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10/100 Commercial Loan Program

10/100 Commercial Loan Program

Underwriting Qualifications:

1. $2,000,000.00 (USD) and up.

2. Documents required:

Business Plan

Capital Expenditure Budget

Executive Summary

Last three (3) years of financial statements

Incorporation Documents

Corporate Structure Outlined

Passports of all officers and directors

All documents must be submitted to the underwriting department at Agent Code ACJT2565CAUS Joe Tufo/CFSI

3. Upon underwriter preapproval, a conditional Letter of Intent (LOI) will be issued to the borrower.

4. In compliance with the conditional (LOI), the borrower is required to deposit 10.00% of the loan amount requested into a GFC account and submit the names that will be used to register and establish their new International Business Company (IBC) and Off-Shore Foundation.

5. Borrowers approved for 100 Million or more may select an independent third party Escrow Firm to hold the 10.00% deposit until the binding Letter of Intent is issued. (NOTE: If the GFC was not able to provide the loan as described, the GFC would return all of the borrower’s money, plus a 3.00% annualized return on their deposit.) Moreover, the GFC is registered with the New Zealand Registry Office as a “Financial Service Provider” (FSP) and this information is also lodged with the Financial Markets Authority (FMA).

6. The LOAN PROCEEDS will be credited to the borrower’s (IBC) account ninety days after the GFC receives the deposit. A Visa/Debit card will also be issued to the borrower for access to the loan proceeds for the (IBC).

7. The law firm of Bell Gully, which is located in Auckland, New Zealand, will prepare and issue the closing documents to the borrower for review and signing via email.

8. Once the LOAN DOCUMENTS are properly signed 100% and returned to the law firm of Bell Gully, the loan proceeds will be credited to the borrower’s newly established (IBC) within ninety (90) days from the time that the borrower made their 10.00% deposit to GFC.

9. Type of Loan: Development Bridge Loan. (Non-Recourse)

10. Interest Rate: 3 month LIBOR + 1 to +8%, depending on the riskassessment.

11. Term: 36 months, interest only with a balloon note. NOTE: The borrowerhas the right to pay off the Balloon Note or roll it over into a 25 to 30 yearMortgage or Wrap around asset loan with GFC.

12. Type of Loan: Mortgage or Wrap-around asset loan. (Non-Recourse)

13. Interest Rate: 1 year LIBOR + 1 to + 4% fixed.

14. Term: 25 to 30 years

15. Geographic Regions: Does not matter.

16. Prohibited industries: Weapons, Tobacco, Pornography, & Illicit Drugs.

17. Financial capability of individuals: Not an issue.

18. Social Security Number(s): Not required of borrowers.

Please contact me the moment you or a borrower is ready to submit all of the required underwriting documents mentioned in item 2 above. We will get online and go through the registration process with them.


Non-Recourse does not mean “written-off.” It means no personal liability. For example, a lender may take the property pledged as collateral to satisfy a debt, but it has no RECOURSE to other assets of the borrower. It’s the same as exculpatory.


You may want to purchase a copy of Barron’s Dictionary of Business Terms. I’ve had a copy in my library of 2000+ books for 25 years. It has the clear definition of 6000+ key terms used throughout the business world. It’s an indispensable reference.


The 10/100 loan is written initially as a three-year bridge loan and can be converted to a 30 year loan.  

On Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 1:19 AM, Patrick wrote:

Good Morning Joe,


Thanks for the email. Please clarify the yellow bits below.


It says non-recourse which means it is written off in my understanding ?


But then it in 10. and 13. It quotes two different LIBOR rates to pay ?


It then says in 11. – 36 months but in 14. – 25-30 years.


I am somewhat confused here !!!!!




Patrick J White


Best regards,

Joseph P. Tufo, President

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