Vanna Rapeti Testimonial 20110211

Dear Joe,

Thank u for contacting me and informing me on the change in time for the next bullet trade!

I am humbled by the fact that u were so happy and eager to blast an email out at a hats notice to find another person to participate in the bullet program that begins on Valentines Day, 02/14/11.

We are blessed to have a platform like this to enable us fulfill our philanthropic, personal and business goals!

I read a saying that reminded me of ur commitment to serving ur clients…..and it goes like this….HANDS THAT HELP ARE HOLIER THAN LIPS THAT PRAY.

God Bless,

On Feb 10, 2011 7:43pm, Joe Tufo <> wrote:
> We have a request from one of our Flagship participants to partner in the Monday February 14, 2011 30-Day Bullet. If you’ve considered this but don’t have the full $250,000 you may be able to piggy-back off of her.
> First come-first served. We would need POF immediately and the wire would need to be in by 12 noon Mountain, Monday, February 14th.

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