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*Confirmed Pricing & Terms: Seasoned T-Strips, BGs & MTNs…and Managed or Buy-Sell Trading Programs

*Confirmed Pricing & Terms: Seasoned T-Strips, BGs & MTNs…and Managed or Buy-Sell Trading Programs

Confirmed Pricing: Seasoned T-Strips*

* Confirmed terms on Seasoned BGs & MTNs

Managed Trade Buy-Sell Trading Platforms



or Seller pays Fees), & REQUEST A COMPLETE PACKET. If you

seek MTNS, inform me so I can notify you when they’re ready.

(A) Seasoned T-Strips: 4 different direct Sellers:

(Sept. 16th Treasury Auction, prevailing price was 28+1)

(#1) 22%  + 1% Fee (from US Treasury subsidiary)

(#2) 22%  + 1% Fee (from European State Bank)

(#3) 22 % + 1% Fee (major Trader via USA agent)

(#4) 24 % + 1% Fee (from Major European Trader)
See below comments on Fees, and other issues

(B) Seasoned BGs

Deutsche/London: 69%-to-77% (Price depends on contract size)

Different Seller than Seller of (A) or (C)

(C) Seasoned MTNs

Citibank/New York: 30 yr., 4.5%, 74%-to-76% *,**

(* Price depends on contract size. Availability deferred til late-Sept.)

Different Seller than Seller of (A) or (B)

(D) Managed Trading and Buy-Sell Programs

See below for Outline



Comments about 4 different Providers:

* In ALL instances: 30 Year Treasury Strips from Existing Owner/Seller. 29+ years to maturity.

* Provider #2 is a LANDESBANK (a State Bank — the largest in its country).

* DIRECT to Directors or former directors of Provider #1 and #2.

* ALL Providers require payment within 1 bankday (T2 or later is NOT acceptable)

* Provider #1 and #2 can contract for up to $1 Trillion contract IMMEDIATELY (but, if

you reply to this e-mail days or weeks after the effective date you risk prior sales

effecting availability).

* NO potential Buyer can talk to a Provider until ALL required documentation (see below)

has been presented. These are the rules of the Providers, not me.

* Preferred initial tranche is $500 Million, although lower amounts are acceptable.

* ALL Sellers can have Buyer pay net 22% + pay 1% to Intermediaries, or accept 23%

Gross from Buyer (and Seller will pay the 1% fee to Intermediaries).

Required texts from Buyer **:  LOI, Authority to Verify for Seller’s Agent (ref: Buyer’s

financial capability to purchase. Client Profile & Passport Photo,

Corporate Resolution (if applicable); and, Fee Agreement.

(** See below SPECIAL TERMS for US Treasury or Landesbank Provider)

* When Call is made by Seller to Buyer’s bank (or, Brokerage firm which coordinates Buyer’s

bank), the Buyer’s Bank must be able to confirm “cash on hand or line of credit against

on deposit assets”. It is NOT PERMISSIBLE to say Buyer can secure the funds from 3rd

parties (as some Hedge Funds operate) or delivered T-Strips will serve as collateral for

the credit line.


(1) Attorney will provide Sanitized text to Buyer (or, Buyer’s agents)

Attorney will speak to Buyer. At least 1 officer of Buyer must agree to price and process, and say he/she has

the authority to sign the contract/implement the transaction.

Attorney will ask minimum tranche capability and intended contract size.

Attorney will determine which of available Offers (see above) the Buyer wishes to pursue.

(NOTE: LOI can read “best price” so Attorney  can talk to all 3 Sellers, to get best price for you.)

Attorney will determine of Buyer will pay 1% fee (or, wishes Seller to pay the fee)

Attorney will ask Buyer for the name of their bank to be contacted by Seller’s agent (not me).

This data permits me to convert the Sanitized texts to NON-Sanitized packet for Buyer to sign.

(2)  Attorney submits packet to associate/Client, who presents it to the applicable Seller(s).

(3)  Pursuant to Authority to Verify, Seller’s agent (NOT ME OR ATORNEY) confirms Buyer’ ability to do the deal by

contacting Buyer’s Banker (preferred) or Securities Firm (which must be able to confirm

bank’s ability to pay for initial tranche).

Once Seller is satisfied as to Buyer’s ability to pay, Sell-side will provide ALL REQUIRED TEXTS

and INFORMATION required by Buyer. The Seller’s Corporate Invoice should include:

a- Registration Number,                             b- EUROCLEAR Access Code,

c- CUSIP Number,                                   d- Corresponding bank callable custodial safekeeping receipt,

e- Maturity date,                                        f- Complete screening information and

g- Other data for authentication and verification of instruments

(4)  Transaction proceeds to CLOSE via mutually agreed procedures between Seller’s & Buyer’s agents

(e.g., banker or securities desk official). I am not authorized to negotiate the final terms/process.


(Note: All below comments do NOT pertain to my 3rd Provider)

* All documents must be presented as a one-time complete packet.

Once texts are in “Compliance” they’ll not accept supplemental submissions.

* They can close IMMEDIATELY once you pass compliance.

* If a Buyer defaults or misrepresents, they will be blacklisted.

* The Directors of EACH said that they wish to have a TEAR SHEET presented

up-front or a bank statement of the open credit line (against Buyer’s on-

deposit assets. This is because the Seller’s DIRECTORS do not know new

Buyers, and they are concerned that IF you can not demonstrate that you

can buy, then they will be greatly embarrassed. They will not risk a failure

or an embarrassment.


OTHER AVAILABILITIES (via different Owners/Sellers)

(2) Seasoned BGs

Issuer ————-   Deutsche Bank/London

Instrument ——–  1 year, 0%

Minimum Tranche –  100 Million euros (or, USD equivalent)

Minimum contract –  20 Billion euros (of, USD equivalent)

Price ————–   69% -to- 77% (depending on size of contract)

Fees ————–    Same as for T-Strips

Procedures for document submission – Similar to that for T-Strips **

(** BG screen shot and other information/documentation provided

only AFTER Buyer submits minimal information.)


Issuer —————–  Citibank/New York

Instrument ———–  30 year (29+ years left), 4.5%

Minimum Tranche —-  $500 Million

Size Availability ——-  $100+ Billion

Price ——————   74%-to-76% (plus 1% fee) *, **

(* Or, Buyer pay gross and Seller pays fees.)

(** Price depends on size of contract)

Fees ——————    Same as T-Strips

Procedures for document submission – Similar to that for T-Strips **

Timetable Availability –

(4) Managed Trading and/or Buy-Sell Programs

Minimum for some Programs —- $100 Million (cash or present value of instruments)

Minimum for Buy-Sell Programs –  $500 Million (cash or present value of instruments)

Minimum for Grandmaster Plan –  $5 Billion (cash or T-Notes)


Funds/Assets can be blocked in Client’s bank (if in acceptable country), or moved into

newly established account at Program (top 10 European) bank

Attorney will verify Client’s POF or SKR, via authority

to verify letter (listing only permissible questions) via call to banker (with

Depositor on phone call with Attorney)

Special Programs:

We only deal with Licensed Traders (some independent platforms and others inside of

the Trading Bank). All Program Groups are among the largest in the West.

One Buy-Sell Trader offers 6 week Program (net, net of 10 times investment possible)

Grandmaster can swap cash for 105% BG, then places cash into SUPERIOR 1 year format


CAVEAT:  This e-mail is not an offer to buy or sell financial instruments. My sole function’s to

identify potential Program Participants, and to introduce both sides so they can contract for a Program.

Pricing is wholesale and net of commissions. Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. is fair and reasonable


We have an alliance to forums that have instruments if not issued from the Trust it will be from the Attorney to the Treasury, Landesbank./Clearing/Cutting House and a Private holder of paper (one of the richest men in the world) depending on request and availability.

Send LOR or LOI and your FPA for now, along with POF and I will get the attorney on the phone with the buyer ASAP.

No interference- no broker cloak & dagger please.


Standard, 2 Banker-Signed, SKR Letter from the depository bank: not a free form swift.

Or you can provide a sanitized Bank Statement or Tear Sheet.

With Warmest Regards


p.s. I have known Greg for a few years. He is a seasoned pro with more than 30 years of experience.

p.p.s. This came in Friday October 23rd:

We require the Buyer to submit texts first.  No broker hide and seek please.

No provider will ever send out coordinates over the net to an unknown entity

Our compliance forms are sent directly to the client

For now just send buyers general LOI or LOR and YOUR FPA and you can provide a POF to start with as and introduction. (To Provider;)

We do not need his CIS/Passport information at this time.

As you know we can not solicit as it is illegal-.S.E.C.  & F.S.A. Laws

Let’s first see if Buyer can comply.  If not, it’s all moot.  If yes, then we’ll solve all fee issues. I can get Attorney on the phone with buyer ASAP and close fast.

PROOF OF FUNDS– Proof-Of-Funds (POF) can be a sanitized recent Bank Statement or Tear Sheet works best.

(White-out or Black-out account numbers)

Or Standard, 2 Banker-Signed, SKR Letter from the depository bank: not a free form swift-(See attached samples)

I am the last stop.  Next would be the Attorney.

We have an alliance to forums that have instruments if not issued from the Trust it will be from the Attorney to Treasury and a Landesbank.Clearing/Cutting House or a Private holder of paper (one of the richest men in the world) depending on request and availability. As well as Trades/Buy-Sells/PPP.

Best Regards


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