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Project Financing and Customized Funding Solutions

Project Financing and Customized Funding Solutions


We are establishing a business relationship with an international lender, operating out of Panama, interested in funding projects that make sense in jurisdictions that are politically stable. That being said, every project is considered on its own merit and compensating factors are always considered.


As a Private Equity Fund, they have three very unique features that separate them from the majority of programs offered in the market;


1.The first is that everything they do is circular, meaning that to accomplish the entirety of what they do as a lender, they have no need to go outside of their syndicate to accomplish that goal.

2. They have no upfront or due diligence fees. If they don’t fund your project for any reason they will absorb all due diligence fees that may apply.

3. Unlike most financial institutions that require as much as 30 to 40% capital contribution prior to funding your project, they will fund 100% of your project from shovel ready forward.



For project consideration please submit the applicable project questionnaire along with executive summary.


The Steps To Consider Your Project Are:

1. Submit applicable project questionnaire along with executive summary.

2. Once preliminary approval is given a telephone interview is arranged to determine mutual compatibility.

3. Assuming compatibility is established, Documents of Engagement are issued and Preparation for full submission is arranged.



For consideration send completed questionnaire along with project Executive Summary.



Closing Jurisdiction: As of right now the closing jurisdiction designated for this transaction is Panama, however the company maintains the right to choose alternative jurisdictions to close a transaction if it deems it necessary to;

Collateralizing Instrument: The company will either go with a cash-backed Letter Of Credit or a Surety Bond. They issue and provide that instrument on your behalf;

Compatibility: They understand fully that they are not a match for every client and they are not trying to be. If you feel you can work within their parameters they would love to fund your transaction;

Confidentiality:  Confidentiality is a broad subject where all applicable parties must adhere to in a general sense. On a more specific note, dealings and negotiations between the company and their clients should not be discussed with parties not in some way involved in the transaction;

Costs: the company will not claim costs from the client if an approval is not given for any reason. During the due diligence process they are seeking evidence to determine the viability of your transaction, if for any reason a determination is made to decline your project a full refund of the escrow will be returned to you by the company;

Prior to final approvals and agreements from both parties on all conditions to loan stipulations on the closing contracts, the company will not impose and has not imposed any cost involved in procuring a loan to the client. The process is clearly designed as one with no upfront or due diligence cost process. They only expect to get paid when they fund a transaction, and are willing to assume the cost if they cannot. Quite a costly proposition to the company;

Draw Schedule: The draw schedule required will be submitted by you and approved by the company at that time;

environmental inspection”: The Environmental Protection Agency‘s (EPA) listing of sites contaminated by toxic materials that have undergone preliminary assessment and site inspection to determine which locations pose immediate threat to persons living or working near the site. Your jurisdiction’s applicable laws would apply;


  • Escrow Deposit: What is escrow?  And why is it required?
    Escrow is money put aside for a particular item. For example in a home mortgage you might have an escrow account which might include your house insurance. Thus part of your mortgage payment. In this case the escrow is put aside to meet the underwriting
    requirement which stipulates that borrowers must have 1% of the loan amount they are requesting available as proof of liquidity during their term of application;
  • Depositing the Escrow in an Alternative Account: Please don’t ask the company to change the venue for this escrow. This is not an option they would consider. If the company did they would have to set up an escrow account for every transaction;
  • Escrow Agent: The entity that holds the escrow account is a Licensed US Title company. OPT Title and Escrow, Inc.;
  • Return of Escrow: Would you advise how long it takes for the 1% to be refunded back in the event the borrower elects not to continue with the transaction for whatever reason and if so, are there any penalties? Within 5 days from that decision. No Penalties;
  • Safety of the Escrow: The escrow deposit is only used as proof of liquidity and in every single instance that the company has collected it, it has been returned 100% of the time. The company has no intention to use this deposit or any portion of it for any reason. This deposit is Bonded and a copy of the Bond can be provided for your viewing;
  • Use of Guarantees For Escrow: The escrow deposit is a cash deposit only. Bank Guarantees of any kind are not viable alternatives;
  • Where the Escrow is Deposited: The escrow account set up for this specific purpose is JP Morgan Chase in Miami Lakes Florida;

Fees and Expenses: In the MOU where it talks about the procurement for collateralizing instrument, is making reference to the cost of acquiring a cash backed Letter Of Credit which is monetized and then used to fund your project;

intangible taxes”: A tax imposed by some states or local governments on the market value of intangible assets such as stocks, bonds, money market funds, and bank account balances;

Intermediaries: As intermediary, Cash Flow Specialists, Inc., can earn a maximum of 2% of the loan amount on a transaction. In order for the company to honor that payment a fee agreement signed by the borrower must be submitted as part of the submission documents;

Loan Amount: The loan amount is inclusive of the closing cost which typically consists of the requested loan amount plus 15% for the acquisition of the cash-backed Letter Of Credit and the 2% intermediary fee. That fulfils the offer to finance the remaining cost of completing your project. Of course the option is always on the table for you to pay some of those fees out of pocket if you choose to;

loan covenants”: A condition that the borrower must comply in order to adhere to the terms in the loan agreement. If the borrower does not act in accordance with the covenants, the loan can be considered in default and the lender has the right to demand payment (usually in full);

Prime Rate: US Prime is at 3.25 (at time of writing);

Project Specific Corporation: The company requires that you present a project specific corporation that holds the assets of this specific project only. That is the corporations assets that will be used as collateral;

Projects the company has Funded: The level of confidentiality the company exercises precludes sharing any current or past clients name or information with anyone not involved in the transaction. Whether or not another company decides to do this or not is not relevant to their way of doing business. They will always follow proper protocol. In a generic sense they can tell you that last month one division of the company closed six transactions for a total gross loan amount of just under $1 Billion;

Repayment Schedule: The repayment schedule begins after 90 days and is interest only from there forward;

Secondary Financing: No secondary finance will be permitted, what does this mean? Is this negotiable? What occurs in the event of a takeover with financing or equity financing or even cheaper loan finance coming along? You will find that our GFT sheet discusses this in further detail. Secondary financing is not allowed while our loan is outstanding. Nevertheless if you chose to pay off our obligation for alternative financing that would be acceptable;

Shareholding Equity: In instances of accepted funding by the company, Client agrees that the company may request a negotiated shareholding equity position in the entire Project expected to be a minimum of 10% (ten percent). Such shareholding will be memorialized in a separate agreement to be executed by and between the Parties;

Term: Initially we will always fund on a 12 month term. This can be adjusted as needed for up to 10 years;

Timeline To Close: We have had loans close in as short a time as six weeks and we have seen some with complications take as long as six months. The timeline on your specific project is going to weigh heavily on the efficiency the borrower exercises in producing the requested documentation in a timely manner.


For project funding of transactions 25 million and upward, please complete the attached questionnaire and send with an executive summary for a preliminary approval. If approved a full submission is to follow.


Full approval and funding can occur within 45 to 60 days.

All types of projects are considered. Project Financing and Customized Funding Solutions. The company is an international lender operating out of Panama, interested in funding projects that make sense in jurisdictions that are politically stable and preferably emerging markets. That being said, every project is considered on its own merit and compensating factors are always considered.


All of the company’s costs and fees applicable are paid at closing. They lend those fees to you above and beyond your loan request. If your loan request is denied for any reason there will be no cost to you by the company.


The minimum loan amount they will consider is 25 million dollars. There is no maximum dollar amount. Large projects are usually phased down to loan amounts of 500 million or less until completed.


Some of the different project types they have financed or monetized and will consider are: Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Commercial Malls, Buildings, Refineries, commodities plants, gold mines and all types of energy related transactions.


They will consider financing 100% of the cost of completing the construction including all other cost involved from the point of shovel ready forward.


Their ideal project, is at the point where the only thing stopping you from moving forward and beginning construction is the lack of capital required.


The principles have invested millions of dollars on soft cost, procuring the land and preparing all the necessary documentation to request funding.


Who and what they are: •They are a Private Equity Fund. •They are an international Lender operating out of Panama. •They are a Fund of Funds. •They lend to Lenders. •All of the associations they have are part of their circular group. This process is internal to them.


What and how they do what they do: •Brokers and or intermediaries work as a liaison or a referral between the borrower and the lender and attempt to find a lender to accept a borrowers request for a loan. They on the other hand have the funds available to lend to the transactions chosen by their board for funding. •Although they are a lender, they operate and function completely different than your local bank. •


They do not go out looking for money to lend! Where and how we get the funds we lend: •We create and generate the liquidity necessary to fund selected projects and transactions chosen by the Board of our circular group. •As in everything in life the key to succeeding in any venture is closely tied to valuable relationships within an organization. •Teamwork or synergy within an organization with key proprietary information tied together to accomplish a mutual goal. In our case the mutual goal is generating liquidity to fund selected transactions. •In its simplest form our group generates liquidity by issuing a letter of credit or surety bond to those projects or transactions selected by our board of executive officers. •That financial instrument is issued by one of our board members internally that work together closely with our insurance underwriters. It is converted to cash via our relationships with global banking institutions which, in turn is used for the funding of transactions. •Note: The process of turning that financial instrument into cash is proprietary information. Who and what we are not: •We are not a Broker. •We are not intermediaries. 4 Confidentiality Agreement: As a private equity fund we have strict confidentiality agreements with our clients and we are not able to discuss prior or ongoing activity within our organization. That being said we have recently funded energy, resorts, commercial, and commodity projects (including combinations of those named) in 30 plus countries and in ranges from 25 million to 3 billion. Escrow Requirement: Our providers of financial instruments require an escrow deposit of 1% of the loan amount for a Letter of Credit or 1% of the loan amount or a maximum of 750k for a surety bond. It is one or the other of these instruments that are used for your projects funding. In most cases the instrument used is a Cash Backed Letter of Credit. 5 Lender Insurance Underwriters Letter of Credit Provider World Banks Surety Bond Provider The escrow is placed to satisfy the insurance underwriting requirement of proof of liquidity. Our escrow account is set up with JP Morgan Chase in Miami Lakes Florida. Although our loans are international, our group selected this jurisdiction because it has some of the strictest financial regulatory bodies worldwide. Opt Title’s and escrow has never had any complaints against it of any kind ever. Our Private Equity Fund has never had a single complaint and has always returned the entire escrow amount to our clients at the appropriate time applicable. That can be checked out and verified by you. We can provide a reference letter from JP Morgan Chase and our E&O insurance for our Escrow account. Our Rates: Our two most popular programs have interest only rates at prime plus 2.75% (6%) or prime plus 5.75% (9%). Prime is currently at 3.25%. Programs Offered: Depending on the program and the project details an equity shareholder position of 10 to 25% may apply. On select projects: Equity shareholder positions may not apply, a sinking fund attachment may be available. Typically our terms for construction are 12 to 60 months. 6 The first step in our process is: Borrower submits completed project questionnaire along with executive summary for preliminary approval. Lender accepts or denies interest in financing project. If lender is interested, documents of engagement are issued. A conference call with borrower is recommended prior to issuing documents of engagement to confirm compatibility. (1 to 2 weeks) Documents of engagement are fully executed by both the borrower and the lender. The escrow deposit required, is wired and full submission of documents is electronically transmitted to lender. Pre Underwriting takes place to insure a complete package is submitted. (1 to 2 weeks) Our Process: 7 Once a complete package is confirmed underwriting begins. A decision is issued on the project. (2 to 4 weeks) If approved a Letter of Credit or Surety Bond is issued to the transaction. (1 to 2 weeks) Complete due diligence is done on project and its principles. Panama Corporation and Bank Account is set up. (1 to 3 weeks) 8. Final closing contracts are issued to client with specific timeframes and schedules for closing. (1 to 2 weeks) Transaction is closed and 1st draw is issued. (1 to 2 weeks) Depending on the efficiency of all involved the total timeframe could more or less take 8-17 weeks.


Risk Based Underwriting


Taking a high level overview:

There are several factors that determine the successful outcome of any project including, but not limited to, Management Experience, Market Conditions, Political Climate as well as the usual Loan-To-Value, Liquidity, etc.

The company takes all risk factors into account to determine a risk ratio for their Fund Managers consideration. This risk ratio is determined by their own in-house underwriters as well as those externally including their insuring instrument providers.

Insuring Instrument

Lets use an example:
You buy a $50,000.00 car on finance.
The car acts as collateral for the loan?  Yes and No.
The finance company will use the car as collateral; however, they will also need to see an insurance policy to protect the car while the loan is in place. This gives the financing entity double the protection.

Now apply the same scenario to your financing request.

The companyt, will through its own internal and proprietary purposes acquire a collateralizing insuring instrument, called a surety, to protect its position. This surety can be in one of many forms – Bond, Standby Letter Of Credit, etc. – and will be determined for each project.

It is because of the in-depth underwriting analysis that they require a very detailed and complete lending package.

Liquidity and Escrow:

One of the requirements for consideration is that the applicant maintains a minimum of 1% liquidity throughout the consideration process.

Remembering they are always looking to mitigate a risk, and to ensure liquidity is maintained, the 1% liquidity must be maintained in a separate Escrow account of their choosing.  This escrow serves no purpose other than to satisfy the liquidity requirement and will be returned in full.

To start the process a project is introduced to the company with a completed Project Questionnaire, an executive overview and financial statement. Within 5 business days if interest is determined, documents of engagement are executed and a full list of items required is prepared. Underwriting will only commence upon receipt of all required documentation and escrow, within 45-60 days they will notify if financing is successful and will close within the next 21 days.


The company’s confidentiality agreements precludes them from directly identifying the company’s clients.

The most recent deal types they have engaged:

Resort Developments;

Multi-use – hotel, office and residential;

Monetizing of in-ground assets;

Social Housing;

Energy production – hydroelectric;

Energy production – waste to fuel.




The minimum is $25m USD. The company can do any type of construction projects, in ground assets and above ground assets.


Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. Priority Fees Apply. See:


How We Work



Disclaimer Notice:
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Please note, that in providing project finance related services, we are not in any way acting as legal, tax and or other professional advisers, or giving legal, tax or other professional advice. We strongly recommend, that project finance applicants obtain independent legal or tax advice, as appropriate from a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Accountant (CA), Attorney-at-Law, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or other licensed professional as regulated by your State or Country.



Hi, my name is Joe Tufo. I’m President of Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. We’re located in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area – Antioch CA to be precise. Antioch is 46 miles North East of downtown San Francisco and approx. 56 miles from the San Francisco Airport.


We are both fee and commission based. In business since July 1, 1999 and with 34 years of financial services experience (November 1976 to present) we may be uniquely qualified to serve you and those whom you choose to refer.


We have had success with:

  1. Large Project Funding – you may need a minimum of $5,000,000 in cash and a viable project(s) for several of our funding sources.
  2. Trade Programs – Small Capital $5,000 to $50,000,000 with current yields of 4% to 15% a month before commissions and account set-up fees. (Rates Subject To Change)
  3. Monetizing Assets – You name it we may be able to monetize. There are more than 100 articles on our websites explaining this.


Many have asked me to meet them face-to-face. We have several pricing models for you to choose from:


1. Come to Antioch CA and spend two hours with me.

We’ve had good success in funding dozens in these difficult times.

We’ve found that those whom we meet with face-to-face for a couple of hours, that really get plugged into our websites, newsletters, articles, and webinars have a much higher funding success rate than those who try to “go on the cheap.” skip the process, don’t read the newsletters and, in general, try to do things their way.

If you’re serious about getting funded you’ll come to Antioch CA and spend two hours with me. When you’re ready for the best you’ll come to me.

For only $3,000 you’ll receive two hours of coaching for you and your team here in Antioch CA on how to properly fund your viable project or idea, a thorough review and written critique of your Executive Summary, Bio’s, Detailed Use of Funds, 5-Year Pro-Forma, and Exit Strategy, and a one-year prepaid subscription to our 5,600+ page and growing private subscription website which archives our newsletters. This is a $4,664 value if you buy the services separately.

In addition, if you choose to become a Priority Client, we’ll credit your entire $3,000 investment plus the costs of your travel to Antioch CA towards our Priority Expedited Client Fee.

We’ve been successful in funding dozens of business people who struck out using mainstream funding sources. Block a couple of days; fly or drive to the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, bring a cashier’s check, or wire funds direct to our Bank of America corporate account.

If you need more than two hours we’ll charge only $500 an hour instead of our normal $1,000 an hour and we’ll still credit it all towards our Priority Expedited Client Fee.

  1. If you need me to come to you for two hours you’ll need to add $10,000 for travel expenses and time away from Antioch CA. If you need more than two hours we’ll charge only $500 an hour instead of our normal $1,000 an hour and we’ll still credit it all towards our Priority Expedited Client Fee.
  2. If you need to meet on a Saturday double the fee.

We’re not in the fee business and we’re not in the work for free business. We take on committed paying clients and devote our time to getting them funded.



I’m a big proponent of time management.  I think anyone involved not only in sales but in any aspect of business in general needs to manage his or her time well.  Time really is our most precious asset and the one most often wasted.



We strongly encourage you and/or your clients to join us on our weekly Business Opportunity conference calls.  Learn How to: Self-Fund Any Projects or Ideas; Self-Liquidate Debt; Crack Your Monthly Nut; Cover the Monthly Burn of Your Business; Reach Your Run Rate.

Wednesday conference calls at 4PM EST – where Joe explains the details of all our current programs, then answers questions and/or addresses concerns;

Call and we’ll send you the link (a fee applies for this call)

FYI: We move at the speed of the client.  Conditional approval is dependent upon a client following established procedures, and upon us receiving the required Compliance documents of any given program.  Once the Trader/Trade Group who is offering the specified program receives what they require, they move fairly quickly.



Our websites are at our public-free site which is about 1500 pages (May ’11) and our private (by subscription only) site which has about four times the content. It also archives the newsletters.


Remember: is a free website is private and by subscription only. Your investment is $97.00 a month and gives you access to the archived calls, video, newsletters, and 527 articles at last count. More importantly it gives you access to the live calls on Wednesday where you can listen to clients share their success with being paid on our trade programs and being funded by our project funding programs.


Occasionally traders attend unannounced and that’s an extra special treat.


You can sign-up for FREE to be on our double opt-in mailing list at


Our most popular products and services are Small Cap Trade Programs, Large Project Funding $50m+, Proof of Funds, and Asset Monetization $50m+:

Wednesday: Newsletter Right From The Heart

Saturday: What We Learned For The Week: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

We teach prospective clients how to self-liquidate and self-fund projects by using Trade Programs. You may need 10% to 15% in cash to participate, minimum $5,000,000.



We charge a minimum $3,000 processing fee on all applications. The fee is fully earned and non-refundable.


I have worked in financial services since November 1976 in insurance, securities, investments, and finance. I have 17,553 people in my database that I have done business with as prospects, clients, or vendors. There are 4,944 double opt-in subscribers to these communiques that I send. (May 2011)

I am not a miracle worker. I can’t possibly help everyone who contacts me.

When I stopped counting we had 230 referral partners who had referred business in the past 11+ years. We started this business in July 1999.

Vendors call to appoint us because they receive the articles that I write from others whom they know.

We’ve had success with “bringing clients across the finish line” for PPP. Trade Programs, Business Lines of Credit, Hard Money, SBA Loans, Commercial Loans, Asset Based Loans, Merchant Cash Advance, Purchase Order Funding, Factoring, Proof of Funds, Asset Monetizing, Angel Money, Venture Capital and in the old days Residential Loans, all forms of Insurance, Annuities, Mutual Funds, Private Placements, and other forms of retail investments.

I begin each workday at 7AM Pacific as I have since November 1976. I work hard every day. I make it a point to return every call even when people don’t leave a message I harvest the calls from the Caller ID and return them anyway. I do my best to return emails but I must admit that I fall behind.

Call me at 925-352-6000 if I have not responded to your email within three business days.

I end each workday at 5PM Pacific, make a salad, and then go for a 45-minute walk and then work on the websites for two to three hours a night and for five to six hours on Saturday.

Sunday is reserved for Sunday School, Church, and rest.

Yes, I charge fees to those who want me to work on all viable large projects, and any “rush” work.

I absolutely refuse to work for free, or for some promise to be paid in the future.

It makes me feel good to know that I’ve played a major role in helping others succeed. It’s a high that’s hard to explain. It is confirmation that my purpose in life is sound and that my efforts produce value in the marketplace.

I don’t claim to be a miracle worker. What I am is part writer, part entrepreneur, part philosopher, and, above all, part teacher. Teaching, which has been my main occupation for the past three decades, is the one thing I enjoy above all others.

And one of the reasons I enjoy teaching so much is because when I teach others, I learn a lot myself. Learning is, in fact, one of the great bonuses to teaching. The more you teach, the more you learn.

I’m still amazed at how often my own teachings catalyze new ideas that impact my life in some positive way – sometimes in major ways. And even when teaching doesn’t bring about new ideas, just the repetition of teaching reinforces in my own mind the concepts, principles, and techniques that I share with others.

I turned 60 November 29, 2010 and frankly, I have more important things to do than to invest 40, 60, 80 or 100 or more hours of my time working for you for free. If you’re serious you’ll read our websites thoroughly, buy some of our books and courses, subscribe to and immerse yourself in what we do.

Then get over to and buy some time.

Hop in your car or on a plane and come and visit me in Antioch CA as dozens of others have. Remember, it’s $1,000 an hour: $5,000 for a half day – five hours; and $10,000 for a whole day – 10 hours.

Do a brain dump. Ask anything you want. I’ll apply your investment against the 1% fee capped at $30,000 per project (May 2011 – rates subject to change).

We work one of two ways:

Priority – If you want us to “Clear The Decks,” put our heads down, expedite your application(s), and get to work you’ll honor us by paying a fee for six months of service. You may renew after that time.


When you hire us to work on a priority basis we thoroughly study your submission package to make sure that it complies with our recommended Road Map to Funding Success. Funding has always been about presentation. Those who present well are funded. Those who don’t present well are not funded.


The key ingredients to funding success, in our experience, have been:

  1. A powerful Executive Summary of one to four pages. You can purchase our template and video review at
  2. Bio’s of key personnel.
  3. A detailed use of funds broken down monthly for the first year and quarterly thereafter.
  4. A 5-year proforma and written Exit Strategy.


It’s real simple: We work on either a Priority basis where you pay a fully earned, non-refundable fee for six months of service or a Non-Priority basis when you are not in a big hurry and we get to you and your project when we can: after all Priority Clients come first.

We work on your project and focus all our energy on you and other priority clients first and then others in order of availability.

We don’t take on a client or project unless we’re reasonably sure that we can achieve success.

The fee is 1% of what you are looking for subject to a minimum $3,000: maximum $30,000 per project. Any amount that you are trying to fund under $300,000 is $3,000 and any amount $3,000,000 and above is $30,000.

If you’re looking for $500,000 the fee is $5,000. If you’re looking for $1,000,000 the fee is $10,000. You get the picture.

Some ask me to spend the day with them. I charge $10,000 per day. You come to Antioch CA. Some ask for a half day and I charge them $5,000. Some want an hour and I charge them $1,000.

You can see these services at You can direct deposit or wire fees to our Bank of America Corporate account. With 34+ years in financial services (since 11/76) we may be uniquely qualified to serve you.

Before you join, let me mention two things…

Firstly, I can’t guarantee your success. You know that and I know that, but it’s something I gotta say anyway. I will offer my expert opinion based on my own experience and knowledge, but there are no guarantees. You agree to hold me harmless for any result that occurs from my coaching.

Secondly, there are no refunds available. Because I can’t get my time back, you can’t get your money back. I’ll be happy to work with you to make you happy … but if you’re looking for a guarantee for a refund, then this isn’t for you.

Having gotten the “negative” out of the way, let’s focus on the “positive”! This is truly going to be a life-changing experience for you and I’m proud to be able to personally work with a select few in this program. I’m really looking forward to it.

If you’re ready, I am! You can literally get started hearing from ME this evening. So let’s get started together

This is an interview that Dale conducted with me in July 2009. It may be of benefit to you:


Non-Priority – If you think that you’ve “nailed it” when preparing the four key ingredients to funding success, and you aren’t in any hurry at all to fund and aren’t quite ready to pay consultation fees then we’ll take a look at your project when we can get to it. After we look at it we may need to send it back because you don’t meet our requirements. (Priority Clients get major help from us in cleaning up their submission.) We’ll return your calls and emails when we can: after all, priority clients come first.


We reserve the right to review each submission once, beyond that our consultation fee will be required. You had better complete the submission request correctly the first time or you better get familiar with our websites mentioned above. If you submit for free we can’t spend a lot of time. It’s not fair to us, our families, or our Priority Clients.


In our experience we can fund 1/3 of the files that cross our desks, 1/3 are DOA Dead on Arrival, and the final 1/3 are broken and need to go through some form of remediation which can take hours, days, weeks, months, or years.




This is an explanation of a personal failure in my life:


With 34 years of Financial Services experience we may be uniquely qualified to serve you and those whom you choose to refer.


Joseph P. Tufo, President

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Private Client Services $5k to $50m, Project Funding, and Business Consulting.

Providing Honest Answers in a Timely Manner No Matter How Difficult the Situation.

Trust, Integrity, and Service: Here Today, Here Tomorrow

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