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Read Carefully – Platform Manager Trade Programs

This is in response to an email that I wrote to Greg, a Platform Manager, in response to an email that Steve wrote:

This web post is old news and everyone is well aware of all these sites. For your Broker to make this assumption it tells me he does not understand.

At no time are the client’s funds at risk. At no time is the client asked to purchase any bank debentures.

The client’s funds are not Moved, Pledged, Liened, Encumbered, Blocked, or Hypothecated and no other signature is added.

We do not ask the client to set up an account in any other account-PERIOD

How can this be a scam?

You will never get any federal-S.E.C. or government agency to confirm or deny these platforms exist.

You might also find it interesting that Bank of America, Wells, Chase and Citi Bank all introduced programs in Sept. that were then closed in Nov. due to over-demand, and in Dec all these banks can afford to repay their TARP money?? Did those banks suddenly make all that money from, loans?

I can only tell you what we have closed with, what we have accomplished, and what works.

We have total transparency.

I can get your client on the phone with the partners and my Trader, however until compliance docs are complete, and then your client will be talking to the Trader direct. I cannot by law connect your client to the Trader until the CIS docs are complete. There is no obligation to your client even after he talks to the trader. Your client can walk at any time.

You can also let your Broker know you are dealing with the Trader/Trade Group direct and that I am the platform manager. We are the last stop.


The listed statement below;

1) (Funds are “Good, Clean, Clear, and of Non-criminal Origin”)

This true for any bank swift since the Patriot ACT

2) Non-circumvention


NCND’S that are created by Attorneys/Traders Sellers are enforceable.

You have my procedures to move forward.



If you have a project that needs funding and you have $1,000,000 or more we’ll be able to use those funds towards funding your project. Read everything on this website concerning trade programs.

Call me at 925-352-6000 which is my cell phone or email me at

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