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Draft Copy Status Quo Bias

This is a draft copy of a special report that we’ll be offering for sale on our website. Paid subscribers to our will automatically have access to this report, 500+ articles, dozens of audios, and the past couple of years of newsletters.



The Top 10 Rules of Portfolio Diversification

by Joseph P. Tufo, President Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.



A properly diversified investment portfolio can be challenging especially considering how many options there are. Here are our 10 rules of portfolio diversification.

New American Standard Bible (©1995) Ecclesiastes 11:2
Divide your portion to seven, or even to eight, for you do not know what misfortune may occur on the earth.

Here’s a more modern translation:

New Living Translation (©2007) Ecclesiastes 11:2
But divide your investments among many places, for you do not know what risks might lie ahead.


Disclaimer Notice:
The information in this special report is in no way relying upon or relating to the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended or related regulations and does not involve the sale of securities. We are not acting in the capacity of a Securities & Exchange Commission broker/dealer or investment advisor. The information herein is not intended for the purpose of buying, selling, trading, recommending securities or offering counsel or advice with respect to any such activities. We hereby declare that we are not licensed brokers or government employees and that this information is of a private nature and is deemed exempt from the Securities Act. It is not intended for the general public and all materials are for your “PRIVATE USE ONLY”.  Intermediaries are NOT Advisors of any kind. We are Business Consultants providing business information to private individuals and private companies. You are advised to click on the link “Legal & Privacy.” By browsing this special report and our websites it is fully understood that you have read our Legal and Privacy Statement and have accepted all the terms and conditions.

Please note, that in providing project finance related services, we are not in any way acting as legal, tax and or other professional advisers, or giving legal, tax or other professional advice. We strongly recommend, that applicants obtain independent legal or tax advice, as appropriate from a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Accountant (CA), Attorney-at-Law, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or other licensed professional as regulated by your State or Country.

This is a testimonial that came in May 12, 2011 from a licensed investment banker who attended our Wednesday weekly conference calls:

Dear Joe:

I am writing to thank you again for hosting a tremendously informative conference call yesterday with Trader Chris P.  As a registered SEC/FINRA investment banker, I deal each day with the misperceptions among investors with regard to PPP and Managed Buy/Sell programs and how frequently investors confuse PPP with the speculative market making transactions that everyone is familiar with on Wall Street and in the private capital markets.

The discussion yesterday was lively and enlightening.  I walked away from this call better equipped to advise my clients on PPP and I am sure that each person on the call was empowered by the information shared.  As you know our industry is fraught with scammers and investors have all right to be leery when looking into investment programs.  However, this was a unique opportunity to interact directly with a trader and learn from a credible source.  I appreciated very much Chris’ candid and honest discussion and answer to questions.  He gave us a very good sense of what’s real versus scam in PPP.

Thanks for doing these informational conference calls.

The stock market historically encounters a 10% correction every 365 days. At the end of a recent 40-year period, we could count 36 such corrections according to Steve Butler.

The stock market has averaged a 6.7% return during the months from October to March and 1.7% from April to September according to Standard and Poor’s.

What does this mean? For some, it may be an opportunity to take some chips off the table and reposition them to our Private Client Private Trade program (PCPT).

It may be better to do that now than to wait. The last 10% correction was in August 2010.

The greatest impediment to making any change in an investment mix is something behavioral economists have dubbed the “status quo bias.” It’s especially hard to consider selling when the past eight months or so have been so rewarding. Who in their right mind would want to get off this gravy train?

For anyone traumatized by the last plunge and a few years older today, the seasonality history of stock performance coupled with the “sooner or later” inevitability of a 10% correction just makes this a better time than usual for a subtle shift to a safer mix of assets.

This may be an ideal time to rebalance. Your stock funds are way up compared with where you were two years ago. By repositioning a portion of your portfolio to our PCPT program you may receive multiple times the results that you’ve obtained in the stock and bond markets.

A nominal $25,000 investment would have returned $12,900 or 52% in our PCPT program in the last year.

A nominal $50,000 investment would have returned $36,800 or 74% in our PCPT program in the last year.

A nominal $75,000 investment would have returned $55,700 or 74% in our PCPT program in the last year.

A nominal $150,000 investment would have returned $104,600 or 70% in our PCPT program in the last year.

A nominal $200,000 investment would have returned $147,8600 or 74% in our PCPT program in the last year.

A nominal $250,000 investment would have returned $191,000 or 76% in our PCPT program in the last year.

A nominal $300,000 investment would have returned $234,200 or 95% in our PCPT program in the last year.

For your specific needs call and I’ll calculate your return. The minimum is $5,000. The maximum is $50,000,000. Rates are subject to change. See your contract for details. All trades are between the trader and the principal (you).

This 23-year seasoned offshore trade program has returned tens of millions of dollars to hundreds of investors. Past performance is not an indication of future results.

Join us Wednesdays at 4PM Eastern to learn about these programs. Trades start at $5,000 and range to $50,000,000. The dial in number is 712-432-0600. The access code is 994456#.

Calls are about an hour in length. Occasionally traders attend and the calls have been as long as 139 minutes. Recorded calls are posted on our private subscription only website at The website features more than 500 articles on a variety of financial topics as well as dozens of recordings.


This is our Offshore Trading Program. I have known this trader for a few years. He is a retired US Treasury Agent and an international expert witness on bank fraud: 23 years of proven consistent performance.

These are cash trades which means that you wire funds to an Escrow account in an Escrow Company that the Trader owns. The escrow account triggers his credit line. There is a firewall between the escrow account and the trading account. Your principal is protected.

New Trade Programs effective May 13, 2011

The programs listed below are the current programs operating for MGBL (5/13/2011). All other program offers are in-valid at this date.

MGBL Trade Programs may change at any time without advanced notice.

Programs Amounts Interest Term Cycles & Settlements Roll Over Monthly Pay
1. Starter Trade 5K to 10K 4% per Mo 6 Mo. 2/90 day settlements None NO
2. Basic Trade 15K to 45K 5% per Mo. 12 Mo. 12/30 day (Monthly Pay) Restart to New YES
3. Intermediate Trade 50K to 80K 7% per Mo. 12 Mo. 4/90 day (every 90 days) 1 year NO
4. Intermediate P/Lock 50k to 80K 6% per Mo. 24 Mo. 12/30 day (Monthly Pay) 1 year YES
5. Standard Trade 100K to 500K 8% per Mo. 12 Mo. 4/90 day (every 90 days) Up to 4 years NO
6. Standard P/Lock 100K to 1M 70% Annual 24 Mo 2/6 month settlements Up to 4 years NO
7. Advanced Trade 1M to 3M 60% Annual 12 Mo. 4/90 day (every 90 days) Up to 4 years NO
8. Investors Trade 3M to 5M 50% Annual 12 Mo. 12/30 day (Monthly Pay) Up to 4 years YES
9. Investors P/Lock 3M to 5M 80% Annual 24 Mo. 2/6 month settlements Up to 4 years NO
10. Platinum Trade 5M to Open Negotiated Annual % 12 Mo. 2/6 month settlements Up to 4 years NO
2011 Season Trade Chart: Amounts over 3 million to under 50 Million are acceptable on a one to one basis
As you can see from above we have done a lot of work for the 2011 season. Offering more trades with something to fit everyone’s particular needs and budget. The trades listed above are not promo trades, these will be available all year round, so please take a look and see what fits your money’s needs the best. 30 Day Payout Great Monthly Income Profit Returns. P/Lock is a ©® program under the MGBL, ownership, it is a flagship trade of our design all rights reserved 2011; The investors profit position can not change for a full 24 month program with another 24 months of roll over time, 4 full years of structured terms.
MGBL Worldwide Customer Service: 925-352-6000

All Trade programs posted and Trade Profits posted herein may change at any time and without notice, call before investing and / or, for updates on program information.


These are gross returns. Commissions and account set-up fees are subtracted on payouts. FYI.

Send a proof of funds not more than three business days old all pages, a copy of your passport, and a letter of interest with your name, address, city, state, zip code, email address, phone, fax, and cell and I will have the Trader send you the pre-compliance package.


Start with as little as $15,000 and test this. Roll your gains and build up the trade.

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