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CFSI and Joe Tufo: Right From The Heart: How To Fund Your Viable Project Today, 100% Commercial JV, Monster Corps, Investment Opportunities, 20100310

Right From The Heart: How To Fund Your Viable Project Today, 100% Commercial JV, Monster Corps, Investment Opportunities, 20100310

Greetings from beautiful San Francisco Bay Area where temperatures are in the low 60’s and the sky is blue!


I met with Chris who has access to trading programs, Wednesday February 17th. I have written about Chris several times. Here are two articles that you can access through our private subscription site:

If you have a Project that needs Funding this may be a solution for you. Visit the for details:

I spoke with Chris today. Chris has been successful with many trades. Chris told me that in 3% to 4% of the cases Traders overcommit. They may have 80 openings and 110 files are received: 30 are set aside for the next opportunity.

Chris stated that in 75% of the small trades there are problems with client files. It all goes back to what I’ve written about for years: Presentation is the key to success.

When you are serious about funding a project or idea visit:

and learn who we are, what we do, and how we do it. If you have a viable project or idea and the funds to move forward we will serve you.



OMEGA  EIGHT MASTER  New LEASED Cash Pricing 2-22-2010

Leasing CASH is fairly simple as a Escrow and Set Up Fee of $655,000. This is the ONLY fee paid up front.

OMEGA provider will post a CASH Backed Financial Instrument from a Top World Bank  or a Top USA Bank in the form of a Bank Guarantee (BG), Bank Cash Backed Bond, Certificate Of Deposit (CD) for the OMEGA- 8 Lease Cash Trade- V2 on Euro Clear only.  Omega is given the ISIN/Cusip numbers on all financial instruments in advance from the Provider.

Within a 24 hour period of verification of the proof of funds for the Escrow and Set Up Fee of $655,000, the LOI- Term Sheet for the financial instrument and Trade Contract is given to the Omega Joint Venture. The $655,000 is immediately forwarded to Omega Attorney Escrow. Omega attorney receives the escrow agreement from Escrow Agent and the Escrow and Set Up Fee will be forwarded immediately. The instrument will be issued for a maximum term of one year and one day.


1. Escrow and Set Up Fee will be reimbursed from the proceeds of the loan payable within the first 10 days before Trade commences. Client then enters the trade with no money out of pocket.

2. This is a Joint Venture between the Client – Party “A” and Omega

3. Client- Party “A”  submits a CIS and Passport and Proof of funds for the Escrow and Set Up Fee of $655,000 USD.

4. This includes $5,000 LLC formation and $3,000 Escrow Documentation Fee.

5. Joint Venture  Agreement will be drawn and submitted for Client-Party “A”  and Omega signature.

6. All paperwork will be in the JV name of Omega.

7.     Omega will review the Lender Documents. The term sheet (the LOI) is issued from the Provider after verification of the POF within 24 hours. Omega receives the term sheet (LOI) for the financial instrument.

8.     Omega will review and sign LOI-Term Sheet.

9. Escrow and Set Up Fee of $655,000 must be wired from Client- Party “A” to Omega attorney. No exceptions.

10. Omega attorney will confirm with Escrow Agent Commercial Bonded Escrow Services (www.commercialescrow.comand  verify the ISIN/Cusip number on the screen.

11. Provider  issues financial instrument contract and is provided proof of funds.

12. After the signed LOI Term Sheet Omega Attorney will then automatically forward Escrow and Set Up Fee to  Commercial Bonded Escrow Services for the  benefit of the Provider

13.  Escrow is opened and Commercial Bonded Escrow Services issues the Escrow and Account Agreements .

14.  Omega returns the signed Escrow Agreements.

15.  Omega signs financial instrument contract.

16.  Provider issues trade agreement.

17.  Omega reviews and signs trade agreement.

18.  After the contract is executed, financial instrument will be placed and issued on Euro Clear screen only, and no other methods shall be used for this purpose. Copy of Euro Clear screen shot is provided to Omega..

19. After Escrow and Set Up Fee of $655,000 has been successfully paid, it takes 5-10 days for the Provider to monetize the financial instrument. Financial instrument is monetized in the amount of  200m.  Provider fees of 50M (equals 10% of the face value of 500m), is paid immediately prior to the Trade beginning. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the contract and removal of the financial instrument ,and the outstanding principal balance of the loan, if any, will be immediately due and payable.

20. It is important to mention here that the actual Lender who will “monetize” the transaction (that is, loan against the 500M financial instrument) has already pre-selected and pre-approved the financial instrument. Such lender is experienced in such transactions and has worked previously with the original financial instrument Provider. We believe that the loan against the pre-selected 500M instrument will be a successful outcome for both Party “A” and Party “B”. The same Lender will “seamlessly” place the monetized cash on behalf of  Omega JV into Trade.

21. Lines of Credit are available against the financial instruments follows:  The 500M face value Lender will monetize at cash amount of 200M. Broker Fees of ($8,500,000) and Reserves of $845,000 in the Master Holding Account. Omega opens Master Holding Account with the $140,000,000.

22.  Omega-JV enters into the Trade with $140,000,000.

23.   The Omega-JV is responsible to repay in full the principal of 200M loan. Repayment is in ten equal payments and will be deducted  on a monthly basis before splitting Trade profits. After monthly deductions listed herein, Party “ A” and Party “B” will split equally the trading profits on a monthly basis.

24. Client- Party “A” can receive their net profits in any bank of their choosing.

25. Trading will begin within 21 day from the Master Holding Account after clearing compliance.

26. No personal liability.   All activity run through a LLC

**NEW Escrow and Set Up  Fees EFFECTIVE 2-22-2010**

Below is a list of BGs Omega has available for the Leased Cash Trade-V2. Joint Venture Omega-8 will go immediately into a seamless Trade for 40 weeks and can be renewable for up to five years.

An LOI can be issued in 24hrs. after Client provides POF of 655K , CIS and Passport. .

XS0043041879 HSBC HOLDINGS PLC GBP 250,000,000
XS0068009637 BARCLAYS BANK PLC GBP 200,000,000
DE0003933735 DEUTSCHE  BANK AG EUR 100,000,000
US638585AN94 BANK OF AMERICA USD 350,000,000
US638585BF51 BANK OF AMERICA USD 400,000,000
US061194AB21 BANK OF CHINA USD 100,000,000
DE000EH0AY69 EUROHYPO AG EUR 100,000,000

Note: Escrow and Set Up  Fee rates are subject to change. Fee effective date 2-22-2010

THIS IS A NO RISK CASH TRADE. Client receive $655,000 contribution from the reimbursed from the proceeds of the loan payable within the first 10 days before Trade commences. Client then enters the trade with no money out of pocket.

Provider Fee of 10% fee of face value 500M  ($50,000,000) is due from the proceeds of the loan and is paid to the Provider immediately within the first 10 days prior to Trade beginning. No exceptions.

Here is the allocation of the $200,000,000 gross loan as follows:

500M instrument

200M is monetized

Joint Venture receives $200,000,000. Joint Venture is expected to earn 25% a week

-$655,000 Escrow and Set Up Fee, LLC formation and Escrow paperwork Client will receive from the line of credit within the first ten days prior to Trade commencing.

-$50,000,000 (10% of face value of 500M is payable immediately to the Provider

-$8,500,000 (Broker Fees)

$59,155,000 paid from  the 200m loan proceeds

$845,000 Reserve in the Master Holding Account

$140,000,000 goes into Omega Master Holding Account for Trade.

Collectively Party “A”” and Party “B” will put the $140,000,000 into a 40 week trade. For this example, we are assuming an estimated return of 25% a week or estimated 100% return a month. There is a likely possibility that the returns could be greater, or lower and neither Party makes any representations regarding expected trading returns,


Total loan paid back   $200,000,000 over 40 weeks

Month One through Ten Estimated Monthly profit of $60,000,000 for Party “A” and Party “B”

$120,000,000 in trade Collectively Party “A”” and Party “B”

–          $20,000,000 monthly set aside toward repayment of principal of $200M (1 of 10 payments)

–          Total payments before distribution $20,000,000

–          Balance for distribution is $120,000,000  then a 50/50 is split each side $60,000,000

Each Party estimated return is ** FOR 40 WEEK  $600,000,000 USD **

Note: All monies are taxable and each Party should consult with its tax advisor.

Either Party can enter into another trade during the on-going trade or at the completion of the initial 40 week trade for two additional trades.

Terms of the financial instrument will be for one year and one day with options to renew at 10% leasing fee per year plus the Escrow and set up Fee.  No other procedures will be honored.

All Consultants will share in a 5% fee and will be drawn from the gross proceeds of the trade before distribution to either Party on a monthly basis and forwarded from the Company’s Master Holding Account.


This is an email that I sent to a client Saturday February 28, 2010. It may enlighten you:

$475,000 over three and a half years is not a very large capital contribution, Joe. Not building credit enhancement tools for your corporation in the past few years is not wise, Joe. Your target should be to achieve an 80 PAYDEX score. You said yesterday that you had no corporate credit. Not willing to sign personal guarantees in today’s banking environment does not give investors the warm fuzzies.

You need a Reality Check.

The closest real-world analogy to raising money, whether you are seeking it from venture capitalists, angel investors, or the three F’s (friends, family, and fools) is speed dating. In five minutes people decide whether they are interested in you, just as in bars and nightclubs. That isn’t right. That isn’t fair, but it’s reality.

You and your partners haven’t got a clue how to properly present and that’s why you’ve failed to get funded. You will continue to fail until you learn how to properly present.

I have 5,011 double opt-in subscribers to the newsletter. 348 are serious players with substantial fortunes who contact me looking for viable opportunities. One is interested in funding you (after one phone call today) on their terms which requires control of your company.

Do you want to play or not?

Quit your whining, deliver on your promises, and I’ll deliver on mine.


Some object to paying fees and the others don’t because they see value in what we do. This came in February 18th:

Hi Joe,

We had a board meeting and we agreed to issue you 500,000 shares of NGSEM stock in order for you to “clear your desk” and assist us in the financing of the $24 million.  If this is agreeable to you, I will issue a formal agreement letter, or if you have one that you prefer, to finalize our arrangement with you.  We look forward to working with you and have a continuing relationship.  By the way, do you like our new logo?

The key to funding has always been presentation – in fact, poor presentation is the very reason that otherwise great ideas and great projects never receive attention; conversely inferior ideas and projects are funded because the principals made an investment in learning how to get their idea or project funded.

If you have a Large Project that requires funding you may be interested in an 8-Week Course that we are producing:

Week 1 – Course Overview – What Will You Learn?-What is Large Project Funding?Week 2 – The Power of Your Executive Summary – The First Key to Successful Funding

Week 3 – The Power of Your Bio’s – The Second Key to Successful Funding

Week 4 – The Power of Your Detailed Use of Funds – The Third Key to Successful Funding

Week 5 – The Power of Your 5-Year Proforma and Exit Strategy – The Fourth Key to Successful Funding

Week 6 – Putting It All Together – Your Presentation and Proof of Funds

Week 7 – Current Funding Sources and Available Programs

Week 8 – Wrap-Up – What Do You Do Next?

Bonus Week– Q&A With Joe and Large Project Funding Sources

Our websites feature our Business Creed and a pre-qualification application.









$20M UP TO $150M +










*NCC/Partners will take a JV/Equity position of 10% to 49%

The percentage will vary depending on the amount of capital into the project, collateral, and risk factors.

No Loan To Repay – No Up Front Fees.

*NCC/Partners require any 3RD party reports-if needed- and Principal’s & NCC/Partners Attorney fees to be covered and paid for by the principal.  Payment will be paid directly to the 3RD party and not to NCC/Partners.

Existing reports can be used in most cases (i.e. appraisal, phase 1, etc…)

If reports are needed the principal will pay the venders direct.




Need The Projects Executive Summary (NO BROKER LOGO FORMS)-Narrative- (Tell-Me-The-Story) – (Proof of Funds) (Proof of Collateral) -showing that the client has Strong Collateral Reserves in their account or projects account and that there is capital into the project.

The Collateral Reserves can be Cash, Municipal Bond, Performance Bond, Sovereign Bond if outside the USA or Cash Backed Instruments (SBLC, BG etc. (Owned not Leased)

(Pre-Sales or Deposits and or Attorney/Title Escrow accounts can not be used)

The Reserves funds can not be leased or blocked funds.  These funds have to belong to the principal or project.  These funds are not moved and not used.  (Reserves requirement)

PROOF OF FUNDS- Proof-Of-Funds (POF) can be a Sanitized recent Bank Statement or Tear Sheet.  (White-out or Black-out account numbers)  Or Standard, 2 Banker-Signed, SKR Letter.  Not a free form Swift.

Municipal Bond, Performance Bonds, Sovereign Bond or Cash Backed Instruments- (Need copy)

(Asset Monetizing is also available, request for Asset information and procedures.)


Need a Copy of the Paper Asset & Statement.

The Partners are a Private Equity Joint Venture Investor and are collateralized by a 501C3, Real Estate Holdings and Secured Asset Management Program.

Please feel free to contact me personally should you have any questions.


Hector and Peter fund new corporations about 30% of the time. They have three sizes of funding available:

$500,000 $38,000 up front and 12% back end fee

$1,500,000 $75,000 up front and 12% back end fee

$2,000,000 $95,000 up front and 12% back end fee

You can read more here:

and here:

I was surprised to learn that 70% of the time they fund existing corporations who, for whatever reason, strike out with local banks.

In my experience, funding is all about presentation.

Hector and Peter funded a manufacturer that had been in business for several years. The president of the company had visited three banks and was turned down by each bank.

They paid a fee to Hector and Peter. They cooperated with the process and within 60 business days were funded $4,450,000!

Isn’t that amazing? Here was a company that had been in business for many years. Their books were a mess. They hadn’t filed corporate income taxes in two years.

Hector and Peter put down their heads and rolled up their sleeves and got the company to do exactly what they were told to do. That’s what it takes to get funding: pay the fee for professional services, mutual cooperation, up-to-date books, current tax returns, and paying a back end fee.

What did it cost? $30,000 up front and about $534,000 back end. Was it worth it? They thought so.

The largest funding to date was in November 2008 for $14,500,000. That company used the money to more than double their work force from 55 to 125. Sales increased by more than double too and more importantly the value of the business increased from $22m to $52m.

Looking for a way to generate a badly needed cash injection?

If you have a minimum 700 FICO score on all three bureaus, have no more than a 30% debt to high credit limit or are willing to pay down debt, can wait 60 business days, are mutually cooperative, have a good executive summary, bio’s of key people, a detailed use of funds, a five-year pro-forma and powerful exit strategy with the funds to get started call me at 1-800-669-2700.

With your corporation: Funding from $100K – $10M based on qualifications ( some of you may have a very strong company with verifiable tax returns, hence larger funding amounts)

– Backend Success fee applies
– Personal Guarantee Required

– Experienced consultants to guide you through the process
– Proven track record

Qualification Requirements
Applicants must have:
– A login and password to:
– No collections, charge offs, bankruptcies or judgments.
– No late payments
– At least a 700 mid FICO score
– At least 6 years of credit history with 3 open and active trade lines
– All installments and revolving accounts should have balances under 30%

With our affordable and reliable platform we are able to maximize your credit rating and obtain the funding you need. Our team of dedicated service professionals are standing by to offer help in credit improvement and loan services.  This may be the solution for all of your essential needs We look forward to making a friend for life.

Who We Are

We are a team of business consultants, legal advisors, and loan specialists who are not afraid to talk to you directly.

While most websites today want you to place online orders, we will  consult with you first and explain each procedure and walk you through on each and every step.

We have PAYDEX and Experian credit enhancement services available.


From our Working Capital Fast website



Please remember that we have two primary websites:

Working Capital Fast is a free site for the general public.

Our corporate website is a subscription site that archives newsletters, audio, video, advanced alternative funding solutions, proprietary products, and confidential solutions that we don’t want the general public to access without subscribing.


How to Properly Pitch and Submit a Loan Request to a Bridge Lender/Fund Manager

This article was written by Brian, one of our Funding Sources, March 1, 2010. I added a few comments.

As you know banks are barely lending in these uncertain economic times. So the Bridge Lenders/Fund Managers that are still lending are seeing an increase in submissions that are overwhelming them. You must be aware that most Bridge Lenders/Fund Managers are usually a 1 to 5 man operation and are not used to receiving 100 calls a day and 3 to 6 hundred emails a day with scenarios.

Though ACP is larger than most Fund managers we still suffer from the same problem. When a Fund Manager gets overwhelmed he usually defaults to saying “No” to any deal that is poorly presented; and let me tell you 50% to 70% of deals presented to our firm are presented poorly. So from a Fund Managers perspective let me guide you to presenting your file in a professional and attractive way thus enhancing the possibility of getting interest in your loan request.

The Preparation Before Presentation

75% of commercial and 25% of residential deals I am pitched are from a broker chain. Let’s face it. Brokers, in my opinion, are the life blood of our industry no matter what the banks are trying to do to them. But deals that are presented to me from a broker on the back side of a broker chain I don’t take very seriously nor do I spend much time on. So if you are in a broker chain…penetrate it professionally and speak directly to the borrower, with permission of all brokers of course.

You want to make sure of what the borrowers needs are and there is only one person that can express it to you and that is the borrower. Make sure the borrower is ready for a Bridge Loan. Be candid and upfront with the borrower about what typical bridge loans costs are and what the condition of the capital markets are. Let’s face it borrowers want to avoid getting a Bridge Loan at 9% to 13%, 2-5 points and terms from 1 to 5 years if they can avoid it…don’t blame them! So many brokers submit and procure LOI’s from us just to have a “back up”. Don’t do this for you are not making friends with the Bridge Lender/Fund Manager! Make sure the borrower is ready, if they are not don’t waste your time or the Fund Managers time.

Know Your File

There is nothing worse than a broker pitching a deal to a lender and the broker truly has no clue. This is a quick step in the direction that will not be fruitful for you and certainly is not a relationship building experience. As a fund manager I must tell you I will go higher LTV’s and farther outside my box for a broker that knows his way around his deal! If you add the fact that I have closed deals with that broker in the past I am more willing to stretch for that proven relationship. So you as a broker always want to build that relationship and that usually starts with a proper presentation and intimate knowledge of your file.

Be Prepared to Answer a Myriad of Questions

The Bridge Lender/Fund Manager will have many. Once again I can’t stress enough, know your file. If your loan request is a commercial down, know the total of all income of the project. Also know the type of leases that this property has. Are they full service, modified gross or triple net leases? If there are credit issues find out if there are any believable excuses behind it. If the income on the rent roll is more than on their schedule E (rarely a deal killer) be prepared to answer why that is. If there is cash out know what they are going to use it for.

The Presentation

When getting on the phone with the lender he or she will want to ask the questions so they can make sense of the deal that best suits their needs.

Don’t tell a story; just answer their questions in a quick and professional way. Don’t hide the negatives about the deal because the lender will look sideways at you and your future deals. Always express the negatives upfront and then follow it up with the positives and sell the positives without telling a 5-20 minute story.

If the borrower has other collateral that has lendable equity in it express that to the lender quickly and don’t save it for the last second.

If there are special needs of the borrower, like, but not limited to: the borrower doesn’t want to sign a personal guarantee, express this to the lender before he makes his decision.

If the lender doesn’t like your deal and turns it down don’t get upset or confrontational! If you want to learn why he turned it down don’t give him attitude just ask him why he turned it down so the next time you can learn what he or his fund likes and doesn’t like.

If the lender likes your deal then great:  be prepared to email him the file quickly. This is not the time to collect conditions because that takes time and your lender will hear 100 deals after yours that could be better/safer or he will have forgotten your good deal because of all the bad deals he has to listen to. So submit your file immediately after the positive conversation!!!

Prepare to Submit Your Loan Request

OK you have a lender that is interested in your file, don’t blow it by submitting him a crazy discombobulated, and unprofessional file via email! A well submitted package is paramount to keeping your professional image alive and a lender interested in YOUR file over the others! A list of items most lenders will need to make a proper decision are as follows…

-Executive Summary – Yes I know you have already explained this all over the phone conversation but it is paramount that the lender can go back to the executive summary and get the story again.
-PFS (personal financial statement) or 1003 – It is paramount that your PFS or 1003 be professionally and fully filled out. Nothing is worse than a hand written and barely legible PFS or 1003!
-Credit Report – A recent Credit Report (not that stuff) or a detailed explanation of what the borrower’s credit is like (must come from the Borrower). That description should touch on FICO’s, mortgage lates, BK’s, Judgments, etc. We recommend (Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.
-Pictures of property –Believe it or not this is so important! A deal can go from hot to not or more importantly from NOT to HOT from quality pictures of the outside and inside of the property. So have them ready.
-2 years Personal and Corporate (if applicable) Tax Returns – “But I want to go stated” is a usually response to this request. The Stated days are for the most part over. Every Fund Manager wants to see the Returns. Maybe just for the reason that he wants to make sure they are filing them. A lot of Fund Managers don’t use them and they wind up in the trash can but the fact that you showed them makes us Neanderthal fund managers feel comfortable. Remember Bridge loans can get creative with borrowers that don’t show all their income or show too many expenses………It’s OK to show us the returns!!
-Rent Roll – A clear and concise rent roll that shows tenant’s full name, unit number, monthly rent amount, beginning and end dates of lease is the best!
-Last years or Year to Date Income and Expense Statement- A quick P+L on the property is usually good. Yes we can add back in the mtg expense, depreciation and sometimes a lot of expenses we know the borrower is just writing off to write off.
Submitting Your Loan Request

There are some rules you should follow to submit your loan request. These rules will make your submission stand out from the rest…which in this market is paramount!

-The subject line of the email – Many times you have to email a file broken up into many emails because all the attachments are too big to fit on one email. So the subject line will keep the continuity of your submission. The subject line should have the borrower’s last name or name of the project then the word “Part” then the number of the email. For example Smith – Part #1 next email would be Smith – Part #2 so on and so forth.

-The attachment names – Name each attachment properly so that the lender knows what is in that attachment. Nothing is worse than getting 20 attachments and all of them have crazy names like *0473#-C or something like that. No one wants to go thru 20 attachments to figure out what they are. Once again separate yourself from all the other brokers……….for you are better than the rest!

-The attachment size – Be cognizant of the size of the attachment for no email you send out should have more than 5 megabytes of attachments. Just because you can send it doesn’t mean your lender can receive it. Now some lenders can receive very large attachment groupings but just because they can receive it doesn’t mean you can send it. Most email systems have a limitation of 5 to 10 megabytes. Remember some Bridge lenders/fund managers are just small shops and don’t have a large emphasis on technology and might be using a restrictive email carrier that can bounce files just for attachments that are too big and no one is notified.

-Follow up – Call the lender within 1 hour of submitting your file to see if he or she has received all your emails. This serves two purposes, #1 you make sure he received all your emails, #2 the lender knows you proactive and if you don’t get an answer within 24 hours you’re going to follow up again. He or she will defiantly work on your file first!

Tips for Those Who Are New to Bridge Lending

-Stick to “The Good Deals” – What is a good deal? The current answer is a deal that closes! In this marketplace there are so many deals out there that just are never going to get funded or will take a monumental effort just to get a maybe. Examples of these deals are out of country request, land loans, development deals, theme parks, golf courses, retreats, coal mines or precious metal mines, quarries, electrical plants, hospitals, casinos, marinas, ski resorts, bio-diesel plants, parking garages or white elephants. (we have other places for these at Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. visit )These deals you might get a person to say yes to but I would be willing to bet there will be a $25,000 to $250,000 upfront due diligence fee that you will never get back!

Good Deals look like the following: Plain vanilla Residential properties, multifamily, mixed use, student housing, fractures condos, office buildings, retail shopping centers, light industrial, warehouse and rehab or finish construction deals of the above properties. Some hard to fund asset classes that are still getting attention are gas stations or any auto related project, small hotels or motels, assisted living facility, daycare centers and restaurants. Try to stick to the “Good Deals” because in this marketplace those are the deals that are actually closing.

-Upfront fees – Now my company does not charge upfront lender fees but sometimes I wish I did. If you get a LOI that is requesting upfront fees make sure the company producing the LOI is legitimate! In this marketplace there are a lot of “upfront fee scammers”. It’s not the end of the world just proceed with caution

-Make sure the LOI is coming from a legitimate source – There are many ways to get a comfort level with your LOI and the company that produced it. Letter of Testimonials are one way. Make sure the person writing the testimonial is a real company and call them. If a lender wants to earn your business they should have testimonials upon their website that shows the broker or borrowers name and number. This way you can verify them.

Funding lists are also something you should be able to ask for and more importantly be provided with. Any real lender should be able to provide addresses of properties they have lent on so that you can run a property profile on and see the Trust Deed or mortgage in the name of the lender.

Deal plaques, if the “lenders” website does not show deal plaques then they are making no effort at showing you what they funded in the past. Why would a real lender not want this up on their website? Just be careful for unfortunately there are a lot of scammers out there and it is your duty to your borrower to get them involved with a real lender.


How We Work

Our websites are at which is about 600 pages (January ’10) and our subscription site which has about three times the content. It also archives the newsletters.

Our websites feature our Business Creed and a pre-qualification application. We offer a one-time FREE 20-minute consultation to those who complete the questionnaire completely. This is a $333.34 value based on our hourly consulting fee. Of course, you may purchase additional time at

We work one of two ways:

Priority – If you want us to “Clear The Decks” put our heads down and get to work you’ll honor us by paying a fee for six months of service. You may renew after that time.

When you hire us to work on a priority basis we thoroughly study your submission package to make sure that it complies with our recommended Road Map to Funding Success. Funding has always been about presentation. Those who present well are funded. Those who don’t present well are not funded.

The key ingredients to funding success, in our experience, have been:

  1. A powerful Executive Summary of one to four pages. You can purchase our template and video review at
  2. Bio’s of key personnel.
  3. A detailed use of funds broken down monthly for the first year and quarterly thereafter.
  4. A 5-year proforma and written Exit Strategy.

When we meet face-to-face we’ll review the following questions:

• What do you expect from us?

• What is your current pain?

• What keeps you awake at night?

• How do you see us helping you address these challenges and opportunities?

• What growth plans do you have?

• If price were not an issue, what role would you want us to play in your business?

• Do you expect capital needs? New financing?

• Do you anticipate any mergers, purchases, divestitures, recapitalizations, or reorganizations in the near future?

• We know you are investing in total quality service, as are we. What are the service standards you would like for us to provide you?

• How important is our satisfaction guarantee to you?

• How important is rapid response? What do you consider rapid response?

• Why are you changing professionals? What did you not like about your former firm that you do not want us to repeat?*

• How did you enjoy working with your former firm?**

• Do you envision any other changes in your needs?

• Are you concerned about any of your asset, liability, or income statement accounts to which we should pay particularly close attention?

• If we were to attend certain of your internal management meetings as observers, would you be comfortable with that?

• How do you suggest we best learn about your business so we can relate your operations to the financial information and so we can be more proactive in helping you maximize your business success?

• May our associates tour your facilities?

• What trade journals do you read? What seminars and trade shows do you regularly attend? Would it be possible for us to attend these with you?

• What is your budget for this type of service?

* We never denigrate the predecessor. First, this insults you and reminds you of a poor decision. Second, it diminishes respect and confidence in the profession as a whole and lowers the public’s perception of our professionalism.

** Even though you are changing firms, it is almost certain that you liked certain characteristics of the predecessor. We want to find out what those were and exceed them. For instance, if you said the prior firm always returned phone calls within one day, we strive to return phone calls within four hours.

Non-Priority – If you think that you’ve “nailed it” when preparing the four key ingredients to funding success, and you aren’t in any hurry at all to fund and aren’t quite ready to pay consultation fees then we’ll take a look at your project when we can get to it. After we look at it we may need to send it back because you don’t meet our requirements. (Priority Clients get major help from us in cleaning up their submission.) We’ll return your calls and emails when we can: after all, priority clients come first.

We reserve the right to review each submission once, beyond that our consultation fee will be required. You had better complete the submission request correctly the first time or you better get familiar with our websites mentioned above. If you submit for free we can’t spend a lot of time. It’s not fair to us, our families, or our Priority Clients.

In our experience we can fund 1/3 of the files that cross our desks, 1/3 are DOA Dead on Arrival, and the final 1/3 are broken and need to go through some form of remediation which can take hours, days, weeks, months, or years.


With 33 years of Financial Services experience we may be uniquely qualified to serve you and those whom you choose to refer.


Numbers 6:24-26
“The LORD bless you and keep you;the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.”


We are available 7AM to 5PM M-F Pacific to serve you and those whom you choose to refer. Kindly visit our websites for more information and complete our online application so that we’re prepared before calling you.

Joe Tufo, Certified Cash Flow Consultant, Certified Capital Specialist

P.O. Box 844
Alamo CA 94507
925-691-8200 Direct to my desk
800-669-2700 Business
206-984-2853 Fax

Fee and Commission Based.

Your #1 Alternative Funding Source. Call Us When Your Banker Says NO!!!

Business and Personal Lines of Credit $50,000 to $10,000,000, Large Project Funding $10,000,000 to No Limit, Commercial Loans, SBA Loans, Hard Money Loans, Church Loans, Factoring, Accounts Receivable Funding, Merchant Cash Advance.

Speaker, Writer, and Seminar Leader

Providing Honest Answers in a Timely Manner No Matter How Difficult the Situation.

Trust, Integrity, and Service: Here Today, Here Tomorrow

The program that I use to attain my goals:

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