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From this point forward before we take any submission package the client must answer and submit this questionnaire to me. Due to fraud and unqualified entities submitting bad business we have to move to this protocol as we lose too much time dealing with unqualified clients. This will curtail that from happening.

The potential client must answer and submit this form or they will not be considered at all. We will use this information and check to validate the answer(s) to see if the client will qualify for consideration or is misleading us in anyway. No exceptions!

-Client’s Name?

-Business Name (if applicable)?

-Client Request? (Example: MTN, BG, PPP, Buy Sell Program etc.)

-Passport Number or Driver’s License (not required)?

-What city and country are you and the asset located?

-Are you the sole signatory on the deal and on the available asset?

-What type of asset is it? (Example: cash, collateral paper, gold, etc.)

-How was the investment funds/asset earned?

-Is the cash funds/asset free and clear with no liens or encumbrances or governing restrictions?

-Have the cash funds/asset been in the same bank account for the past three (3) years? If funds held for less than three (3) years, please provide previous bank.

-Does the entity/bank where the asset is held have SWIFT capability?

-Are you willing to send MT 799 and/or MT 760 and/or *MT 542 (*if US Banks)?

-Are the cash funds governed and/or restricted by any “Depository Agreement(s)” that would affect its implementation in a private business venture?

-Is the asset owned, leased, borrowed, and/or assigned by Power of Attorney or by Corporate Resolution?

-What is the investment amount available for placement or to be used to purchase and in what currency?

-Have you purchased paper or been involved in PPP or buy sell program in the last 6 months?

-Have you been convicted of a Felony? If so when and where?

Client Name:



Intermediary Name(s):

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