above).  3 /90 day trade cycles in term and 4 /90 day trade cycles in term.  Intermediate Trades payout once every 90 days for a total of 3 payouts and/or 4 payouts, before they end. Trail trades can not be rolled over to another cycle; they must terminate at the end of the 9 or 12, months term. They can however, reapply the next trade  season 2011

SMALL CAP TRADES Approved Trades Platform owned by MGB
Amount of Trade Term Cycles Roll Over Profit Pay Outs
$ 100 K to $ 500K 12 mo 90 day 4 years 10% P/M 4 Total P/Y
$ 500 K to $ 1 M 12 mo 90 day 4 years 10% P/M 4 Total P/Y
$ 1 M to $ 3 M 12mo 90 day 4 years 12% P/M 4 Total P/Y
$ 3 M to $ 5 M 12mo 90 day 4 years

TBD 4 Total P/Y
$ 5 M to $ 10 M 12mo 90 day 4 years

TBD 4 Total P/Y
Trade Structure and Terms:

Small Cap Trades are for 12 months; 4 /90 day trade cycles in term. Trade payouts, once every 90 days for a total of 4 payouts, before they end for that season and automatically roll to the next season. Theroll over life is 4 years completing a 5 total years of trading.  The Investor can then re apply for another trade term of, 5 total years trading, by filing a new compliance package and applying it to a new trade term of 5 years.

Large Cap Trades Trades above 20M are by Special Contact Trades only
Amount of Trade Term Cycles Rolls Profits Pay Outs
$ 10 M to $ 20 M 12 mo 90 day 10 years Open 4 Total P/Y
$ 20 M to $ 50 M 12 mo 90 day 10 years Open 4 Total P/Y
Trade Structure and Terms:

Large Cap Trades are for 12 months; 4 /90 day trade cycles in term Trade payouts, once every 90 days for a total of 4 payouts per year, before they end for that season and automatically roll to the next season. The roll over life is a total of (Bank contracted years), trading under this trade.  (normal is 5/10 years)
Large Cap Trades; are for Investors that are:

·         Investors who are comfortable with the trade terms.

·          Investors wanting long term roll over’s and extensions

·         Investors that are sophisticated  and seasoned with the trade industry

·         Investors who have established a history of trade and  have funds to enter at this level of trade

All trade documentation will be review and approved by Regulated Compliance Officers. Programming and Guidelines are proprietary to MGB Ltd.: MGB PCPT /LLC: MGB LLC ©®™¹86312MGB1985/2010,(All rights reserved MGB- 1985 – 2010) All trade is cash only transactions wherein funds move to the bank of trade, no instruments.  All trades are conducted in New Zealand and are under New Zealand corporate regulatory statues. Profits posted are done so in considerations of theup to full amount posted.

Total Earnings from trade every 90 days and to term of your program.

Your invested dollars using minimum amounts only, would earn this much (see below).

Program 1: Trail Trade

5 Thousand USD 4% per month x-6 months $600.00 per 90 days / to term $1,200.00

Min. Amount Vested                                                        Program Length

Program 2: Intermediate Trade

30 Thousand USD 6% per month x-9 months $5,400.00 per 90 days / to term $16,200.00

Min. Amount Vested                                                           Program Length

Program 3: Standard Trade

100 Thousand USD 10% per month x-12 months $30,000.00 per 90 days / to term $120,000.00

Min. Amount Vested                                                          Program Length

ROLL OVER CHART USING Standard Trade at minimum amount $100,000.00 USD

Straight Talk ……….. Straight Profits Earned!

Amount Vested Year 1 net Profit Year 2 net Profit Year3 net Profit Year 4 net Profit Year 5 net Profit
$100,000.00 $120,000.00
$120,000.00 $144,000.00
$144,000.00 $172,800.00
$172,800.00 $207,360.00
$207,360.00 $248,832.00
Principal returned $100,000.00 $120,000.00 $144,000.00 $172,000.00 $207,306.00
Total Cash Available $220,000.00 $264,000.00 $316,800.00 $379,360.00 $456,192.00
Program net 5 years (with no compounding) $456,192.00
This is using Min. Amounts and expanding these figures over the 5 year trade term.  This does not allow for any,

Withdrawals of profit every 90 days or for any aggregated values every 90 days.  This is a straight 5 year growth chart.

+ 356,192.00

Total net profit earned

BANK INSTUERMENTS OFFERED: C/D 1.98 to 2.1%     ANNUAL not per month

AEI Accts.1.58% ANNUAL not Per Month

All Bank Investment instruments are held in Escrow and custody of the issuing bank with no third party security of your investment dollars, in short your funds moved from your account to your escrow account, no different than a term trade offer program, absolutely no difference except for the safety of the funds.

Trade platforms hold 3rd party Escrow and Bank instruments, never hold third party Escrow, if the Bank fails, so do your funds in it and those funds are not covered by FDIC.


MGBPCPT / Small Cap Trade Chart 9/2010

Small Cap Trading Programs 2010
Program No. 1

Trial Trade:


5 K to 25 K

Pd. Interest

4% per Month

Trade Term

6 Months

Cycle & Settlement

2/90 day / Settles every 90 days

Roll Over


Program No. 2

Intermediate Trade

30 K to 75 K

6% per Month

9 Months

3/90 day / Settles every 90 days


Program No. 3

Standard Trade

100 K to 1 M

10% per Month

12 Months

4/90 day / Settles every 90 days

4 years

1M   to  3 M 12% per Month 12 Months 4/90 day / Settles every 90 days 4 years
Amounts over 3 million to under 50 Million are acceptable on a one to one basis.



If you have a project you want to fund call to discuss Self-Funding ideas. Did you know that if you have $500,000 and place it at 10% a month and allow it to compound quarterly that you will have approx. $ $2.3m in 18 months? (at $1m+ the contract may be re-written at a higher yield subject trader approval).

One prospective client has a $60m project. By placing $5m at 15% a month he will generate approx. $62m in eight months, more than enough to pay off the project, cover inflation, and have a little left over and no debt.


This came in from Jeff Monday September 13, 2010:

We have Capital for Qualified Borrowers.  Please read through the attachments and the details below.  You will be pleased with our capabilities, service, and delivery.

Targeting Bridge, Construction, Permanent, and Unique Financing Programs.

We are closing deals for qualified borrowers, in good locations, for good products.

Financing Programs and Platform:

(1)  New Bridge Funds Available for Immediate Closings – As well as for valued added and opportunistic deals the banks are just not funding – includes bridge loans, interim financing, mezzanine financing, equity, preferred equity, subordinated debt, distressed situations, note discounts.

(2)  Construction Financing Program: ACI has new funds available for Construction Financing with Loan to cost to 75%; with rates at 5.50%, for most property types, for good net worth seasoned borrowers, including:

1.    Office

2.    Student Housing

3.    Healthcare Properties

4.    Hotels

5.    Multifamily

6.    Retail

7.    Industrial

(3) Standard 2010 Financing Programs are Attached

(4) Platform Includes:

1.    Commercial Real Estate Debt; Equity; and Mezzanine Capital

2.    Private Equity for Commercial Real Estate and Business Financing

3.    Joint Ventures for Commercial Real Estate and Business Financing

4.    Venture Capital for Business Financing

5.    Alternate Investments

6.    Advisory Services

7.    Difficult and Sensitive Financing

8.    Infrastructure Financing

9.    Conventional Financing

10. Bridge Financing

11. Transitional Financing

12. Distressed Financing

13. Note Purchases

14. Middle Market Financing

15. REIT Financing

16. Acquisitions and Dispositions

17. Marketing Services

18. Variable and Fixed Rate Demand and Other Bond Programs (Cheaper Rates, 1-3 points cheaper)

19. Developer Financing Programs

20. Hospitality Financing

21. Regional Proprietary Financing Programs

22. Industry Proprietary Financing Programs

23. Property Type Proprietary Financing Programs


5) Investors

Some of our investors (private and public), affiliations, investment banks, and correspondent relationships include:

Private high net worth investors

Public company commercial real estate investors

Investment banks

Merchant Banks

Private equity


Mezzanine capital

Construction funds

Canadian Banks that invest in and lend in the US with a major US presence with hundreds of billions is assets

Private Banking Relationships

Correspondent relationships with large, national, regional, and local US banks

Institutional funds

Equity Capital

Pension Funds

Members of our group are approved agency investors and lenders

Hedge funds

Bridge funds

Government programs

Developer funds

Retail, Multifamily, Industrial, Student Housing, Healthcare, Office Platforms

Large concentration of healthcare investors

Venture capital

Acquisitions and Dispositions Platform

Residential development funds

Large concentration of Hospitality investors

Foreign Worldwide Sovereign Banks and Investors With significant US presence

World banks

We are engaged in the business of commercial real estate investment banking in order for the borrower to secure financing, where financing and investors is defined as, and to include, equity investment, joint venture,  correspondent loan, loan, bank loan, refinancing, credit facility, loan guarantee, investors pledged collateral for investment, merger, reverse takeover, mezzanine placement, subordinated financing, or corporate amalgamation, value of repurchase option or share-buyback agreement, value of any leaseback or royalty or residual payment program offered as part of  the financing, and convertible debt or share issue and or any transaction that may be considered the “sale of the shares or assets of the Borrower(s) and Guarantor(s).

Make note, and we want this to be clearly understood, that the borrower acknowledges that we are a commercial real estate investment banker.  We do verify that our investors include private and public commercial real estate investors (as defined herein) with combined resources in many billions of dollars that are very active in financing commercial real estate properties.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Jeff Morris


Darrel is buying high end SFR homes from $4m to $20m in CA, FL, and Vegas.


Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”
– Jim Rohn

Luke 6:38 (New International Version)

38Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”


As always we’re available 7AM to 5PM M-F Pacific to serve you and those whom you choose to refer.

Our websites are at:
Let Us Help You Get Funded:

Joseph P. Tufo, President

Certified Cash Flow Consultant, Certified Capital Specialist
P.O. Box 844
Alamo CA 94507
925-691-8200 Direct to my desk
800-669-2700 Business
206-984-2853 Fax
Let Us Help You Get Funded:

Networking/Chat Contacts:
LinkedIn: jptufo
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Fee and Commission Based.

Private Client Services $5,000 to $50,000,000+, Business and Personal Lines of Credit $50,000 to $14,800,000, Large Project Funding $10,000,000 to $2 Billion, SBA Loans, Commercial Loans, Private & Hard Money Loans, Asset Monetization, Proof Of Funds and More.

We make NO INTEREST loans against BG, SBLC, CD, Bank Drafts and Sovereign Bonds.

Providing Honest Answers in a Timely Manner No Matter How Difficult the Situation.

Trust, Integrity, and Service: Here Today, Here Tomorrow

Distressed Debt Opportunities:

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