Church Loans

Church Financing Loans.

Church Financing Loans.

You have found Cash Flow Specialists, Inc., the easy to understand and quick to close Church financing source  you have been hearing about. We make borrowing money for Churches easy. From our no tax returns, no audited financials, no CPA prepared financials up to our 90% Loan to Value down to the No Personal Guarantees needed on the loan.

— Current Church Loan Rates 1009—
Fixed Term Amortization Rate
5 20 5.95%
5 25 5.25%
10 25 5.85%
5 30 6.25%

Our Mission Statement is simple and clear: “Tell them honestly, charge them fairly and close them quickly”. We will always give you the honest answer, whether you like the answer or not. Simply put, we are different; the lender that we use only does Church Loans. The way we analyze and underwrite them is different; the people you talk to are different. We concentrate on the one thing that brought you to us. Your loan.

Our rates are some of the lowest available in the industry and our fees are more than reasonable. Take a moment to browse our Client Testimonials and list of Recently Closed Loans and you will see why we easily live by referrals. Not to mention our Referral Program is one of the best in the business.

Our Funding Sources have over 25 different loan programs available for Churches. Our Funding Sources have dedicated Loan Specialists that only work on Church Loans. Unlike a bank, they are not opening checking accounts one minute and doing a home loan the next. They work with, talk to, analyze and close church loans all day, every day.

Understand the loan process and get to know your team:

You will work with a team of three people from our company through the loan process. The first person on your team is the Loan Specialist; this is your advocate. His job is to present your loan to the underwriter in the best possible light while maintaining a strict code of honesty. The Loan Specialist listens to your requests and recommends loan programs, discusses the pros and cons of each program as well as the cost. Once a program has been identified, the specialist will draw up a contract for the church with the proposed loan terms.

The Loan Specialist and the Assistant (person number two on your team) then analyze and write up the transaction and submit it to underwriting for approval.

Once the loan is approved it goes to the third person; the processor. The processor is responsible for making sure all of the necessary reports are gathered and filed and the loan is properly documented. And of course Closed!

So whether your Church is looking for a loan to open a day care facility, build an extension, rehab its parsonage, construct a new building or any other purpose we would love to have your business and we will remind you of it every time we talk.

People still call and ask if we do Church Loans; after 10 years of the same question I like to answer by saying: “Our funding sources do more church loans than anyone else we know!”

We look forward to helping your church.

Joe Tufo

Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.

P.S. Here are some program details you might like to know:

Highlights of our Funding Sources Programs

  • NO personal guarantees*
  • NO tax returns*
  • Up to 30 year loans with fixed interest rates and no balloons*
  • NO Upfront Fees*
  • NO Audited Financials*

*Subject to Program Guidelines.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. If you would like to apply for a loan please call us at (800) 669-2700 or submit your loan request online by clicking the link below.

P.P.S. For those churches that have credit issues or have had problems with their prior loan we have programs for you. With Interest Only payments or long amortizations we can help you get back on your feet. Let’s face it, things happen and they are not always good. Even if you are marching in the right direction and to the right drummer you can still trip occasionally. Our job is not to judge, just to solve and get you back on your feet.

Apply Online or call one of our specialists to go over your request.

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