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BLOC $50k to $5m+, Large Project, REO, Down Payment Assistance, Resources 10/14/09

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I don’t want anyone upset with me.

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But then again we’ve gotten some great comments in the past few days:

Thanks for keeping me in the loop, Joe.  I am in the process of building business credit, so I may need your services at some point.  I hope you’re doing well.


Well Done


Hello Joe!!

Thank you for keeping me in the loop.  Let me know if anything is needed from here.

I enjoy reading your updates!!

Best regards,

Greetings from the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area where it’s pouring down much needed rain, Praise God!

Don’t forget the weekly webinar Fridays at 9:30AM Pacific.

Here’s the welcome letter that I got when I registered as the moderator, You’ll need to register yourself if you want to attend. Each week I answer all the questions from the newsletter live:

Dale Maxwell ( has invited you to present at the following Webinar series:

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We’ve had eight people approved for funding with three different BLOC funding sources and a hard money loan approved at an unbelievable 7.5% 5-year interest only no pre-pay.

The hard money loan was approved using video technology, a first for us, and a first for the funding source. Read all about it here:

Write your questions on this page at the bottom of the newsletter and we’ll cover them on the weekly webinar Friday.

Whether you are a client and have paid us for services or not you are welcome to participate. We do a 90-minute Q&A Webinar every Friday morning from 9:30AM to 11AM Pacific. We’ll use our GoTo Webinar technology.

Dale and I are working hard on our dozens of websites. We continue introducing products and services. It’s a work in progress and I know that we have a long way to go.Thanks to all who have pointed out ways that we can improve.There are hundreds of pages of information on http://www.working and three to four times that at
Here are some time statistics from Alexa:

It’s fascinating to study these results.

Daily time on site for

7 day avg 16.3
1 month avg 16.7
3 month avg 12.6
3 month change 37% 
The http// site as reported by Alexa:

Daily time on site for

7 day avg 19.5
1 month avg 21.1
3 month avg 18.5
3 month change 4% 

We have four  sources of Business lines of Credit and Personal Lines of Credit with no up front fees,  one source with a $1,750 fee for “Power Funding” and one source with heavy front end fees.

We have a start-up program for those with credit scores in the low 7’s $500 up front, $3,000 at fist funding up to $50,000 and $3,000 above $50,000.

1. Business Line of Credit (BLOC) – Seven Sources

This is a reply that I made to a person that posted a complaint on a mortgage blog regarding Mitch Chapman:

We published a matrix with several potential funding sources. You chose to send Mitch $37,500 by your own admission: no one forced you to do that and if you are who you appear to be you agreed with two witnesses present to send a hold harmless agreement last January and still have not done so. I’m sorry that Mitch has not performed.

Hundreds of banks have been either seized by the FDIC or are on the watch list “Problem List” Expands to 15-Year High The number of insured commercial banks and savings institutions reporting financial results fell to 8,195 in the quarter, down from 8,247 reporters in the first quarter. Thirty-nine institutions were merged into other institutions during the quarter, twenty-four institutions failed, and there were twelve new charters added. During the quarter, the number of institutions on the FDIC’s “Problem List” increased from 305 to 416, and the combined assets of “problem” institutions rose from $220.0 billion to $299.8 billion. This is the largest number of “problem” institutions since June 30, 1994, and the largest amount of assets on the list since December 31, 1993. Quarterly Banking Profile

We have seven business line of credit providers who are funding our clients: four have no up front fees. If you are interested in learning about what works you can visit Commercial Loans Business Line of Credit Video Course I will waive the $197 course fee for each of Mitch’s victims in the spirit of goodwill.

You may also apply for a business line of credit on the same page.

I have known Mitch since January 2005. I was introduced to him through my membership in the American Cash Flow Association by member advisor Bob Steenson whom I have known for about 10 years. Mitch had been successful in funding clients and I had no reason to doubt his performance.

As always I am available 7AM to 5PM M-F Pacific to serve. Incidentally we had seven clients approved for business and personal lines of credit ranging from $50,000 to $2 million in the past 10 days so qualified, viable clients are being funded.

This is a mini newsletter that I sent out the morning of October 14, 2009:


Newsletter updates are posted at Webinars are Friday mornings at 9:30am Pacific for subscribers. They last about 90 minutes. It’s a Q&A forum.

We have seven Business Line of Credit providers.

We have severed our relationship with BLOC Source E Mitch because of his inability to fund. We stand by ready to assist each client who participated in Mitch’s program and was not funded. In fact we just got Maria of San Diego approved for funding two days after she completed this application:

This is a generic pre-qualification application that is thorough. It worked for Maria who has a 695 mid-score and it may work for you too. Incidentally, you must register for and provide your user name and password if you move forward with us so that we can access your credit report without posting hard inquiries.

Maria was told that she will fund in 30 to 45 business days. The firm is a licensed credit improvement company.

If you want to learn about Business Lines of Credit you’ll want to purchase this course:

Commercial Loans

Business Line of Credit Video

Our Large Project Funding Source C just funded a start-up business in Egypt $25 million. The story is posted at

Subscribe to our websites and learn how to fund your project, start-up, real estate project, or dream.

Here’s a list:

Monster Corporations to $5 million

To learn more click on this hyperlink:


This came in Monday October 5th from Marti:

Thank you so very much Joe, I appreciate your generosity! Yes, I will take the time to fill out this form.
Have a wonderful coming week.
Marti 🙂

p.s. Marti’s website is My wife Bonnie has been a migraine sufferer her whole life. She’s been taking Marti’s product for three months and is a “new” woman. I encourage you to give her product a try or refer the product to friends and family debilitated  by migraines.


Use a private investor’s funds to close your deal.  An escrow account for the transaction can be arranged in your name, or company name, at INVESTOR’S TITLE in Las Vegas, NV.

Funds can be used for double close or down payment assistance with minimal or no up-front costs to you.

Residential REO packages, large commercial or multi-unit properties, and non real estate transactions are all applicable.

Funds cannot be moved or depleted, investor does not arrange loans or financing The Investor’s escrow company as well as escrow attorney will be used and cannot be substituted.

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