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Collateral Instrument Loan Funding

Collateral Instrument Loan Funding

We receive calls every day from real estate developers, cutting-edge entrepreneurs, film makers, and other prospective clients who are having trouble getting their deals funded in today’s tough lending market. That is why we recently developed a unique mechanism to help our clients qualify for (and receive) their funding…

Yes… even in today’s market.

The system we developed simply “piggybacks” your loan application with all the collateral support you’ll need… in the form of a Bank Instrument. The Bank Instrument acts as the primary and only collateral support for the project, until funding is completed. The minimum loan value is $15 Million, U.S.. There is no maximum.

As soon as our Funding Facility approves your project, we approach their pre-approved International Banking Institution to provide the Collateral Instrument for you.

Both the Funder and the Collateral Instrument Provider require the Borrower, (or Borrowing Entity), to pay the cost of procuring the Instrument, before they prepare and transmit it to the Funding Facility.

The Borrower must indicate their acceptance of our “Letter of Offer”, in writing; and indicate their intent and ability to make the payment for procuring the Collateral Instrument. The Attorneys will then issue a “Pro Forma Invoice” for the Collateral Instrument. Payment is expected to be made via SWIFT Wire Transfer and the Collateral Instrument will then be issued by the Bank providing the Guarantee. That will be followed up with a formal “Funding Agreement, (FA)”. That FA is then executed by the Borrower and returned to us through the Attorneys.

So, to sum it up…
        Your first step is to submit your business plan for the Administrator’s review.
1) Loan is reviewed by the Administrator and forwarded to our Funding Partners.
2) If the project is acceptable, they approve it subject to their terms and conditions.
3) We confirm the Applicant’s ability to collateralize their application.
4) We send a formal letter to Borrower.
5) Borrower accepts and sends acceptance letter.
6) Cost of Collateral is paid to the Attorney assigned by the Administrator.
7) Funding Contract is issued and you’re on your way to funding.

Turnaround time

The Guarantee takes a maximum of five (5) Banking days to be issued. When that is done, the Funders will start the Funding process. Your deal is funded within thirty (30) days.   Funds usually become available in tranches, with the first tranche coming at the end of that 30-day period.

Each project is underwritten on its own merits, and funded in the way that makes the most sense for your specific project.

That’s the whole process, in a nutshell. There is no risk to the Borrower, because the Attorneys will not buy the Collateral Instrument unless, and until, the Issuing Bank indicates their preparedness to issue the Instrument.

How to get started…

Contact Joe Tufo at or (925) 352-6000:  we’ll be able to help you assess your suitability for this program.

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