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How To Legally “Free” Your IRA And Invest The Money Wherever You Choose.

I am a firm believer that the ultra-rich and the middle class are playing by two different sets of rules.
The rich have their “black box” investment strategies that can earn 13%, 27% or even 100%+ returns each year.

And the middle class are told to invest in IRAs and 401ks.

That’s why we get so excited when we help our clients and friends start investing like the wealthy do.

One way to do that is by setting your IRA “free” from its prison, so to speak.

Most people don’t have control of the funds in their IRA. And that means they’re often invested in stocks and bonds – the riskiest investments to hold right now. Especially since we predict the next economic crash to come from a bonds bubble.

But if you gain control of your IRA, you can invest the funds in gold & silver, real estate, structured settlements, currency exchanges and more.

We don’t give specific financial advice, but we believe this is a much better place to be.

And that’s why we’re thrilled whenever we get feedback like THIS…

I joined met Joe in November 2011. From then on, my life changed.

Joe showed me how to create a self-directed IRA/LLC and my savings are now free from institutional controls. I converted my traditional IRA to a Roth so that future yields will be tax free. Wow!!!

I can now invest in hard assets — financial instruments that were denied me in the past. I am responsible for my future success, and that is the way it should be.

Allowing an outsider to invest your money is a bad idea. Money managers of large institutional funds do not have a good reputation. They get paid huge salaries whether or not they produce results and, on average, most of them fail.

The owner is the only person who cares enough about the success of his investments. So we must learn to face the challenge! It could be a lot of fun!

~ Claudette T.

So not only is Claudette’s IRA free from financial prison so she can invest wherever she wants… but her future returns are also tax free!

This is just one example of how understanding the rules… like the ultra-rich do… can change your life forever.

If you’d like to legally “free” your IRA to invest in gold & silver, real estate, structured settlements and more, then its time to get plugged in to our weekly Wednesday webinars at 4PM Eastern.

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