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Welcome Letter – How to Access $100,000 to $1 Billion or More


My name is Joe Tufo. I’m president of Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. of Concord CA. We are located 30 miles due east of downtown San Francisco.

I started this company July 1, 1999 after selling my insurance agency that I owned for 22 years. We were initially incorporated as a C-Corp in NV. I re-incorporated in CA February 2009 as a Subchapter S Corp.

I am not perfect. Here is proof of a personal screw-up in my own life:

I do the very best that I can to serve you and the clients that you refer. I work 7AM to 5PM Pacific M-F. The toll-free number to our office is 1-800-669-2700. The direct dial number to my desk is 925-691-8200. When I am not in the office calls forward to my cell phone.

You can email me at either or I receive hundreds of emails a day and do my best to answer each. if you do not receive a written reply kindly call me and I’ll find the email and respond. Thank you.

I return all morning calls and emails from 11AM to 12 noon and all afternoon calls and emails from 4PM to 5PM.

If you would like to purchase consulting time for you and/or your client visit If you need coaching visit or

We have a popular website at If you want to learn about most of our products and services you should subscribe to the blog. New content is added several times a month. It’s a great place to refer prospective clients to inculcate them to our way of doing business. We are adding video to explain each post and page.

I encourage you to enroll at to learn about our products and services. Listen to the video on the site.

To view videos on our products and services visit

We are adding a second site for referral partners only. This will also be a subscription site. Soon you will be able to earn commissions through Click Bank for selling our books, templates, and courses. It can be a tool to supplement your income. will give an overview of our products and services. There are hyperlinks to other sites complete with video. We tweak the map by adding products and services so you’ll want to check back often. It’s a good starting point to refer clients. is a great tool for borrowers to become pre-qualified. Glenn & Mary just got $100,000 approved on a credit line and $150,000 on a grant using that program.

We have many other websites some of which are featured on the

I’ve attached the referral partner paperwork. Kindly complete and email back.

For REO’s go to the site I list all inventory. Get a LOI on the principle’s letterhead and an absolute proof of funds not more than three business days old.

For green projects read everything on the blog site especially references to large projects check and the site and

For credit lines other than BLOC E visit We have a new site that we are populating at We have access to merchant cash advance, asset based lenders, hard money, factoring and more alternative sources that fund in 30 days or less.

Dale and I wrote a book on FOREX visit

95% of our business comes from referral and the balance comes from my public speaking engagements.

As always I am here to serve you and those whom you choose to refer to us.

May God bless you exceedingly, abundantly above whatever you may think or ask.

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