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Collectible Bonds 7,000+/- Available Now. First Come, First Served

More information on Collectible Bonds. If you are interested in purchasing these bonds I will personally introduce you to the owner. They have approximately 7,000 bonds for sale. You can hire Pass-Co to authenticate.
All prices listed are net of commission. Clients usually pay us in the range of 5% to 10% so you need to ADD that to the purchase price.



We do not have any 1899 Series A’s. You will not find one. They are extremely rare. We do have the best inventory of Mexican Bonds on the open market. Here is the list. We do not do packages, platforms, trade programs, or useless paperwork. Outright sales only.
As you may already know, 89 of our 97 Mexican uncancelled bonds that we are selling were printed by American Bank Note Company, New York. These particular bonds are beautifully engraved and are virtually impossible to properly forge. The paper, color/ink, and impressive engraving would be extremely costly to imitate. The so called forgeries that one hears about are nothing more than color copies or computer generated laser printer copies. In truth, they do not come close to the true American Bank Note quality engraved bonds. I hope that these comments give you some comfort in buying such bonds.


As you may already know, we are collectible stock and bond dealers. Please look over our website. We do have some of the best Mexican bonds that you may wish to buy and we do acquire them on a regular basis. Quite a number of the most popular bonds are listed below and priced.


We have 91 Santa Anna signed bonds of 1866 $500, 7%. These are all personally signed by Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.  These are $100,000 each = $9,100,000


Here are some of the Mexican bonds we also have available. We are the owners and all below are in our possession. Our total of 97 bonds adds up to $9,079,000.


Republica Mexicana of 1899 Gold Bond “Republic of Mexicana Deuda Consolidada Exterior del 5%”…..

1 Bond £500/$2,425 Series B, Brown – $250,000

9 Bonds £200/$970 Series C, Blue – $80,000 each = $720,000

38 Bonds £100/$485 Series D, Olive – $30,000 each = $1,140,000

26 Bonds £20/$97 Series E, Green – $8,000 each = $208,000


Gold Bond “Estados Unidos Mexicanos” 4%.

6 of the very rare 1904 $1,000/£205,15,2, blue with 54 coupons.   These bonds are $300,000 each. = $1,800,000

4 Bonds 1904 $500/£102.17.7, Orange – 54 coupons. $125,000 each. = $500,000


1913/1914 Temporary bonds, Black and White. Title reads “THE REPUBLIC OF MEXICO. Temporary 6% Ten – Year Treasury Gold Bond of 1913 of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF MEXICO. (Lately bond is referred to as a “White Dove”) This bond is now in stock.  These Black and White bonds are very rare and are in great demand:

1 Bond £1,000/9,750Pesos/$4,850 denomination $150,000.

4 Bonds £2,000/19,500Pesos/$9,700 denomination $300,000. = $1,200,000

1 Bonds £5,000/48,750Pesos/$24,250 denomination $750,000.

1 Bonds £20,000/195,000Pesos/$97,000 denomination $2,000,000.


Emperor Maximilian “Mexican Empire” Jose Hildalgo-Mexican Minister, 3%/Mexican Financial Commission in Paris – 3%.

1 £500 Sterling 1864 – Very Rare! at $250,000.


Republica Mexicana Deuda Consolidada de Los Estados Unidos Mexicano (under Porfirio Dias Presidente). Statue of Christopher Columbus.

1 £200/$1,000 1885 $60,000.

1 £20/$100 1885 $9,000.


“Republica Mexicana” “Bono Del Tesoro”, 6% Gold Bond.

1 £100/975Pesos/$485 Series C 1913 Tesoro, Grey $30,000

1 £20/195Pesos/$97 Series A 1913 Tesoro, Red $6,000 each

1 £20 Series A 1913 Tesoro, Blue $6,000 each. Same as above


Republica Mexicana Deuda Consolidada de Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos-1885

2 £10/$50, dated December 31, 1885 Series 2A/Letra B, Green, $1,000 each = $2,000

1 £100/$500, dated December 31, 1885 Series 4A/Letra D, Orange, $15,000

2 £200/$1,000, dated December 31, 1885 Series 6A/Letra F, Purple, $60,000 each = $120,000

2 £250/$1,250, dated December 31, 1885 Series 7A/Letra G, Olive, $75,000 each = $150,000

3 £500/$2,500, dated December 31, 1885 Series 8A/Letra H, Pink, $150,000 each = $450,000


Mexican Empire Public Foreign Debt, 6% Scrip Certificate to Bearer –

Decree of H.M. the Emperor Maximilien of 10 and 11 April, 1864

Printed Signature of Mexican Minister Jose Hidalgo

1864 Series A £63/420 Francs 6% $40,000. ONLY 1 AVAILABLE


The Tehuantepec Company, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S., 7% Bond:

16 1853 £125 bond with full set of coupons. $10,000. each = $160,000

3 1853 £250 bond with full set of coupons. $20,000. each = $60,000


Mexican and State of Mississippi Bonds ………..



We currently have 4 examples of the Rare £2,000 1913/1914 Temporary Republic of Mexico Gold Treasury bonds. We also have 1 of each of the £1,000, £5,000, and the very high denomination £20,000. These are very rare and are recently given the nickname Mini White Dove, White Dove, or in the case of the £20,000, Double White Dove. . One of the bonds originated from the holdings of the “Council of the Corporation of Foreign Bondholders. This brief story gives you a bit of history of how some of these bonds can survive. Of course, there are hundreds of scenarios of how bonds have been saved and found.



The Republic of Mexico Gold Temporary Treasury bonds were issued in 1914. Later that year Mexican debt went into default and the bond price would have fallen sharply much to the chagrin of European bondholders. Of course, many other types of Mexican bonds did poorly. In 1922 The Council of the Corporation of Foreign Bondholders (formed to protect the interests of UK bondholders in the event of foreign defaults) invited Mexican Treasury bondholders to deposit their bonds with the Council to enable them to effectively represent their interests. Many other types of foreign bonds were also welcome including the State of Mississippi bonds of 1831, 1833, and especially 1838. A small fee was charged for this service. Over the next 58 years the Council tried to negotiate on the bondholders behalf but to no avail. In 1980 the Council no longer felt justified in retaining these bonds and announced a general redistribution. There was little response to this proposal. During the next few years it became evident that the Council’s function had ceased to be meaningful as most of the old debt in which it was involved had been repaid, resolved or otherwise concluded. An impasse had been reached with the Mexican bonds and with the State of Mississippi. It was therefore decided to place the Corporation of Foreign Bondholders into liquidation and to dispose of the remaining bonds at Auction. This Auction took place on 21st June 1990 at Phillips Auctions in London, England. The Mexican bonds were represented in one large lot #238. One of the best and rarest in the group was one of our £2,000 (White Dove) Republic of Mexico Gold Temporary Treasury bonds.



With regards to the engraved issues of 1885, 1899, 1904, and the Tesoro or engraved 1913, these are all engraved printed by American Bank Note Company, New York. We’ve never heard of a “very fine forgery” as the technology required to print a true engraved bond of this quality would be extremely expensive and fortunately none have surfaced.


The following are carefully thought out points related to authenticity of the so called “White Dove” types of Temporary bonds of 1913/14 …..



The bonds were originally issued in 1914 in London and later that year Mexican debt went into default and so presumably the need to print engraved bonds into which these temporary bonds could be exchanged disappeared. The bond prices fell sharply and stayed at a low level. I can see no reason for there to be any forgeries to be instigated when the genuine bond had such a low market value.



This particular bond would have been held securely in the vaults of the Council’s bank for the next 68 years. Others that are found virtually always originate from very old collections.


Until now, this particular bond was held in the collection of the buyer of Lot #238 in the 1990 Phillips Auction Sale held in London.


Other points regarding authenticity include …..


The paper should be somewhat thick and lithography printed, not engraved. There are modern forgeries on very thin, very white modern looking paper. Of course, many so called forgeries are simply computer generated and laser printed or are simple copies done on a color copier. The originals such as the 7 examples that we have in stock are on 1914 vintage laid paper showing “horizontal line watermarks”, evenly spaced throughout the entire sheet of paper every 1 1/8 inches apart. Occasionally, the paper makers watermark in the form of an ornate crest is also present. This elaborate watermark is present on 2 of our 7 bonds. The horizontal line watermark are present on all 7 bonds.


The bond #’s are red and very distinctive in the ends of digits such as 2’s, 3’s, and 5’s.

The signature is in a light brown ink.



If you come to visit with us to view our bonds in person, I think you will find them more than satisfactory. We simply refuse to supply all kinds of advance #’s and paperwork to people who simply want paperwork free and have no intention to buy anything. On the other hand, If you require an authenticator, there is a very reputable company 20 minutes drive from our office. They are very experienced and most reputable. The company is PASS-CO in Bedford, NH.

Thank you for your interest.


Chinese bonds…..

Here is an update of our current inventory of Chinese Reorganization Gold Loan of 1913 bonds. We’ve sold many and bought many. The current quantities and prices are as follows…..


We now have 2,506 pieces of the £20’s brown or green X $350 each = $877,100.00

211 pieces of the £100 blue X $1,750 each = $369,250.00

Total Price of the above = $1,246,350.00



We just double checked the count. 99% plus have 43 coupons. The occasional bond has 41 or 42 as usual.


Phone me if you have any questions.



Prices are in U.S. Dollars.



Another New Purchase, now in stock….



Cuba: Republica de Cuba, 1950, 1000 Cuban Pesos. Green, 49 pieces, all with many coupons, Mint condition, Uncancelled $750 each.

Cuba: Compania Cubana de Electricidad, 1950 1000 Cuban Pesos, Brown, 44 pieces, all with many coupons, Mint condition, Uncancelled $600 each

Cuba: Cuban Electric Co./Compania Cubana de Electricidad, 1950, 1000 Cuban Pesos, Green, Bond at left in Spanish and bond duplicated in English at right. 45 pieces, all with many coupons, Mint condition, Uncancelled, $700 each.


Also, 8 bonds similar to above of the Cuban Electric Co. 100 Cuban Pesos at $200 each and 500 Cuban Pesos at $350 each.


Galveston, Houston, and Henderson Railroad Bonds

69 of the 1857 8% $100 denomination $2,000 each.

2 1855 10% $500 denomination $9,000 each

3 1855 10% $200 denomination $5,000 each

10 1855 10% $100 denomination $4,000 each

3 1853 6% £100 denomination $700 each


Imperial Chinese Government – Hukuang Railway 1911…

20 Pound, Green……….        137  available (2 without coupons)       $175 each

100 Pound, Red (some issued J. P. Morgan Bank)     95 available      $875 each



Note: We also have quantities of other British Pound denominated Chinese government bonds of 1898, 1911, 1913, etc. We can supply rather large quantities.


State of Mississippi, 1833, $1,000 bond, 6%, many coupons with bond.

In addition, each bond has an additional interest document with

more coupons.  These are always in PAIRS……      85 available     $1,500 each


State of Mississippi, 1838, $2,000 bond, 5%, 20-year bond, with

35 coupons.  These are the very best of this type of bond.  Excellent

condition.                            540 available     $1,500 each


Imperial Russian, 1909 to 1917, two different types…    2,000 pieces available

100 to 999 pieces          1,000 to 2,000 pieces

$45 each                $35 each


Chicago Terminal Transfer Railroad, $1,000, 1897, 4%, 85 coupons, over 10,000 pieces available—–$500 each.  Call for special large quantity prices.


Indiana Southern Railway Co., $1,000, 1866, 7%, Signed by Samuel Tilden.

59 of 60 coupons………………..                300+ available        $450 each


International Railroad Co. of Texas, $1,000, 1872,

8%, several coupons………………….                        3  available           $1,000 each


Plymouth & Kankakee Railroad, $1,000 1871, 7%,

55 of 60 coupons…………………                100+ available        $450 each


Union Iron & Coal Co., $500, 1854, 7%, Signed by Moses Taylor

13 to 14 coupons………………….                    80+ available         $450 each



***Please phone for additional pieces as we do have a large inventory of uncancelled bonds of many types. A TOTAL OF WELL OVER 30,000 BONDS.***



There are too many types to list. If a buyer is serious, he will come in person to visit with us. We have many thousands of U.S. Railroad bonds including the  80 pieces of the Galveston, Houston, and Henderson, 11,000 pieces of the Chicago Terminal Transfer RR, 500+ pieces of the 1838 State of Mississippi $2,000 denomination bonds, several types of Chinese bonds including the Imperial Chinese Hukuang Railway of 1911 and the Reorganization Loan bonds listed below, Russian bonds, other types of Mexican, etc. etc.



I’m also taking the liberty of sending you a copy of our “Offering Disclosure” which must be signed by the buyer. Also, our bank wiring instructions is attached.

I should note that these bonds sell very quickly and I now have 4 serious buyers who say that they want to buy them. First come, first served. All bonds are subject to prior sale. If a buyer wants something, they should wire funds when they are comfortable in dealing with us. Here are our “Offering Disclosure” which must be signed and witnessed and Bank Wire Transfer instruction.








As you are aware, I am not an investment advisor and do not render investment advice, nor do I or my company sell securities of any kind. Further, we are not a registered securities dealer and do not make any representations regarding the investment potential of certain defaulted or defunct bonds of US and Foreign origin.



The United States District Courts have found that the bonds are not redeemable in or backed by gold; United States District Courts have held that the bonds have no value as investments, but are solely collectible memorabilia; and/or the issuers of the bonds have no outstanding obligation to pay the principal or any interest on the bonds.



These bonds that we sell are sold strictly on their collectible merits and in our opinion, should only be purchased by persons who are interested in collecting for their historical interest or rarity. We believe that buying them for speculative purposes involves a high degree of risk.



Due to the volatile nature of the marketplace, we will be pleased to provide quotes on items of interest on a daily basis. Prices may be subject to change.



I have read and understand the above “Offering Disclosure”.



Signed……………………………………………………………….                                    Date…………………………



Name and Title                (print)…………………………………………………………………………………..



Name of Witness (print)…………………………………….


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