Lines of Credit $50,000 to $5,000,000, Large Project, Church Loans, Factoring 20091104

Business and Personal Lines of Credit $50,000 to $5,000,000, Large Project, Church Loans, Factoring 20091104
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I don’t want anyone upset with me.

Love and Kisses,


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We’ve added a factoring application and video explaining how to complete the lengthy application in detail. Today we have several funding sources for business lines of credit but they do take time 30 to 45 days on the short end and 90 to 130 days on the long end.  We can set up a factoring line in seven to 10 days and after it’s set up can turn an invoice into cash in one to two days.

Just today, Wednesday November 4th, I was on the phone with a prospective client and a factor. The PC has $1m in invoices outstanding and bills $350,000 to $500,000 a month. The advance rate will be about 70% and the discount rate will be about 3%. he can turn in the $1,000,000 in invoices and receive $700,000 up front and the balance when his clients, city, and state governments pay less the discount fee.

Here’s the link:

I have been active in church building programs since my first pledge drive to build St. Anne’s church in Arlington heights IL as a 12 year old walking the parish with my Dad. Bonnie and I helped “plant” several churches in Antioch, Alamo, Danville and Pleasant Hill CA. I was in leadership in churches. I taught Sunday School for more than 25 years.

We’ve rolled out a Church loan program:

Comments on the weekly newsletters:

This came in Tuesday November 3rd:

Sorry, for not answering your calls or email. I have been extremely busy. I do want to come see you next week if possible to meet you in person and also talk about a opportunity that may interest you.

I will be sending Bonnie her Tanetin as promised and then some Iogen tomorrow. Thank you for taking the time always to connect with me. I appreciate it so very much.

I look forward in calling you tomorrow for sure.

Marti 🙂

p.s. Marti’s website is My wife Bonnie has been a migraine sufferer her whole life. She’s been taking Marti’s product for four months and is a “new” woman. I encourage you to give her product a try or refer the product to friends and family debilitated  by migraines. Please mention that Joe Tufo referred you.

Hi Joe:
It is always good to hear from you, no matter how much time has passed.
With respect to a short bridge loan for Adeel, that may be difficult since I have just had two investors within the past three weeks withdraw from two commercial deals. Also, the time frame is tight, but that is not unusual in this arena.

I will see what, if anything, I can do, but hopefully no one will be holding their breath.
Thanks for thinking of me.

Please note my phone number below is new.
Bob Richards.

Hi Joe,

Thanks so much for keeping me in the loop. At the present time all is well.

Stay healthy and God Bless.

Ernie Illg

PS: How could anyone become upset with you?

Hi Joe,
Thanks for keeping me in the loop.  I am still in China, but am preparing to take (and pass) the real estate brokers license in CA.  Should be relocated in January.  May have some opportunities for real estate investment that will require your assistance.
Ira Phillips

Hi Joe,
Thanks for the note and phone message.  I appreciate your assistance with the credit course, since Mitch is not be able to provide any funding that I paid for.  Let’s continue to pray for our brother in Christ as he was discouraged last time we spoke.  I know the Lord has great things in store for Mitch in His perfect timing.
Besides Mitch’s fair pricing, I was particularly drawn to his stated ability to provide funding requiring no personal guarantor.  Do any of your other BLOC partners offer this option?
Thanks and may God Bless You,
Tom Hennessy
Q2: Do Hector & Peter’s monster corp require anything up front, or is it all on the backend?

Q3: Do you offer non-recourse secure funding for commercial real estate, such as the example I noted below in my July 8 note?

This is an interchange between Quentin and I on Friday night, October 23, 2009:

We’ve funded two of Mitch’s victims this week and have a few more in process. Mitch has not funded anyone in the past year.

We’ve been offering this to everyone of Mitch’s victims in the spirit of goodwill and friendship:

Hello Joe,

Are any of your clients from the “Mitch” fiasco?

I haven’t seen any funding or any communication from Mitch, period. Seems like he’s cut all ties from us.


P.S. Its not too bad here on the East Coast. We were in the 70’s today also. Some windy, rain headed this way though. 🙂

Hi Joe,

I hope this finds you doing well!  I sincerely hope so!  My associate, Mr. Don Smith, Esq. and I are in need of $200k (now) & up to 1m for two different clients-both have good credit and are established in their businesses.

I have sent him your info-very comprehensive and well written by the way so he and or I will be calling you first thing Monday to discuss any options with you in getting this done with us.

Thanks for staying in touch,


And from a client whose loan is closing the week of October 26th:


Thanks again for working with me on this loan; I totally appreciate all your help. Lets close this as fast as we can.

Please call me.

Thank you,

Former Clients staying in touch, received October 16, 2009:

Joe – You helped me get some funds back in 2008.

Is there something you have similar now?

Erik Smith

Erik used the BLOC app to apply for $300,000 in funding. He sent the app Saturday October 24, 2009.

Greetings from the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area where temperatures are in the high-70’s’s, Praise God!

Learn about how we use video to persuade funding sources to consider your application:

Write your questions on this page at the bottom of the newsletter and we’ll cover them on the weekly Candid Commentary.

Dale and I are working hard on our dozens of websites. We continue introducing products and services. It’s a work in progress and I know that we have a long way to go.Thanks to all who have pointed out ways that we can improve.There are hundreds of pages of information on http://www.working and three to four times that at

Here are some time statistics from Alexa:

It’s fascinating to study these results.

Daily time on site for

7 day avg 31.7
1 month avg 19.8
3 month avg 16.2
3 month change 66% 

The http// site as reported by Alexa:
7 day avg 23.7
1 month avg 13.7
3 month avg 17.7
3 month change 7% 

We have four sources of Business lines of Credit and Personal Lines of Credit with no up front fees,  one source with a $1,750 fee for “Power Funding” and one source with heavy front end fees.

Albert got approved for up to $2,000,000 for income producing property, $150,000 in misc. funding, and $100,000 with Wells Fargo for a business line. There was no back end fee on the credit line – not bad for a $1,750 investment!

We have a start-up program for those with credit scores in the low 7’s $500 up front, $3,000 at fist funding up to $50,000 and $3,000 above $50,000.

1. Business Line of Credit (BLOC) – Seven Sources

This is a reply that I made to a person that posted a complaint on a mortgage blog regarding Mitch Chapman:

We published a matrix with several potential funding sources. You chose to send Mitch $37,500 by your own admission: no one forced you to do that and if you are who you appear to be you agreed with two witnesses present to send a hold harmless agreement last January and still have not done so. I’m sorry that Mitch has not performed.

Hundreds of banks have been either seized by the FDIC or are on the watch list “Problem List” Expands to 15-Year High The number of insured commercial banks and savings institutions reporting financial results fell to 8,195 in the quarter, down from 8,247 reporters in the first quarter. Thirty-nine institutions were merged into other institutions during the quarter, twenty-four institutions failed, and there were twelve new charters added. During the quarter, the number of institutions on the FDIC’s “Problem List” increased from 305 to 416, and the combined assets of “problem” institutions rose from $220.0 billion to $299.8 billion. This is the largest number of “problem” institutions since June 30, 1994, and the largest amount of assets on the list since December 31, 1993. Quarterly Banking Profile

We have seven business line of credit providers who are funding our clients: four have no up front fees. If you are interested in learning about what works you can visit Commercial Loans Business Line of Credit Video Course I will waive the $197 course fee for each of Mitch’s victims in the spirit of goodwill.

You may also apply for a business line of credit on the same page.

I have known Mitch since January 2005. I was introduced to him through my membership in the American Cash Flow Association by member advisor Bob Steenson whom I have known for about 10 years. Mitch had been successful in funding clients and I had no reason to doubt his performance.

As always I am available 7AM to 5PM M-F Pacific to serve. Incidentally we had seven clients approved for business and personal lines of credit ranging from $50,000 to $2 million in the past 10 days so qualified, viable clients are being funded.

A personal email in response to a telephone call from Mitch Wednesday October 28, 2009:

I have received multiple calls from clients whom I placed with you for BLOC funding. Each has stated their disappointment in the way that you’ve handled their application(s). You have ignored their calls and their emails.

I’ve simply stated the facts based on their phone calls and emails to me.
I’m here every day from 7AM to 5PM M-F Pacific. I return every call and do my best in answering every email.
I understand what happened with Lionel Yates. Now we hear the same mantra with Jon Ganz. When will you accept the responsibility that you made the decisions to do business with these men? You designed and wrote the ad copy and solicited business from me and your network of reps, didn’t you?
I would have handled things differently. I would have sent a letter reconciling every dollar that I received and how it was disbursed. I would have reported the incident to the authorities: PD, DA, FBI, and others. I would have given weekly updates to the client-victims.
I’ve listened to their stories by phone and by email. They are hurt. They are let down. They are disgruntled. Some are angry. Some are vindictive. Some want revenge.
You carry the name of Christ and need to do everything that you can to make this right. Fix it.
Ignoring the clients and playing the “victim” is cowardly and irresponsible of you.
I write my weekly newsletters to communicate. I insert testimonials to put a “face” on what’s happening. I’m sorry if you are hurt by the truth. The fact remains that it is your program. You designed it. You hired and vetted the vendors.
You wrote the ad copy. You advertised and solicited business through your network. You accepted wires for fees. You have a fiduciary obligation to the clients.

I exhort you to “suck it up,”  tough it out, and get to work either getting these people funded or getting their money back and communicating with them instead of ignoring them. Do it now.We have severed our relationship with BLOC Source E Mitch because of his inability to fund. We stand by ready to assist each client who participated in Mitch’s program and was not funded. In fact we just got Maria of San Diego approved for funding two days after she completed this application:

This is a generic pre-qualification application that is thorough. It worked for Maria who has a 695 mid-score and it may work for you too. Incidentally, you must register for and provide your user name and password if you move forward with us so that we can access your credit report without posting hard inquiries.

If you want to learn about Business Lines of Credit you’ll want to purchase this course:

Commercial Loans

Business Line of Credit Video

This is Thad’s Program. There is no up front fee. The back end fee is 20% for business and personal lines. We are paid 5%:


Personal Funding Requirements:
— 700+ Scores on all 3 bureaus
— No recent derogs
— Low inquiries
— 40% or less DTI

Business Funding Requirements:
— 2yr+ Old Corporation
— 411 Listed
— Articles of Incorporation
— Letter of Good Standing
— 80 Paydex is a PLUS
—  Personal Funding Requirements

This is Hector and Peter’s “Monster Corporation” program. This is not for the “faint of heart.” They “hand-walk” six clients a month through the program. We have two openings for the remainder of 2009. We are accepting business for January 2010 which is only a few weeks away at the time of this newsletter. It will be here before you know it.

Funding takes 90 to 130 calendar days. If you start in January you will fund in April to May. Remember that these sell out quickly so if you’re thinking about it you had better call.

Our Large Project Funding Source C just funded a start-up business in Egypt $25 million. The story is posted at

Subscribe to our websites and learn how to fund your project, start-up, real estate project, or dream.

Here’s a list:

Monster Corporations to $5 million

To learn more click on this hyperlink:

2. Large Project Funding

  • Please remember that we have several large project funding sources that will fund from $1 million to hundreds of millions.

    Testimony Large Project Funding Source C

This is an interchange between Mitchell & Greg in answer to an investment banker who is interested in buying seasoned bank guarantees:
To Greg:
I spoke with Mitchell.
Anything market price Top Instruments, except Citi and ABN Amro, Likes Barclays, Banco Santander, HSBC, Deutsche, anything European, BofA, Chase, J.P. Morgan, seasoned Bank guarantees, must be direct, must have copy of instrument, accepted at counter in NYC, instrument must be moved, bank statement showing instrument, unsanitized to check out.They will write MOU and take at FMV and buy, anything reasonable. Whatever spot deals you have.
From Greg:
No entity will show a copy of instruments up front with out first vetting.We need to see PROOF OF FUNDS- Proof-Of-Funds (POF) can be a sanitized recent Bank Statement or Tear Sheet works best.

(White-out or Black-out account numbers)

Or Standard, 2 Banker-Signed, SKR Letter from the depository bank: not a free form swift-(See attached samples)

I am the last stop.  Next would be the Attorney.

We have an alliance to forums that have instruments if not issued from the Trust it will be from the Attorney to Treasury and a Landesbank and to Clearing/Cutting House or a Private holder of paper (one of the richest men in the world) depending on request and availability. As well as Trades/Buy-Sells/PPP.

Best Regards

More from Greg:

We require the Buyer to submit texts first.

No provider will ever send out coordinates over the net to an unknown entity

Our compliance forms are sent directly to the client

For now just send buyers general LOI or LOR and YOUR FPA and you can provide a POF to start with as and introduction. (To Provider;)

We do not need his CIS/Passport information at this time. As you know we can not solicit as it is illegal-.S.E.C. & F.S.A. Laws and  MIFID regulations in UK and Europe.

Let’s first see if Buyer can comply.  If not, it’s all moot.  If yes, then we’ll solve all fee issues. I can get Attorney on the phone with buyer ASAP and close fast.

PROOF OF FUNDS– Proof-Of-Funds (POF) can be a sanitized recent Bank Statement or Tear Sheet works best.

(White-out or Black-out account numbers)

Or Standard, 2 Banker-Signed, SKR Letter from the depository bank: not a free form swift-(See attached samples)

I am the last stop.  Next would be the Attorney.

We have an alliance to forums that have instruments if not issued from the Trust it will be from the Attorney to Treasury and a Landesbank and to Clearing/Cutting House or a Private holder of paper (one of the richest men in the world) depending on request and availability. As well as Trades/Buy-Sells/PPP.

Best Regards


From Mitchell:

On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 7:37 PM, practice valuation wrote:


We are requesting collateral first. In the gold business this is called”Swiss procedures” which require the seller to prove he owns something before he see the money.In th e petroleum business ,you show proof of product before sending the money. We will do an MT103/23 against the MT760.You can’t steal the bank guarantee.

Joe, if you want to buy a car, don’t you need to see the car is real first?

Many people in this business are frauds and liars,I am not. If I say I have a buyer of seasoned paper for $100BN ,you better believe I do.

Greg has to make a difficult decision: does he want to close a trade or not close a trade? Procedures should never get in the way of closing trade; this is why 95% of the brokers in this business never make a dime.

My best,


From Greg:

He is far behind;

If you are asking me to buy Gold

Pass this on;

This is how we do it,

When, where and what ever they want, need a dialog,

If buyer can answer questions on flyer and is ready, let’s get the buyer on the phone.

That FCO & SCO is paper chase nonsense.

I’m really not looking for any new deals because of the time wasted so far and the probability of more time wasted.

If they are easy I’m interested, if it’s hide and seek with the brokers I’m not.

We do this fast like a Commodities deal. We need to get an answer as to the size of the discount

This is moving fast at a discount.  We can get this lower than you can via Trader/Commodities.

This is real as we have taken down almost 100 deals in 3 weeks and still moving.  We have major buyers and refineries we are selling to.

We do not solicit.

Get Buyer on the call and then we can put it writing.  Need to lock in the price.  Answer questions below and let me know when you can get on a call with my other half and the Trader.  It would be worth a few minutes of your time.

What quantity?


Payment Method?

Target Discount?

Is buyer ready now?

Priced as per the amount and location shipped so we need the answers to questions.

The Gold is sold as a discount or premium to 2ND fix of LBMA.

Warm Regards



Get this guy on the phone

He is way off and you do not compare buying paper to buying cars and Swiss gold procedures.  We are not in Switzerland

I’m not a broker and I will bet my bank account that I can buy and sell him and his family al day long

If he wants to buy paper-show me the $$$

I am also a Mandate to one of the biggest refineries.  Let’s make a deal.””””” MT103/23 against the MT760 who said this???

Shakespeare said it best;



From Mitch:


After a lengthy and persuasive teleconference with Buyer and Trading Director, I can obtain a authorization to verify subject to the following terms and conditions:
  1. We will execute a conditional Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Seller of the instruments, and only the Seller no other party.
  2. You need to identify the Seller to me in writing, which I will forward to the Buyer for insertion into the MOU.
  3. You are required to list the live instruments available.  The instrument type and the name of the issuing bank and any further additional details, such as issue date, date of maturity, coupon, currency and the denomination.
  4. We are prepared to issue the MOU for the full amount with a tranche schedule, which you are required to provide.
  5. Tranche size , first tranche $1B or 1B Euros, following tranche of considerably higher quantity.
  6. Buyer will issue a authorization to verify availability of funds.  You must name the seller’s bank and name the bank officer that will call the Buyer’s bank for verification of funds, in order to notify the Buyer’s bank about who will be calling from the Seller bank to verify funds.
  7. Seller must commit in writing that after funds verification he will provide a hard copy of the instruments, if available.  If hard copy is not available we require a bank screen print out with the text of the instrument shown (no Euroclear and/or Bloomberg screen print out acceptable).  Seller must provide a current bank statement from the bank where the instruments are on deposit.  The branch of the issuing bank or its correspondence bank in New York must in writing declare that their counter is available for acceptance, negotiation and payment of the instrument(s) at maturity.  Documents named here are essential and must be provided by the Seller.  We do not accept screen access as the proof of instruments availability.
  8. There is a penalty imposed on both parties for non-performance, the Buyer for not making funds available for purchase as well as the Seller for not making the instruments available.
  9. You need to clearly and explicitly state when instruments will be available for purchase.  We will request the Buyer to block funds for this purchase.  The Seller’s failure to provide the instruments in the specified date will result in negation of the purchase and payment of penalty by the Seller for non-performance.
  10. After the above, Buyer will issue an Instrument Purchase Agreement (IPA) with the prevailing market funding rate clearly identified.  The Seller signs the IPA.
  11. Both parties (Seller and Buyer) will lodge the IPA with their banks.
  12. Seller’s bank in New York contacts the Buyer’s bank and confirms availability of the instruments.
  13. Buyer’s bank will issue the MT103 Field 23, The Seller’s bank is then required to issue a MT760 transferring the instruments ownership to the Buyer.

From Greg:

I said my response to you on the phone

Here how it works;

Mitchell is a broker, intermediary.  Our compliance forms are sent directly to the client

No provider will ever send out coordinates over the net to an unknown entity.-PERIOD

For now just send buyers general LOI or LOR and YOUR FPA and you can provide a POF to start with as and introduction.

(To Provider;)

We do not need his CIS/Passport information at this time. As you know we can not solicit as it is illegal-.S.E.C.  & F.S.A. Laws-MIFID regulations in UK and Europe.

Let’s first see if Buyer can comply.  If not, it’s all moot.  If yes, then we’ll solve all fee issues.  I can get on the phone with Provider and buyer ASAP and close fast.

PROOF OF FUNDS– Proof-Of-Funds (POF) can be a sanitized recent Bank Statement or Tear Sheet works best.

(White-out or Black-out account numbers)

Or Standard, 2 Banker-Signed, SKR Letter from the depository bank: not a free form swift-(See attached samples) Please Feel free to make any necessary changes.

I am the last stop.  Next would be the Attorney.

We have an alliance to forums that have instruments if not issued from the Trust it will be from the Attorney to Treasury and a Landesbank and to Clearing/Cutting House or a Private holder of paper (one of the richest men in the world) depending on request and availability.

As well as Trades/Buy-Sells/PPP.

Best Regards


  • 3. REOWe have access to residential and commercial REO’s direct from the FDIC. We do have other sources as well



Use a private investor’s funds to close your deal.  An escrow account for the transaction can be arranged in your name, or company name, at INVESTOR’S TITLE in Las Vegas, NV.

Funds can be used for double close or down payment assistance with minimal or no up-front costs to you.

Residential REO packages, large commercial or multi-unit properties, and non real estate transactions are all applicable.

Funds cannot be moved or depleted, investor does not arrange loans or financing The Investor’s escrow company as well as escrow attorney will be used and cannot be substituted.


Referral Partners


If you are an attorney, CPA, bookkeeper, financial planner, insurance agent, insurance broker, loan agent, commercial Realtor, banker, in the business evaluation business, architect, appraiser, or member of the American Cash Flow Association you may want to join our team at Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.This is a typical response that we receive when we send out our Wednesday newsletter:

Thank you for the info.

What procedures must be followed for a referring broker (ME) to be protected to receive a fee in this transaction.

Thank you for a prompt response to this inquiry.

John Lawrence

If you want to get “plugged in” with us as a “Referral Partner” we encourage you to subscribe to our websites. You’ll receive commentary on the newsletters and tips for referral partners only that are not available for others.

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In business since July 1, 1999 we have served hundreds of start-ups, existing businesses, real estate investors, large project entrepreneurs, and even individuals obtain much needed funding.

We’re the company folks call when the Bank says, “NO!!!”

Referral Partners Get:

  • In depth commentary on each and every blog post
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