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Testimony Large Project Funding Source C $25m

I just received this from a Google Alert:

Large Funding Source C

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Wall Street based internationally licensed law firm and financial services institution LP Source C,  organized, negotiated and closed a direct investment capital funding package for a private start-up business in Cairo, Egypt.

The $25 Million funding by LP Source C was a direct investment by a French investment consortium, with a 20% temporary equity interest in the project as collateral security.  The successful closing was made possible by innovative legal work of LP Source C, providing a stronger form of equity security contract to satisfy the European lender.

LP Source C, led by its original founder Matthew Greene, a prominent economic security and international relations expert, structured the loan in accordance with Muslim principles.  Instead of interest on the loan, LP Source C legal work resulted in the equity security collateral being convertible to a one-time profit sharing payment of 20% of profits at the time of repayment of the loan.

Using the successful funding arranged by LP Source C, the Egyptian real estate development company is undertaking construction projects to use design elements of traditional ancient Egyptian architecture in modern buildings, combined with aesthetic design elements of traditional Muslim architecture, to preserve and promote Egyptian and Arabic culture in modern construction projects.  This is expected to beautify local cities, increase overall attractiveness of an area to tourists, and increase the marketability of residential and commercial buildings constructed.

Egyptian government authorities praised the initiative of LP Source C, and the politics of its founder Matthew Greene, in promoting cultural policies in the construction industry to strengthen national identity and attractiveness of national culture to foreigners.

(Case results depend on many factors unique to each case, including facts of a case and decisions of independent third parties.  No firm can guarantee a positive result in any particular case.)

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