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Testimonial From Large Project Funding Source C

This came in Sunday January 24, 2010:

Dear Joe,

Thank you very much for your moral support.  I am glad that you appreciate how hard it is to fight criminally false defamation, and enjoy when the “good guys” get the upper hand.

You can see more and better information, and the best method for countering a barrage of false defamation (as a model for your interest), at:

Blocked until you sign our NC/ND

I understand that you also had an “incident” in your past with SEC orders against you, still searchable on the Internet (was pointed out to me, I never searched).  As you may have read, my Virginia Bar incident was because I had to urgently resign to accept high-level government work for a foreign country, and could not be bothered to spend $100,000 and a few months defending a non-active non-license I never needed and never used against false complaints from the same defaming criminals.  Fortunately, nothing was proven and nothing was admitted, it was just a resignation but looking “bad” under the artificial circumstances.

I would be truly grateful if you could share your experience, in overcoming your past SEC incident, and also avoiding such online defamation.  As a financing broker (apparently very successful), you have extreme exposure to borrower clients who will resort to criminal extortion enforced by false defamation against you, to force you to “give” them loans that you do not owe them.  This trend grows more dangerous every day.  We truly need to help each other, just as sympathetic colleagues.

Also, in the past we were alarmed to see that you knew about RipOff Report postings against us literally the minute they were first posted, even a couple hours before RipOff Report itself finally posted them.  This indicated that you have direct knowledge of the specific individuals behind much of the defamation against us.  They are all closely related and cooperating.

I would be grateful if you could share your knowledge of the identity of any individuals participating in that group of defamation.  It would help our ongoing law enforcement investigation against them, which should in due course transform into lawsuits as well.  We assure you that you will be strictly confidential and not disclosed to anybody as a source.  The raw data alone, and any leads you appear to have, would be enough for the licensed detective agency to find their own evidence against any participants who you can lead us to.  We have a list of names, but are missing their contact information as they are all in hiding.

We have been following your marketing campaign by email, which is extremely professional.  I hope it is effective for you.  If things are too difficult, please be encouraged that it is the current economic recession that has reduced the number of paying clients worldwide, and very few have any funds to cover any costs of expert work or even valuations for funding transactions.  So don’t be discouraged, you are doing very well, and as soon as the economy picks up you will have loads of clients, more than any other broker.

Best Wishes and Warmest Regards,


My response:

I care about you personally, and about your company

I sincerely hope that you will succeed in funding Cindy and SxxxCxx soon. I would like to be able to submit other viable projects to you soon. I have been unable to contact anyone at your company for months other than this answer from you today. Thank you.

I have a commitment in Brentwood, CA today. I will be at my desk at 7AM tomorrow.

I have search parameters set up for my name, our corporate name, your company, and other vendors of interest on Google. That’s why I know what’s happening.

Google Web Alert for: “Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.”

Alternative Business Funding Education
Welcome to Cash Flow Specialists, Inc., our international consulting firm and alternative Hi, I’m Joe Tufo, President, of Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. ..

Google Web Alert for: Joe Tufo

Alternative Business Funding Education
by Joe Tufo. MYTH: Checking your own credit report will hurt your score. by Joe Tufo. Multi-Family / COMMERCIAL PRE-QUAL CHECKLIST

Incidentally, I was totally transparent with Jerome, Michael, and you about the SEC incident. I posted my version at:

Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.

And Joe Tufo

Medco Explanation


I have two undergraduate degrees and was a dual doctoral candidate. I worked for Walgreen Drug Company for 11 years starting in high school as a clerk and working my way up to store manager. I then started an Insurance Agency and Brokerage from scratch and built it into a diversified property & casualty and investment firm. I owned the company for 22 years. I taught insurance for 19 years, and simultaneously volunteered my time for 17 years counseling individuals and businesses with financial challenges.

In 1997 I sold an investment that was later deemed to be a security. I held S-7 and S-63 licenses. In conducting due diligence I received five letters from attorneys testifying to the value of the product and vouching for the company president. My broker dealer of 13 years, SIFE Trust Fund, and the company president, Bruce Woods, knew the president of the note program that I sold, MEDCO. My broker-dealer was bare on E&O. I was one of 60+ reps. I was not an employee, officer, director, or shareholder of MEDCO.

Over the course of a few years I went from being a millionaire to a “brokenaire.” My three insurance licenses were revoked and my two securities licenses were suspended for three years. To this day I receive more than 15 business publications monthly on insurance and securities. The SEC has offered me the licenses back and periodically insurance companies call or write asking me to join them.

I started a cash flow specialist corporation in the summer of 1999 and recruited, hired, and trained a national sales team with offices in all the major cities of the USA. We added products including residential and commercial mortgages, factoring, bridge loans and other business tools to improve cash flow. I wrote a 195 page website to assist businesses in accelerating their cash flow.

In addition:

we have a 1500+ page site at

and several more websites

I hold a Real Estate Salesperson’s license in CA.

From time to time I am hired on a “C” level to run companies: in the past five years I have been the Sales Manager of two multi-billion dollar mortgage companies which are no longer in business and president of a funding company in LA.

I was married for 34 years to the love of my life, Bonnie.. We lived in Alamo CA, a San Francisco East Bay suburb since 1979. We have adopted three children: Jenny 21 who married Brian Roach August 24, 2007, Katie 12 and Mike 10. My hobbies are travel, cooking, reading, and gardening.

I am active in a local church and serve wherever needed. I am in a Bible study Wednesday nights. I have been active in the local Chamber of Commerce as an Ambassador and had been a member for many years. I sat on the Make-A-Wish Foundation, am a member of three Real Estate Investment Groups, The American Cash Flow Association, and the California Association of Mortgage Brokers.

I have written hundreds of articles that have been published locally and nationally. I am available to speak to groups on sales, marketing, accelerating cash flow for businesses,  “out of the box” financing techniques, financing for global commercial projects, green project funding  and more.

I can be reached at 800-669-2700 Direct or 925-691-8200 direct to my desk or you may email me at or write Joe Tufo P.O. Box 844 Alamo CA 94507. My work day is 7AM to 5PM M-F Pacific.

I have made a full disclosure of my past. I am sorry for the pain that my involvement caused my clients. I personally lost $60,000 of my own money in the investment.

Selling MEDCO cost me millions of dollars personally. I earned about $175,000 in commissions in six months selling the product. It accounted for less than 22% of my income that year.  Hindsight is 20/20. I trusted the opinion of five attorneys who later claimed that they had been duped.

This came in from Lee Fiske of Tampa FL whom I knew 13 years ago. Lee was referred to us by Jim Puckett in Bronx NY:

Dear Joe,

We met 13 years ago when you were working with MEDCO….I have first hand knowledge that the failure of MEDCO was not your fault.  You worked in Northern California as the top sales representative of the Florida based company relying detrimentally on the disinformation you were provided by MEDCO President Mark Blacher.  As a sales representative, you were focused on sales in California, assuming the management of the Florida company was in good hands.  I am sorry to hear of all the personal loss you experienced as a result of Mark Blacher’s misconduct.  However, I do celebrate that fact that you have reinvented yourself and have made a powerful comeback into the business world.

I look forward to sending you lots of business in the coming months!!

All the best,

Lee Fiske


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