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Praise God! Four Clients Are Being Funded Hundreds of Millions!

I received a call after hours from Large Project Source E. They personally contacted four of our clients this afternoon whom they have approved for hundreds of millions.  They begin funding by the end of this month – June 2009

A medical technology firm will receive $150million.

A green project in the automobile salvage business will receive $454 million and possibly more in time.

A portable fuel cell technology firm will receive $10 million.

A green project tire salvage business will ultimately receive $262 million.

If you have a project that needs funding we have several funding sources that have the resources and expertise to partner in fulfilling your dreams.

To move forward you should visit:

www.project funding

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If you have a viable project with a powerful executive summary of not more than four pages in length, a detailed bio on all key personnel, a detailed use of funds broken down monthly for the first years and quarterly thereafter, a five-year pro-forma with a clearly defined exit strategy and are serious you need to get “plugged-in” with us.

We have sources with money that are actively funding.

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