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REO Rules

Follow these rules and you get to the prize!

Real Estate Owned by the Bank (REO)
Make an offer in the form or a “Letter of Intent” and a Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure agreement will be sent to you (we provide the LOI and funds verification template for you), also be prepared to provide Soft Proof of Funds to the bank or seller when they call you. See attached preferred LOI and authorization format. All Letters of Intent must be signed by the buyer. No assignments are allowed.

Make an offer regardless of the sales price or asking price!

Performing Note packages are available for purchase by submitting a “Letter of Interest” which must include at a minimum the name of the buyer and their attorneys that will handle proof of fund. The letters must be signed by the buyer. No assignments are allowed in contract.

The Buyer and the Buyers representative will receive from our legal office a NCND which must be returned to us signed by the buyer and all paper work should be made out to Continental Funding Company.

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