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Insure Loans $250,000 to $5,000,000: Webinar; Fact or Lie?

This came in this morning from Jim France CEO & Founder of FIIC. I have been helping Jim raise funds ​for 13 months My wife, Bonnie, and I are founders along with several of our clients. FIIC will be licensed just as soon as the Department of Insurance in Washington D.C. issues the license. 

​There are two Founder’s slots available: one at $500,000 and one at $5,000,000.​




After 35 years in small business and helping to fund many, its become more and more challenging. In 2013 there were over 275,000 small business loan requests made to the US banking industry. However, 97% were rejected. This puts the funding burden onto friends and family now reaching 80% for all small business funding. This is a shame to place the drain on families and friends, when our institutions should be doing more. The growth in the sector is hard without proper capital sources.

History shows us that more jobs are created in small business development than any other sector. Microsoft was a small start up once before becoming a large company! If our country is to build new jobs in the face of automation we need to move more capital into various small business sectors. Last year over 175,000 new businesses tried to start and most went looking for funding sources. Approximately 7,000 found help from Venture Capital firms, once again leaving the balance of funding for these companies looking for other sources.

In developing a solution for this problem, I have spent over 10 years looking at business starts and failures in the US in hopes of producing a new financial service product for both Investors and business managers alike that will solve much of this disproportionate disbursement of capital which will change this problem into a “new standard” funding method. If we can lower the risk, a solution to attracting capital, then I for one hope to help bring change to this sector by 2015.


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“Who do you want to hitch your wagon to? Someone who HAS been paid, or someone who THINKS they will be paid?”



Fact or Lie?


Fact-To do a real PIO buy/sell trade is when a client signs a direct bank contract on bank letterhead or bank verifiable contract with the program bank.

Fact-When signing a contract with a platform, you are not doing a trade. You are doing a contract with a corporation on their letterhead because you are not in a trade, You are in a contract and your name and information is not with the bank, but with who ever you signed this so called contract.

FACT- Sorry, but 99% of these people who claim to be able to do PPP, are not able to perform and their due diligence is not with the program bank, which means, it is useless, as you are not in a bank trade.
FACT- 99% of the people who say they can do a PPP with the banks in Europe, have never spoken to a real trader and are only speaking to a supposable Platform of brokers that say they are traders, as the internet is full of these types of non performers.

FACT- Only certain Western European Banks have been appointed as buy/sell Program Banks.

FACT- There are not many traders with the bank clearance level to do these programs direct from the bank and if you are not working with one of these traders, then it will explain why your trade with your platform did not get done.

FACT-U.S Traders do not know or understand how High Yield European PPP trades are done, as they do not have the clearance with these program banks, though the traders, might have dealings with European banks. It is not the same thing as doing a Closed market PPP in Europe.

FACT-Private placement programs with the banks in Western Europe are ZERO RISK and are 100% guaranteed, as the clients contract is with the program bank and not some platforms contract, which the Program Bank has nothing to do with.

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This is with a Real European Closed Market Private Placement Program Bank Trader with the Clearance to Top banks in EUROPE.

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Being prudent is a decision that needs to be made every time you face an important
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