Stock Loans


  • This product is paramount at a time when individual investors are shying away from the traditional PIPE product that were typically available in the past.
  • We structure the Credit Lines based on the average liquidity of a stock’s performance based on short term data, and mid to long term data.  From this… monthly draw-down amounts will be set
  • We will buy registered shares from the company at a pre-determined, reasonable discount.
  • The “line” and its correlating “draw-downs” will be in amounts that, when executed, should not exceed more than 15 to 20% of typical volume to control the fulfillment of our obligations.
  • To control the effects on he marketplace, management of the public company wil determine when and how the draw downs will occur.
  • There is a floor price established to protect the lows, and a restructuring of terms as conditions improve.

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