Stock Loans

Free Trading Securities

Free Trading Securities

Borrowing against your free trading or aged stock allows you to access capital in a private transaction without having to sell your securities to market.

With a stock loan, you get liquidity from your asset now, retain contractual ownership, enjoy the tax benefits that come from not having to sell your securities and profit from appreciation of your assets should the stock price rise in value when the loan matures…… ¬†after principle and interest are paid.

Enjoy the freedom of walking away from your loan with no further obligations should your share price decrease in value. The flexible exit strategy permits you to either pay off the loan and regain your securities, or walk away from interest payments or repayment entirely and forfeit only the collateralized securities… ¬†even if the stock price has declined.

  • LTV’s (Loan to Value) from 50% – 80%
  • Terms from 6 months to 3 years
  • Term renewals for up to one (1) additional year
  • Interest Rates as low as 4%
  • Simple interest payments due quarterly
  • Principle due at the term of the loan
  • Non-Recourse
  • No Margin Call
  • Funding within three (3) business days

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