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Distressed Debt and Workout Solutions


Eugene and GCREC are uniquely positioned to provide the capital you need for the purchase of discounted or distressed notes. Eugene’s Discount Capital Partners are exclusively focused on the acquisition of discounted debt on well positioned properties and have invested over $1.4 billion dollars into these types of transactions over the last 2 years. Capitalizing on the state of the current CRE markets, purchasing discount debt is the simplest and efficient way to expand your portfolio. They welcome you to leverage their partnerships and expertise to assist you in achieving your goals.

Purchase Options available up to 85% of Asset Value.


GCREC provides capital support for commercial real estate investors with distressed properties or opportunities.

-Declined or Maturing Loans: Financing solutions to bridge a tough situation.
-REO Purchases: Quick, creative financing for acquisition of REO commercial property.
-Real Estate Under Contract: Re-negotiation assistance for property under contract or purchase options.

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