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Two Live Calls Tomorrow: 4PM and 8PM Pacific; Small Cap Trades $5k to $50m, Zero Out Financing $1m+, Asset Monetization

Two Live Calls Tomorrow: 4PM and 8PM Pacific; Small Cap Trades $5k to $50m, Zero Out Financing  $1m+, Asset Monetization



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Please note, that in providing project finance related services, we are not in any way acting as legal, tax and or other professional advisers, or giving legal, tax or other professional advice. We strongly recommend, that project finance applicants obtain independent legal or tax advice, as appropriate from a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Accountant (CA), Attorney-at-Law, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or other licensed professional as regulated by your State or Country.



The dial in number for the 4PM Eastern Call is 712-432-0600. The access code is 994456#.


The evening call is for existing clients and paid subscribers to out site only

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We will discuss these topics:

1. Small Cap Trades – $5,000 to $50,000,000 There is no excuse for you not placing money in a trade program.

I want you as a client. Let’s get get started now. Take Action. Send a Proof of Funds not more than three business days old, a copy of your passport, your name, address, city, state, country, zip code, phone, email and beneficiary.


  1. Zero-Out Financing – Do you have a viable project (s) that will be of economic or humanitarian benefit? Do you have a minimum of $1,000,000? If so jump on the call(s) as I explain the program in detail. We have one client approved. Will you be next?
  2. Asset Monetization – Do you have bank instruments or in ground or out of ground assets that need monetization?

Monetizing Assets


Assets Taken in Priority Order: ^Cash (^$100 million Minimum), (*BBB+ Rated) US Treasury, *MTN, *BG, *CD, *SBLC, **Corporate Bonds (**AAA only). The face value minimum on paper monetization is $10 million.


-Then trading the LTV value in a manage buy sell program


-A: Up to 95% LTV


-BBB+: LTV is 50 to 55% face value


The better the issuing bank rating the BG or CD originates out of, the higher the LTV. This and the text front and back of the instrument will predicate the final LTV of the instrument.

Minimum LTV trade value is $300 million EURO

-Weekly ROI is historically 100%


-Licensed Trader and Banker manages the trade and monetization


As always I am available M-F 7AM to 5PM M-F Pacific. There are extended service hours for Priority Clients and existing Trade Program Clients.


Joseph P. Tufo, President

Certified Cash Flow Consultant, Certified Capital Specialist
P.O. Box 844
Alamo CA 94507
925-522-0700 Direct
925-352-6000 Cell
206-984-2853 Fax
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Fee and Commission Based.

Private Client Services $50,000 to $500,000,000+, Large Project Funding, Private & Hard Money Loans, Asset Monetization, Proof Of Funds and More.

Ask about how to self-liquidate and self-fund a project (hint: you need a minimum of $2 million)

Providing Honest Answers in a Timely Manner No Matter How Difficult the Situation.

Trust, Integrity, and Service: Here Today, Here Tomorrow

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