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Monster Corporations to $5 million

Up to $5 Million in Funding!

Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. and its agents have designed our Monster Corporations for business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs with capital needs. These corporations are fully documented with tax returns that are verifiable with the Internal Revenue. In addition, assets are also included with these corporations.

Our Monster Corporations are a subsidiary of a parent corporation allowing us to use its assets and cash flow. It mirrors the parent corporation and the parent company actually moves cash to the Monster Corporation to support the operational expenses.

-The Client is purchasing a Monster Corporation through a stock sale:
-Fully documented corporation.
-Minimum of score on Experian of 80
-The funding for a Monster Corporation is up to $5 million (USD).
-Upon successful funding of the corporation, the client will remit a success fee.

-The client is to have a FICO score of 735 and above. We cannot guarantee any funding amounts if client is unable to maintain his credit worthiness or by any future derogatory listing on their credit report or changes in their debts to high credit limits. Our ability to fund the Monster Corporation is up to $5 million (USD). Our vendor Hector will guarantee $1.5M (USD) in funding; however, we cannot guarantee guarantor as guarantor must maintain credit worthiness; i.e., maintain credit scores at or above 735 minimum FICO for all credit bureaus; Equifax, Transunion and Experian.

-Also, to maintain a debt to balance ratio on all personal credit cards of 30% or less, no derogatory credit and no major purchases as this could have adverse effects to ones credit worthiness which in turn can eliminate guarantor from obtaining desired line of credit.

-Free of all liens and judgments and in good standing with the state of issuance.

Call us 1-800-669-2700

The cost for a corp up to $1.5m is $60,000 plus our 1% fee. The cost for up to $3m is $120,000 plus our 1% capped at $25,000. There are four openings to year end 2009: first come , first served.

The back end fee is 15% of which five points is paid to us. Funding time is 90 to 120 days.

They did close a cooperative client recently in 82 days.

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