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Request From Restaurant Owner 06-09-09

I received this minutes ago from a restaurant in downtown San Francisco that we have funded several times over the years:

Hi Joe,

Please provide an update on new funding ideas. We’ve obtained our liquor license for the upstairs room. We’ll need funds to prepare the space for our expansion plan.

401 Mxxxx St.,
San Francisco, Ca 94102

I have removed the general managers last name, full name of the restaurant, full street name to prevent him from a barrage of calls.

My response:

Thank you for writing.

We have our site that features all of our products and services. We also have that will eventually feature products that will fund in 30 days or less. We have a product that may be of interest to you – the site has a video that explains the benefits in detail.

You may also want to visit

Ideas that come to mind in no particular order:
Merchant Cash Advance – funds in 7 to 10 business days after a completed application is received by the vendor.
Short-Term Loan – nine to 18 months – funds in less than 30 business days
Unsecured Business Line of Credit – Souce B (power funding): 45 to 60 business days to fund, Source E featured in the original email below 60 to 90 business days to fund, new source C requires power funding less than 30 business days to fund.

I never received anything from Regina.

Closing Comments For This Post

You may write me at or If you do not receive a written reply within two business days it’s because I’ve been working for two hours and it’s only 8:15AM. Yesterday I received almost 1,000 emails and today I’ve received, read, answered, or deleted 639 emails.  I do the best that I can. If you don’t hear back pick up the phone and call me at 1-800-669-2700 or direct to my desk at 925-691-8200.

As always we are here to serve you and those whom you choose to refer.

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