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Make Sure You Receive Your Systematic Payments

I’m writing this to encourage you to use common sense to mark in your appointment book, desk blotter, journal, or monthly calendar when your periodic investment distributions are due.

I spoke with a client this week who was paid three times in about three months from our popular gold commodity buy/sell program.

He had actually placed $50,000 in the New Zealand bank debt program two weeks earlier than his investment in the gold buy/sell. He was paid three times in less than 90 days in the gold program but did not receive the quarterly distribution from the bank debt program. He should have received the quarterly distribution two weeks before the third gold distribution by my records.

He had called the CEO of the bank debt program who promised he would look into it more than three weeks before he spoke to me. The CEO never investigated and never called the client back. I called the CEO and left two messages. Neither call was answered or returned. I also emailed but that was not answered yet. This is the same person who owes me almost $75,000 from June 2011.

I’ve always encouraged clients to receive systematic withdrawals until they get their principal back.  Once you have your principal back you’re dealing with the “house’s money.”

I care about you. I hope that shows. I am your servant. I hope that you will be a “client for life.” I will call you every month to make sure that you are paid your systematic withdrawl for as long as you are my client.

Please remember that all clients receive:

1. A free copy of every newsletter for life

2. Free access to which archives the newsletters, weekly calls, and hundreds of articles. This is a $97.00 a month value.

3. A minimum of one call a month from me for as long as you are a client.

4. Access to our Wednesday Weekly Conference calls at 4PM Eastern where you will be able to speak with me and guest speakers such as the CEO of the Gold Buy/Sell Program and the Platform Manager of the Gold Buy/Sell Program.

5. An annual review of your investment portfolio.


As always I am available 7AM to 5PM M-F Pacific with extended service hours for existing clients.

You are welcome to travel to the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area to meet me in person. I meet all clients face-to-face within one year when they place $100,000 or more and within one month when they place $1,000,000 or more.


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