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Commercial Multi Family Apartment Loans

Commercial / Multifamily Apartment
Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. and CCL are proven leaders in the commercial mortgage business. As leaders we are able to provide funding avenues for a wide variety of commercial scenarios as well as underwrite loans for small and large apartment complexes.

Please notice below the latitude we have for commercial mortgages that enable us to meet the lending needs of a variety of borrowers.

One or more individuals, Corporation, Limited Liability Company, General or Limited Partnership, Joint Venture, Trust

Real Estate Collateral:
Multi-family apartment project, Income Producing, e.g., office, shopping centers, industrial complexes, parking lots, Owner occupied building, Raw Land

5- year balloon with 10- year amortization, 10- year balloon with 15- year amortization, 15-year balloon with 20 year, etc.

Again, as leaders in the commercial mortgage business, Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. and CCL has the experience and expertise to structure loans to meet your company’s lending needs.

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