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Make Informed Choices Before Funding Your Business

Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. urges business owners and their advisors to make “informed choices” of whether a Merchant Cash Advance – or any working capital solution – is the most appropriate option for their business.

Education, investigation, preparation and planning  informed choices become smart business decisions.

The weak economy, and the pressure it puts on small businesses and many of their sources of financing and funding, make Merchant Cash Advancess an increasingly relevant option.

Today, even stable small businesses that in the past could get bank financing are being declined under today’s tighter underwriting guidelines.

Business owners that need to obtain funding for their businesses must make responsible decisions to ensure the longevity and success of their businesses. Therefore, in certain scenarios, it may be appropriate to work with a bank, while in still others, a leasing company.

Based on a careful consideration of options,  opportunities and requirements, some business owners should feel comfortable seeking alternative options such as a Merchant Cash Advance.

Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. urges business owners to investigate all available alternatives and decide which form of capital suits their unique business needs, to develop a clear picture of the business’ cash flows to ensure the business can comfortably operate under the requirements associated with the new capital, and prepare a plan to maximize the benefits the new capital will bring to the business.

“Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. recognizes that small businesses are a major driving force of the U.S. economy, and we want to see them not only survive, but also thrive,” said Joe Tufo, President.

“In these difficult times, business owners need straightforward guidance.  We aim to educate the small business community about available options and encourage them to answer the hard questions they should be asking themselves before committing to a working capital solution. Those business owners who inform themselves, prepare their businesses, and then make good choices, stay smart and vigilant while seeking a solid funding strategy to get through today’s economic climate will be the biggest winners as the economy recovers.”

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