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10/100 Commercial Loan and Project Funding $2m to $1b+

At one time you asked me about commercial loans and/or project funding.
You are welcome to register on our website and enter Agent Code ACJT2565CAUS 
We will vet you in two to three business days and provide a user name and password. You can enter our website with your user name and password and open a savings account of $5,000 or more. We will issue VISA and MasterCard Debit cards for you. You will also need to open an International Business Corporation (IBC). The cost is $1,750 in Panama where most clients establish their offshore businesses.
You can then upload your information to our bank encrypted 256bit software and preserve your ideas and identity.
It takes about two to three weeks for underwriting approval and about 90 days to fund. The fastest anyone has been funded is 60 days and the longest has been 180 days. We have had good success with this program having funded dozens for hundreds of millions of dollars.
Are you our next success story?

 10/100 Commercial Loan and Project Funding:

  • Before any loans or project funding will be considered the borrower must apply for the loan or project funding via the applications found under the Banking/Loans/Application tabs.
  • No conference calls will be entertained until a representative of the borrower ie: CEO, CFO, President, Managing Director or COO has registered and applied.
  • Once an application has been submitted and due diligence has been done on the applicant and individual then a conference call can be entered into.
  • After the conference call all due diligence information as outlined in the Application tab must be uploaded for further consideration.
  • A pre-approval will not be issued without all of the above being submitted and followed.
  • The borrower must provide proof of funds and move the money into a third party escrow agent.
  • Once the underwriting department has finished with all of the due diligence on the Borrower, Officer and/or Director then and only then will it be submitted to the Due Diligence committee for review.
  • If the applicant is accepted only at that time will a Pre-Approval letter be issued.
  • The pre-approval letter will have all the terms and conditions outlined within it.
  • Once all subject-to’s within the pre-approval are addressed then the third party escrow agent will be directed to wire the 10% reserve deposit to the GFC.
  • In the event it is a Project Funding request all of the above will need to be followed however the client does not need to use an escrow agent or deposit a 10% reserve amount.
  • Once all requirements are adhered to and a pre-approval letter is issued and authorized by the borrower then the loan documents will be issued and entered into.

*Please note the GFC will not fund raw land unless there are third party assets to collateralize or monetize.

**The GFC will not fund in ground assets.

*** Assets acceptable for project funding:

  • Financial instruments B rating or better
  • Precious metals above ground 95% purity or better (SKR)
  • Precious stones gem quality or better (SKR)
  • Real Estate $10 million or more
  • Corporate stock trading on an exchange; price value $1 or more 6 month average and daily trading volume of 50,000 shares per day 6 month average.

Due Diligence List


Please upload the following information inorder for your application to be processed:

1.) Incorporation documents

2.) Officer and Director list with color copy of passports, addresses, phone numbers

3.) Asset and liability list

4.) 3 years financial statements

5.) Banking information – accounts, type, bank name, phone number, bank representative

6.) If factoring please provide the name and address of factoring company and contact

7.) Documents of all assets

8.) Documents of all liabilities

9.) Shareholders list and copies of all shares issued

10.) Contracts for sale or purchase list and documents

11.) Legal firm representing company

12.) Accounting firm representing company

13.) Business Plan

14.) Capital Expenditure Budget

15.) Application for an International Business Corporation submitted

16.) Copy of investment portfolio

17.) Documents on any and all subsidiaries (the same as all of the above)

18.) Copy of any patents pending

19.) Copy of any licenses required to conduct business

20.) Copy of any pending legal issues (lawsuits in process)


Joe Tufo
GFC Sales and Marketing Manager
Auckland,New Zealand
Panama City,Republic of Panama
925-352-6000 Cell
Agent Code ACJT2565CAUS
Skype: jptufo
Available 7AM to 5PM M-F Pacific

Monday 4PM Eastern Weekly Conference call Global Financial Center
Please attend our Monday 4PM Eastern Weekly Conference Calls. We are fully transparent and real.
Registration Form URL:
For quick access to registration.
Tuesday 4PM Eastern Weekly Conference Call GFC Agents Training
Wednesday 4PM Eastern Weekly Conference Call Registered Clients

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