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Oil Available From Wall Street Investment Banker, Mitchell F.

This is a Skype series that came in yesterday:

I have 5 M MT D2 at Houston for deal.

1:02 PM

Platts pricing only no disconts

1:02 PM


1:02 PM

I am seller rep

1:02 PM

that’s 80M MT

1:03 PM

we need real buyer direct

Joe’s Comments:

We have real product available. It is important for all buyers to show proof of funds within three business days – no arbitrage, no games.

We have access to oil, precious metals, in ground assets, large project funding, REO, *100% COMMERCIAL FINANCING/JV 10% Our forums are designed for Structured Financing of High End Commercial Projects – A&D/Energy/Technology/In-Ground Assets/Mines/Minerals/Precious Stones/Gems/PPP/Trade Platforms/ Buy-Sell Bank Debenture Instruments-Cash Backed and Bullion Backed. SBLC’s/BG’s/MTN’s/CD’s/T-B’s/T-S’s/T-N’s/Bonds

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