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Update BLOC Funding Average $125,000 – Details

This just came in from a new Business Line of Credit provider. The comments are from the Sales Manager whom I have known for a couple of years.

BFG Products

Unsecured business lines of credit as of 9-01-09 were funding with the average amount of about $125K.

There is a one time fee of $1995 and 8 or 10% of the approved credit line at the time of funding.  If there are Credit Issues that have to be cleared up prior to funding, the $1,995 fee is due with the application.

Typical funding is appox. 90 days, but clients may get access to some funding in 2 weeks from their completed application date.

We can start funding when a client is above 700-720 FICA personal scores with less than 5-6 Inquiries and no derogatories.

Also, we need all unsecured revolving credit balances at or below 30%.

All credit is reported against the Company, not the individual.

We will remove most inquiries at the time funding is finished.

We can double up all funding amounts by using a spouse or partner.

If the clients company has an 80 Paydex we can get them appox. another 125K with a 10% fee at the time of funding.

$200K – $400K more is available with a 20% fee if they have a 6 plus year old Company with tax returns and financials.

There may be an additional fee which is on case to case basis.

We also have a number of other products: leases, factoring, hard money loans, soft money loans etc.

BFG is a licensed credit Improvement Company in Minnesota.

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