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Time Sensitive: Subscribe & Confirm Now For 2/16/11 Educational Call, 30-Day Trial Trade Min. $250k 50% Return 2/14/11, New Trade Programs and More Lessons Learned 20110212

Time Sensitive: Subscribe & Confirm Now For 2/16/11 Educational Call, 30-Day Trial Trade Min. $250k 50% Return 2/14/11, New Trade Programs and More Lessons Learned 20110212

I thought that this information may be of interest and value and I am sharing this for educational purposes only.

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This came in Thursday evening February 10, 2011:

Dear Joe,

Thank u for contacting me and informing me on the change in time for the next bullet trade!

I am humbled by the fact that u were so happy and eager to blast an email out at a hats notice to find another person to participate in the bullet program that begins on Valentines Day, 02/14/11.

We are blessed to have a platform like this to enable us fulfill our philanthropic, personal and business goals!

I read a saying that reminded me of ur commitment to serving ur clients…..and it goes like this….HANDS THAT HELP ARE HOLIER THAN LIPS THAT PRAY.

God Bless,

On Feb 10, 2011 7:43pm, Joe Tufo <> wrote:
> We have a request from one of our Flagship participants to partner in the Monday February 14, 2011 30-Day Bullet. If you’ve considered this but don’t have the full $250,000 you may be able to piggy-back off of her.
> First come-first served. We would need POF immediately and the wire would need to be in by 12 noon Mountain, Monday, February 14th.


This came in Thursday February 10th:

Dear Joe,

I am sorry that I have missed the last few calls.  I am busy assembling the resources to enter at least the 15% $50K min program and possibly the $250K bullet trade program.  To say that these last few years have been a challenge would be a gross understatement.  But, I have faith and indeed feel blessed to know you and have you in our corner.

As you know our plan for the platforms is way beyond the blessing of personal gain it would bring to our lives, but more so for the many lives we know we will improve.

Thank you always for your friendship and trust.

God bless you.


This came in Thursday February 3rd:


Very good call last night.

PLEASE CALL ME at your convenience to discuss something very important about credibility.

I like working with you and want to be of assistance,

Thank you,

David Alexander


This came in from Vanna Friday February 4th. Vanna is in our Falgship program with the domestic trade group:


Thank u so much!

Much Appreciated. Brad really took the confidence to a whole new level!

Should Brad chooses to go into a bullet trade on Monday or sooner and would partner! I will love to joint venture with Brad, Joe!

I really appreciate all that u do!

Have a Blessed Day,


This came in Friday February 4th:


Thank you for your kind words and the Bible verses.  Many of these I know from heart and they do bring comfort.  Thank you again.  I’m assuming we did not hear back from Chris, maybe you and I can talk early Monday and possibly get Chris on the phone to discuss.  God bless you for your kindness.

Mike Snyder

We had several positive comments after the call. It’s gratifying to know that the calls are of interest and value.


Dale added a search feature Thursday night on the websites. Arlene Corpus called Thursday afternoon asking about asset monetization. Here’s my response:

You can visit our websites, register and use the search feature. I found six pages of articles on asset monetization. Here’s one as a gift:’sstocksnotes


This is our Offshore Trading Program Pre-Release. I have known this trader for a few years. He is a retired US Treasury Agent and an international expert witness on bank fraud.

These are cash trades which means that you wire funds to an Escrow account in an Escrow Company that the Trader owns. The escrow account triggers his credit line. There is a firewall between the escrow account and the trading account. Your principal is protected.

Small Cap Trading Programs 2011
Programs Amounts Interest Term Cycles & Settlements Roll Over Monthly Pay
1. Starter Trade 5K to 10K 4% per Mo 6 Mo. 2/90 day settles every 90 days None No
2. Basic Trade 10K to 45K 5% per Mo. 12 Mo. 12/30 day settles every month Restart to New Yes
3. Intermediate Trd 50K to 80K 6% per Mo. 12Mo. 12/30 day settles every month 1 year Yes
4. Intermediate Trd 50k to 80K 8% per Mo. 12 Mo. 4/90 day settles every 90 days 1 year No
5. Standard Trade 100K to 1m 10% per Mo. 12 Mo. 4/90 day settles every 90 days 4 years No
6. Standard Trade P/Lock 100K to 1 Mill 12% per Mo. 24 Mo 12/30 day settles every month 4 years Yes
7. Standard Trade 1Millk to 3 Mill 15% per Mo. 12 Mo. 4/90 day settles every 90 days 4 years No
8. Investors Trade 3 Mill to 5 Mill 17% per Mo. 12 Mo. 4/90 day settles every 90 days 2 years No
9. Investors Trade 5 Mill to Open .15% Per Mo. 12 Mo. 12/30 day settles every month 4 years Yes
2011 Season Trade Chart: Amounts over 3 million to under 50 Million are acceptable on a one to one basis
As you can see from above we have done a lot of work for the 2011 season. Offering more trades with something to fit everyone’s particular needs and budget. The trades listed above are not promo trades, these will be available all year round, so please take a look and see what fits your money’s needs the best. 30 Day Payout Great Monthly Income Profit Returns.
MGB Ltd Worldwide Customer Service: +1-925-352-6000 Email:

All Trade programs posted and Trade Profits posted herein may change at any time and without notice, call before investing and / or, for updates programs information.

These are gross returns. Commissions and account set-up fees are subtracted on payouts. FYI.

Send a proof of funds not more than three business days old all pages and I will send you the compliance package.

Wow! thank you. I am humbled and honored by your praise. I am here to serve you and those whom you choose to refer.

On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 10:45 PM, Judy Taylor wrote:

Hello Joe,

I feel honored that my friend and associate, Greg Parry (a friend of Alicia Bryan), arranged a call to introduce me to you.

Thank you for your time and expertise in explaining your alternative funding programs.  As a former teacher and also originator and underwriter of residential and commercial loans, I truly appreciate your educational thrust.  Your program offers a new way to do business in this global economic crisis (a crisis by design, I might add).  I have renewed vigor just listening to you!  Now, instead of feeling like a dinosaur (I was a conduit underwriter for a wonderful company who had correspondencies with Merrill Lynch and UBS Warburg – we did loans that are perhaps the only ones still alive and well within their securitizations, but my position is gone at this time), I think that I can arise, like the proverbial Phoenix, from the ashes of Wall Street and securitized destruction!

You have inspired me because you speak truth – and you care!  We will become members and study all of your articles and watch the videos as there is only one way to do the alternative funding business – the right way – and we are so fortunate that you have it all outlined for us … thank you for doing the work that you have done to bring these programs forth in an understandable manner.

Warm regards,

Judy Taylor

Sherman Oaks, CA


Speed Translates Into Results

Thank you to the 33 who participated in this weeks two educational calls.

To participate in a weekly Wednesday 8PM Eastern Call:

1. Proof a minimum of $250,000 with a bank statement not more than three business days old and attend at no charge.

2. Subscribe to and gain access to all calls. Your investment is $97.00 a month and gives you access to the archived calls, video, newsletters, and 468 articles at last count. More importantly it gives you access to the live calls on Wednesday where you can listen to clients share their success with being paid on our trade programs. Occasionally traders attend unannounced and that’s an extra special treat.

3. Access alacarte at $39.00 each call.

p.s. Only Option 2 has access to the archives.

Remember: is a free website is private and by subscription only. Your investment is $97.00 a month and gives you access to the archived calls, video, newsletters, and 468 articles at last count. More importantly it gives you access to the live calls on Wednesday where you can listen to clients share their success with being paid on our trade programs.

Occasionally traders attend unannounced and that’s an extra special treat.

If you are interested in attending next week’s call and qualify RSVP at 925-691-8200 and I will provide the call in number and access code.

If you are a financial planner, insurance agent, CPA, accountant, attorney, business broker, business consultant, or center of influence with clientele you may participate in a call as well. From time to time the Trade Principal(s) may be on the call.

Business Opportunity Call: Learn How To Self-Fund Any Projects Or Ideas: Learn How To Self-Liquidate Debt

We’ve had four clients paid on these programs in December 2010 with two different trade groups. We had two paid in January 2011 with four more due to be paid in February and seven in March.

Make 2011 your best year yet…

The next Business Educational Opportunity Call will be at 5PM Pacific, 6PM Mountain, 7PM Central and 8PM Eastern Wednesday, February 9, 2011.

We will be discussing the featured trade program(s) in depth.

Learn How To Self-Fund Any Projects Or Ideas:

Learn How To Self-Liquidate Debt

We are looking for long term business relationships and “Clients for Life.

If you are interested in being on a live call with a Trade Principal send your bank statements not more than three business days old: all pages of at least $1,000,000 to joe@joetufo.comWe are organizing monthly calls for qualified applicants.

Providing Evidence Of Proof Of Funds

Validation of funds.  This is similar to showing and verifying assets for a business or commercial venture in order to qualify for a loan.  Borrowers submit their financial statements showing their ability to service the loan….similar process

PROOF OF FUNDS- (POF)   can be a Sanitized recent Bank Statement or Tear Sheet

Proof-Of-Funds (POF)   can be a Sanitized recent Bank Statement or Tear Sheet.  (TO START WITH AS THIS IS ONLY AN INTRODUCTION)

It should not be that hard to send this as if anyone has ever wrote a check, by the time that check reaches its final destination it has gone through about six to 12 stops before it reaches its final destination.  That check has all the important banking coordinates and account information on it.  If someone has illegal intentions they could use this check.  There is nothing anyone can do with a Sanitized Bank Statement or Tear Sheet.  We are not asking for account information i.e. Sanitized   (White-out or Black-out account numbers)

All we need is a bank statement not more than three business days old, a drivers license if your are a U.S.A. Citizen and a passport if you are not. Email to either for fastest service or I receive one or two emails a day at the address and about 500 at If I overlook your email Skype me at jptufo or call me at 925-352-6000 (cell).

If you are a financial planner, insurance agent, CPA, accountant, attorney, business broker, business consultant, or center of influence with clientele you may participate in a call. From time to time the Trade Principal(s) may be on the call.

Speed Translates Into Results

This took place recently. This is a client with $500m Euro:


———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Sat, Jan 22, 2011 at 11:09 AM
Subject: Anthony Noto


— On Sat, 1/22/11, Joe Tufo <> wrote:

From: Joe Tufo <>
Subject: Anthony Noto
To: “Chris”
Date: Saturday, January 22, 2011, 9:37 AM

Anthony is a Manhattan developer whom I have known for a couple of years. He has a Greek acquaintance who is a billionaire. The man speaks very limited English and has a translator whom he trusts implicitly.

He would like to place $500m Euro into trade. The money cannot move from Europe. He proposes to purchase a BG backed by his personal funds. The money is in Deutschje Bank. He will provide a SWIFT to the Trader.

Can you help him?

He prefers a series of 30-day trades.

He has been burned badly by non-performing “Traders” who have caused him to incur millions in SWIFT fees.for trades that never got started. This has happened seven times in the past.

He is prepared to move forward immediately.

Here’s a reply from an attorney whom I know in Southern CA who wrote the book on these programs:

Mr. Tufo,

The reason that your client is having so much difficulty is that he is following broker nonsense.  After his bank confirms that he has the funds and the trader’s bank confirms that the trader is involved in the trade and a successful trader, the transaction bank will do due diligence on the funds.  Your client will open an account in the transaction bank in his own name…no one elses.  He will see which instruments are going to be purchase, for what price and who is going to buy them for what price.  The funds are transferred to the account of the client.  He signs a power of attorney which the bank endorses.   The bank gives him a written undertaking that the funds will only be used for the trades they previously agreed upon.   The profits are distributed according to a formula that the bank, trader, and your client work out at the initial meeting.  The funds can be removed at any time (except while a trade is going on…which normally takes a day for a trade) .  He will know how long he is expected to participate in the trading based upon the time schedule set up at the meeting.  It may be several days to several months. If he does not want to get into the deal after he looks at it and all the parties, he can back out…even before he transfers the funds to his own account at the transaction bank.

This is the way it is done.  If he does not like it, he should continue to play with brokers.  There is no negotiating with me.  He can negotiate with the traders and the bank, but he will not get too far.  They have been doing it this way for decades, and they are pretty set in their ways.  There is one broker fee of 5% of funder’s profits payable to a grandfathered broker.  You will have to make your own arrangements with the client-funder.  You have to have CASH.  You cannot buy a loaf of bread without cash, much less millions of dollars worth of securities.  If he cannot understand this, then forget him!  That is too simple.

Two FREE Recordings Explaining How To Use Trade Programs

We have two regularly scheduled calls a week. The fewest who have attended is seven, the most 65.

We do a call every Wednesday at 4PM Eastern for Alicia Bryan who does marketing for us and some others.

We do our corporate call every Wednesday at 8PM Eastern for paid subscribers to our website. That call is considerably different as clients who have been paid on trades share their testimonies live and answer prospective client questions from their personal perspective.

Occasionally traders attend.

This is a FREE hyperlink to Alicia’s Group. Remember the call is every Wednesday at 4PM Eastern. The call is free.

You and your referrals will have 14 days unlimited FREE access after registering on the website to the recording:

14 days after registration you and your referrals will need to invest $97.00 a month to access the audio archive, newsletter archive, hundreds of articles, video, and more than 3GB of content on the website.

As I shared with you previously paid subscribers have immediate access.

Here’s the website:
Alicia Bryan Weekly Call 20110126


Alicia helps us with marketing. She does an excellent job of bringing interested prospective clients and referral partners to us. She is a human dynamo with an award winning personality.

This is the second call that we recorded for her group.

Call or write Alicia today to tune in every Wednesday at 4PM Eastern and learn how you may be able to use trade programs to “crack your monthly nut,” cover the “monthly burn” of your business, self-liquidate debt, self-fund projects, and reach your “run rate.”

What if  you could “crack your monthly nut,” cover the “monthly burn” of your business, self-liquidate debt, self-fund projects, and reach your “run rate.” How would your life change?

Turn up the speakers, grab a paper and pencil and tune in and listen. When you register you have 14 days to access this recording for free as a gift from Alicia and me; after that you’ll need to purchase a paid subscription like everybody else at


We did a special call for my friend, Brian Peart. I have known Brian since the early 2000’s. He has a large commercial net branch operation. A record 65 attended this call.

As a favor to my friend, Brian, Dale created this link:

You’ll need to register. You’ll have 14 days access for free, afterwards you’ll need to subscribe to listen.

I’ve offered to do a monthly call for Brian similar to the last for his net branches at no charge for as long as there is interest. 65 attended the last call.

By registering you receive access to both these group recordings for 14 days at no charge this is a $97.00 value and it’s yours for free.

Kevin Guttman of Brian’s group forwarded this hyperlink to 23 people this morning. That was just like giving $2,231 in gifts. Whom will you share this educational information with?

The recordings are both different because of the composure of the attendees and the questions they posited.

I am writing a course on “What If?”

What if it was possible to “crack your monthly nut?”

What if it was possible to cover the “monthly burn” of your business?

What if it was possible to self-fund any project you could imagine?

What if it was possible to self-liquidate debt?

What if it was possible to cover your “run rate?”

How would you life change?

Each of you should place money in our monthly Flagship Program to “crack your nut” personally and “cover the burn” for your business.

Trust me, you’ll sleep much better at night.

Remember $50,000 earns $7,500 a month: $100,000 earns $15,000 a month; $200,000 earns $30,000 a month, $500,000 earns $100,000 a month.

When you grow a pair of “cojones” you can join the NBA player who placed $25,000,000 in the monthly program two weeks ago and is earning $5,000,000 a month.

The two programs are as follows:

Option 1a.   $50,000 minimum from 90 days to a 5 year or best efforts contract.

A return of 15% paid monthly directly to your bank account.

Option 1b.   $500,000. or more will return 20% paid monthly directly to your bank account.

Principal monies will be returned at the end of your chosen contract.

Option II   $100,000. or more compounded for 1 year will bring a return of 400% at the end of the 1 year contract plus return of initial principal.

There are two things that I have always encouraged investors to do since I began selling investments in 1979:

1. Never invest with money you cannot afford to lose.

2.Always take the profits until you get your original investment back

Here is the language in the contract that another client accepted this week:

Term of Joint Venture

7 The term of this joint venture shall commence on execution of this Agreement and continue until all payments to be paid to this joint venture per the terms and conditions of the aforementioned distribution have been paid. DEPOSITOR(S) principle is guaranteed from loss.

Is that strong enough language?

We need a CIS, a copy of your passport and Proof of Funds not more than three business days old.

The smallest anyone has applied for was $50,000 and the largest $30,000,000

The next 30-Day Bullet Trade will close February 7, 2011. The one after that will close February 21, 2011. We average two a month

Bullet Trade: $250,000 Minimum 50% Return 30 Days Principal and Interest Return. (Trade Size $250,000 to $4,999,999)

Place $250,000 and receive $125,000 for a total of $375,000 in just 30 days

Place $500,000 and receive $250,000 for a total of $750,000 in just 30 days

Place $1,000,000 and receive $500,000 for a total of $1,500,000 in just 30 days.

Place $2,000,000 and receive $1,000,000 for a total of $3,000,000 in just 30 days.

Place $3,000,000 and receive $1,500,000 for a total of $4,500,000 in just 30 days.

Place $4,000,000 and receive $2,000,000 for a total of $6,000,000 in just 30 days.

For placements above $5,000,000 call for your special rate.

* N.B. The trade is 30 days. It takes five days to settle. Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change. Not all applicants that apply are accepted.

Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.


Q.  Who is Cash Flow Specialists, Inc and how do I know that you are for real?

A.  Even though we have been around for a couple of years now I would be greatly surprised if you had heard of us.  There are several reasons for this.  First off, due to the nature of our program and where we fall within the guidelines of the SEC, we are not allowed to advertise, so the only way that anyone finds out about us is by word of mouth.  Secondly, another stipulation by the SEC allows us to only have a limited number of participants in our program at any given time.  Therefore we are very selective about whom we approach as potential participants which leads to number three.  We are looking for the seasoned, savvy, knowledgeable investors who know that there is something out there beyond the stock market, mutual funds, options and real estate and they understand and appreciate what it is that we have to offer.

A.  We have very simple, straight forward programs that allows individuals to participate at a level that was heretofore available only to very wealthy individuals or well funded institutional investors.  We have several options that all offer double digit returns on monthly or up to five years or best effort contracts.

Q.  What type of program are you talking about?

A.  They are known as PPTP’s, or Private Placement Trading Platforms (as they grow in popularity they are being referred to simply as Private Placements).  There are many types of PPTP’s out there.  Most are for a short term and for a specific purpose.  A company may decide to sell some of their debt equity in order to raise capital or offer a percentage of their company to private investors, again to raise capital.  Some are used specifically to raise large amounts of cash for charities.  They are growing in popularity because they allow for the raising of capital without the tedious, time consuming, drawn out procedure required by the SEC to do an IPO or stock offering.

Q.  Which type does CFSI employ and how do you make money?

A.  Ours is yet another type of Private Placement, that is multi-faceted and, unlike most of the others, it is ongoing.

Q.  How can you offer such great returns when no one else does?

A.  That is a great question.  I don’t know why banks, stocks and other forms of investments pay so little.  But you really should ask yourself some questions.  Why are there so many banks?  How can brokerage companies afford to advertise incessantly on television and cable?  There is an old joke that goes like this.  Do you know the difference between a bankster and a gangster?  The bankster wears cheaper suits!  Rest assured they are making a lot of money off of your money.

Q.  Is my investment guaranteed?

A.  By your question I know that you are a novice at investing.  Anyone who has bought as few as ten shares knows that you cannot mention investment and guarantee in the same sentence.  This goes for everyone, even the big boys like Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan, Scottrade and all the others.  Every time you make an investment you must acknowledge that you understand the inherent risks in investing, up to and including the loss of your entire investment.

Q.  Are you registered with the SEC?

A.  Due to the way that our company is structured and due also to the fact that we do not offer or sell any stocks or commodities or make any such offerings we have been advised by counsel and the SEC not to register with them.  It would mean mounds and mounds of unnecessary paperwork and regulations that would gain us nothing.  This, by the way, is primarily why Private Placements have become so popular.  Please visit our website and look under Private Placement Programs and Trade Programs on our home page, and check out the articles on that will explain this even further.

Q.  Do I have access to my investment?

A.  Think of it as a one year CD at your bank.  But, unlike the bank, we offer options that allow you to have either monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payouts on your returns.  Your initial investment will be returned at the end of the contract year.

Q.  Do I have to take all of my money out at the end of the year?

A.  It is recommended that every contract be closed out at the end of the year, but there are situations, with prior approval and detailed documentation, where monies may be rolled over from one year to the next as if an new contract had been instituted with every annual anniversary.

Q.  How do I put my money in and how to I get it back?

A.  We accept either personal checks, or wire transfers.  No cash or untraceable form of currency will be accepted.  Payouts will be made either by wire transfer directly into your account or by check.

We’re looking for “Clients for Life.” If you’re looking for a trustworthy, hard working Capital and Cash Flow Specialist perhaps we can do business. With 34+ years of financial services experience (November 1976 to present) we may be uniquely qualified to serve you and those whom you choose to refer.

Here’s a testimony that I received from Brad December 6, 2010 on one of these programs. Bard attends each live 8PM Eastern call and shares his testimony. All the live calls are archived at


I want to send a quick note and let you know how satisfied I am in my dealings with CFSI/FMC.  As you know, I went into the ANY MONEY, 30-day bullet trade, with a 50% return on November 1, 2010 with a payout date of December 6, 2010.  When the initial investment and anticipated return posted to my bank account on December 2, 2010, I was more than delighted (4 days ahead of schedule).

I’m not going to lie…I was very skeptical as I contemplated entering the Private Placement Offering (PPO).  What CFSI/FMC was offering sounded too good to be true, and as the old saying goes, it usually is.  However, the intuition I had regarding this PPO didn’t agree with that sentiment, so I decided to go through compliance. After receiving my initial contract, it felt like I asked CFSI/FMC a million questions. They ended up answering all questions in a precise and timely manner, which I greatly appreciated given the tight turnaround. Even though my initial contract wasn’t for millions I still felt like I was a priority to CFSI/FMC. It’s quite refreshing knowing what I know now about the principals and what their goals are for the platform and all involved.

After the success of the first contract I decided to enter into my second contract with CFSI/FMC. It’s the 10-day bullet trade, with a 35% return that begins December 6, 2010 with a payout date of December 21, 2010. If the second contract is successful like the first contract, then I’ll probably be an CFSI/FMC client for life. Right now, I don’t foresee any reasons why that wouldn’t be the case. What’s more, the various programs offered by CFSI/FMC will allow me to grow my businesses without taking on any additional debt. I really appreciate the self-funding means they provide. I’m definitely looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with CFSI/FMC. Thanks for all your assistance in establishing this relationship.


For fellow Bible students Solomon said this in Ecclesiastes 11:

2Divide your portion to seven, or even to eight, for you do not know what misfortune may occur on the earth.

Thanks to each of you for doing business with me; some for more than 30 years.

Please visit our websites for more information on all of our products and services:
Let Us Help You Get Funded:


I met with my good friends, Bill Olson, and Ollie Becker, Monday, January 31st.

They have a Business Funding program that has operated successfully for quite some time.

If you are interested in learning more let me know. Funding is in the $25,000 to $200,000 range. Back end fees are tolerable at 11.99%. I ask you to pay me $1,000 as a fully earned, non-refundable processing and consulting fee when I take your application plus 3% on the back end as a success fee when you are funded. I expect you to pay me within two business days.

They charge a $1,499 consulting fee and hold your hand as you go through the process.

I have known Ollie for almost seven years. I’ve known Bill for three years. Bill and Ollie have known each other for many years.

They have a reliable credit restoration specialist on their team if your scores are less than 720.

We have a new Project Funding Source that can fund most projects up to $150m


From this point forward before we take any submission package the client must answer and submit this questionnaire to me. Due to fraud and unqualified entities submitting bad business we have to move to this protocol as we lose too much time dealing with unqualified clients. This will curtail that from happening. The potential client must answer and submit this form or they will not be considered at all. We will use this information and check to validate the answer(s) to see if the client will qualify for consideration or is misleading us in any way. No exceptions!

-What is the potential client’s name either personal or business name? If they want they can submit this Passport Number or Driver’s License?

-What city and country are you and the asset located?

-Are you the sole signatory on the deal and on the available asset?

-What type of asset is it? Example: cash, collateral paper, gold, etc.

-How was the investment funds/asset earned?

-Are the cash funds/asset free and clear with no liens or encumbrances or governing restrictions

-Have the cash funds/asset been in the same bank account for the past three (3) years? If funds held for less than three (3) years, please provide previous bank.

Are the cash funds governed and/or restricted by any “Depository Agreement(s)” that would affect its implementation in a private business venture?

-Is the asset owned, leased, borrowed, and/or assigned by Power of Attorney or by Corporate Resolution?

-What is the investment amount available for placement or to be used to purchase and in what currency?

-Have you purchased paper or been involved in PPP or buy sell program in the last 6 months?

-Have you been convicted of a Felony? If so when and where?

Client Name:




We will consider any type bond if on Euroclear and/or DTC with Free Delivery or that comes

with a MT760. The bond should be “A” or better rated by S&P, Moody’s, Finch etc. with ISIN/

CUSIP numbers.

Venezuela Bonds are accepted without being on DTC, EC or having a MT760. No Mexican

Bonds will be accepted. Mexican bonds are accepted by the trader on the ASA-FY-Doc.


The bonds must be delivered on or DTC or Euroclear to Citibank, NY with T-3 Settlement only.

Please submit Pages 1-4 + Page 14 from Euroclear screens.

Settling Securities Transactions using T+ 3

Investors must complete or “settle” their security transactions within three business days. This settlement cycle

is known as “T+3,” shorthand for “trade date plus three days.”

T+3 means that when you buy a security, your payment must be received by your seller/brokerage firm no

later than three business days after the trade is executed. When you sell a security, you must deliver to your

brokerage firm your securities certificate no later than three business days after the sale.

The three-day settlement date applies to most security transactions, including stocks, bonds, municipal

securities, mutual funds traded through a brokerage firm, and limited partnerships that trade on an exchange.

Government securities and stock options settle on the next business day following the trade.

Option 1: TRADE: BONDS or *CASH (*MT799 ADMIN HOLD and MT760)

– 72 hours after delivery, client is paid 5%

– +7 additional banking days, client is paid 200%

– Instrument is blocked for 90 days then returned to client unencumbered

Need: CIS, Front and Back Copy of Bond, Euroclear and DTC information.

Option 2: SELL

– Buyer is currently purchasing bonds for $0.30 to $0.50 on the dollar ($1).

Need: CIS, Front and Back Copy of Bond, Euroclear and DTC information.

Option 3: LOAN

– Loan is 30% LTV @ 2 Points over LIBOR

-3 days to monetize instrument; instrument returned when loan is paid back

Need: CIS, Front and Back Copy of Bond, Euroclear and DTC information.

We can take all or a portion of the sell profit and loan into our managed buy sell to create an

additional weekly profit or to repay the loan.

U.S. Banks only: 5M Minimum Wells Fargo Program

Must be delivered by client’s bank via MT542 block in the U.S. for CD, Cash,

SBLC, or MTN; or free delivery on DTC to Wells Fargo

-Within 24- 48 hours, 85-90% payout; hold the asset for 30 days.

-$5M –minimum with no limit

-Brokers paid 5%

U.S. Banks/ European Banks:

Must be delivered on EC to Citibank NY with T-3 Settlement

– 72 hours after delivery, client is paid 5%

– +7 additional banking days, client is paid 200%

– Instrument is blocked for 45- 90 days then returned to client unencumbered

– Minimum $100M

-Brokers paid 1%

I work with the Compliance and Intake Officer on both Trade Programs below.

Bullet Option:

A Trade group just informed me that they have been approved by Top 10 European Bank up to 6B more to put

into trade. Do you have any clients wanting to get into a 5x times bullet program? If yes please send just send

an updated – CIS (must have working numbers and email address or will be rejected), Non-Solicitation, Letter

of Intent, and POF (Bank Statement or Tear Sheet) – – please only serious inquiries.



24-48hr compliance

Top US and European Banks

No Swift Needed

Administrative Hold

$10M min (smaller amounts case by case)

Cash Only

Program is subject to close and change without notice – – others programs may be available depending on when

submission is made.



ZERO-OUT Project Funding 7 for 1 Leverage Program!

You need an acceptable project to fund to be eligible. We want projects that provide

humanitarian and economic benefit to society in general.

ASA is direct to a funding program that allows you to take a minimum of $2 million

dollars and invest it in our “Zero-Out” Project Funding 7 for 1 Leverage Program and

make enough profit to support your financial needs and goals upfront. The financial

goal that you need to reach will be based on a designated initial investment amount and

leveraging your funds and profits based on 4 funding cycles with a 7 to 1 leverage of your

investment and profits in each cycle. The maximum benefit allowed is $150 million.

Example $2 million investment/ 4 funding cycles: If you need $100 million dollars you may

invest $2 million and it and your profits are leverage as followed to reach your funding


Cycle 1: $2M x 7 = $14 million

Cycle 2: $4M x 7 = $28 million

Cycle 3: $4M x 7 = $28 million

Cycle 4: $4M x 7 = $28 million

Four Cycle $Total = $98 million

We use Commercial Escrow Services for our escrow and will only respond to the client

with a contract when a compliance package is delivered and the funds are placed in the

escrow. We are no longer requesting a POF, we will only respond to funds in escrow

The money is safe in the escrow because CES has a $20 million insurance policy protecting

the client’s funds. A contract will be provided only when we have a proper submitted deal.

In as little as 4 two week cycles you can meet your financial goal. If this is construction

project you have it paid for before you put the first shovel in the ground. A novel concept

that allows you to control, protect and grow your investment while eliminating any cost

and/or future debt. This is a very simple, easy and inexpensive way to fund your project.

Trade Program

I have a direct connection with an intake manager for three platforms that are accepting

the following assets for trade. The minimum is $10 million cash and if an instrument it

will need to be around $15 million due to the LTV must equal the $10 million minimum.

At this point most if not all platforms will only take the following:


-MTN…slightly season to season

-BG… slightly season to season

-Treasury Bonds



-Credit Lines

Investor must be able to issue at minimum a MT 700 or MT760 if here in the states or

abroad. If funds are in Chase and/or the investor is willing the funds can be moved to a

non-depletion account with the trader as co-signatory. They must be delivered DTC free

delivery excluding the cash.

ROI: The ROI will be based on their entry level value. So the ROI is discussed on a case

by case basis and will only be discussed at the signing of the contract with client and


ASA commission will be based on a sliding scale against the value amount traded.

As always I am available M-F 7AM to 5PM M-F Pacific. There are extended service hours for Priority Clients and existing Trade Program Clients.

Joseph P. Tufo, President

Certified Cash Flow Consultant, Certified Capital Specialist
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Private Client Services $50,000 to $500,000,000+, Large Project Funding $10,000,000 to $2 Billion, SBA Loans, Commercial Loans, Private & Hard Money Loans, Asset Monetization, Proof Of Funds and More.

Ask about how to self-liquidate and self-fund a project (hint: you need a minimum of 10% to 15% in cash)

We make NO INTEREST loans against BG, SBLC, CD, Bank Drafts and Sovereign Bonds.

Providing Honest Answers in a Timely Manner No Matter How Difficult the Situation.

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