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We’re The One’s That You Call When The Bank Says NO!!!

We’re the ones that you call when the Bank says NO!!!

We have a niche-funding product for manufacturers who need growth capital.

We provide alternative-funding products such as asset based lending, factoring, accounts receivable funding, purchase order financing, business notes, Hard Money and other cash flow needs for business.

In business since July 1, 1999 we have served hundreds and hundreds of businesses. Remember that funding is 85% presentation and 15% appetite of the funding source at that point in time that you submit your application. You are pitching a story to an investment banker who has a short attention span.

If you study financing on a financial spectrum you’ll find banks on one end with their restrictive terms, covenants, and guarantees: on the other end you’ll find the vulture, whoops!, excuse me, the venture capitalists – equity capital is the most expensive option, that is assuming that the business owner is able to attract a private investor. Businesses never stop paying for equity capital. Furthermore, business owners may encounter untimely demands for repayment, as well as unwelcome or meddlesome equity partners.

Positioned firmly in the center of this continuum are Joe Tufo and Cash Flow Specialists. We can be more flexible, oftentimes overlooking derogatory credit, length of time in business, without income or employment verification. Ownership buyouts and dilution are not an issue.

Some clients choose to pay us 1% to 6% equity to maintain an ongoing business relationship.

To get started we will look at an Executive Summary of two to four pages in length using our template and we will offer one-15 minute interview at no charge.

If you and we decide to move forward we charge a fully earned, non-refundable 1% commitment consultation fee $2,500 minimum, $25,000 maximum per project capped at $100,000 per client (four of more projects) for six months of mentoring and coaching. Funds may be direct deposited or wired to our Bank of America account.

This came in Friday January 22, 2009:
Hello Rose!

See information below.  Joe Tufo is very seasoned in funding projects.  Give him a call and let me know if he is able to assist you

Best regards,
Nancy Fritz

Nancy is a licensed business broker and licensed Realtor in NV.

Rose called me today, February 2nd, and needs $12m.

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