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Sarah Russell Testimony Small Cap Trade 20110609

Greetings Joe,

I want to take this time and thank you for informing me of the P-lock investment.  The plan was just as you stated, my first payment was wired to my bank account within the dates that you specified.  I appreciate your accountability, and your persistence of making what you promised a reality.  I will be doing more investments with you very soon, your integrity and dedication is what the investment world is lacking.  Thanks so much!!

I plan to listen in on Wednesday at 4 p.m.  How do I get a copy of the CIS form for Gold Buy-Sell?

The plan for Capital Partners Funding Group, Inc., I told you that it paid $30,000. every month.  Correction, it pays that amount once a year for 10 years, all of which has to be used for Kingdom Business.  After the year is up the money that I invested is placed back into my IRA account.

Peace & Blessings

Sarah Russell

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