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Large Project Funding $600m to $5b

I received a call from Mitch,  an American Stock Exchange member (retired), professional trader and M&A professional  who happens to be the Director of a Swiss bank in Zurich, Switzerland moments ago.

Here’s what he sent during our telecon this morning, February 8, 2010:

[9:25:06 AM] PVALLC:

We are able to provide large project financing through our Swiss based private trust under the auspices of the International FED.

We seek to fund projects needing capital infusion from $600M to $5B.

Our process provides the capital needed as a grant.

The client has no repayment obligation.

This is an “open kimono” transparent process for clients.

The trust will fund world wide beneficial projects. Think Economic Growth.

The client retains ownership of all projects and their future cash flows.

All final negotiations are done in Switzerland. It is at that time that clients receive full transparent and open disclosure in private meetings.

Clients must verify ownership of at least $100M USD capital to be eligible.

I introduced Carl who has a client with $100m liquid to Mitch and we had an 11-minute conference call this morning. The $100m will yield a $600m grant in one year and can be doubled to $1.2b in two years.

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