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This came in Saturday January 23rd from a Director for a Private Bank in Zurich Switzerland:

Terrence’s requests are not doable.Funds must be moved in to a private wealth management firm in Zurich as I told you. There is no disclosure with out a JV agreement between the platform and a POF. No trader will provide any upfront due diligence until the program requirements are met. As I told you, full due diligence is conducted in Zurich in private between the client and the platform.Our platform is under the jurisdiction of the FED.Ample evidence will be presented in due time and before a client invests funds.

I hope this helps. As I stated, the conversation is not between myself and an intermediary.It must be direct to the client .

All the best


This is what Terrence sent over:

Hello Joe,
It was great speaking with you yesterday.  I have several clients interested in Private Placement Opportunities.  So, I would like to learn more about the programs you have available.  The client investment capacity range from 1M to 300M.  Several of the 1M clients want to test the programs and then get into larger programs.  Let me know what services you have for those clients.
I am providing specific information on the 200M client.
200M Client:
  • 200M Cash
  • Funds are in Glacier Bank in Montana (Sovereign Bank)
  • Wants to use Administrative Hold as form of Blocking funds for Trade
If the Bank and form of blocking are acceptable with the Trader I will get the POF to you.  If there is any information regarding the Traders history and the available programs please include it in your response.  I greatly appreciate your consideration.  Many Blessing!!!
High Regards,


If you have clients interested in options we have three Gatekeepers for private placement programs.

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