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How Leasing Proof of Funds Works

Leased funds were developed to assist clients with either financial instruments (MT 760), MT 799, LOCs, SBLC, Insurance, Stock Portfolios and other financial assets) or hard assets such as precious metals, gold, silver, copper, Real estate and other assets) to free up investors funds, long term asset into immediate cash for a  higher return, for investments such as Humanitarian projects.

The only real requirement is that the asset be assigned and lien-able securing the lenders position.
Most of our leased funds range from (10,000,000.00) to Billions  ) and are for a period of one(1) month to (1) year, or more, this process is usually simple and straight forward, and best of all, quick to fund since we use private investors funds that want to lease their money for as little as 1.75%

The client usually will receive a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that details the leasing process. If acceptable, the client provides all pertinent and necessary documentation validating ownership, authentication and value for initial informtion along with the signed MOU. Additional documents may be required, so please treat all providers requests with a time is of the essence urgency. Upon review of asset quality, the Lease Agreement is presented to client for review and completion. The loan review period is about 24 to 48 hours.

Instrument Process If approved, usually the instrument will be purchased and held, or held and blocked, for the Providers benefit. The Client has the option to “Repurchase” the instrument at its Full Fair Market Value on the day the Repurchase agreement was Fully Transacted. Upon receiving the block on the instrument, the Provider will wire transfer to the bank the loan proceeds. Depending on the quality of the instrument. Hard Asset Process If approved, usually the client chooses a top rated World bank that understands asset lending for their specific asset like HSBC.

The bank will then create a Line of Credit or SBLC for a % of  LTV by creating a LOC and a simultaneous inbound wire transfer with blocked funds that remain in the bank. This is a no risk transaction for all parties.Since this service was created in a expidited manner for clients to place hard assets into short term, higher ROI programs.

We have several Proof of Funds providers.

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