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How To Fund Your Project Today

This came in Thursday morning, March 11, 2010 from Chris after our telecon.

I spoke with Bruce W. in Las Vegas. He is obtaining $275m from JP Morgan Chase in exchange for 25% of the company. I shared this information with him.

I’ve been involved with Large Project funding for several years. This is the best funding tool that I know of. If you have the money and can be patient you’ll generate all the funding that you’ll need.

If you have a project or idea that needs funding and have $655,000 you really need to make your move on this funding opportunity:

Hi Team,

This is one of the best and most successful ways to raise money for projects. Real Estate or Venture Capital or Humanitarian.

Clients puts $655,000 into escrow and can receive funding of several hundred million over the 10 month life of the program.

These funds do NOT need to be paid back.

No equity splits, keep 100% ownership of your project.

Domestic or International projects are OK.

Proven process has worked many times.

DON’T LET YOUR CLIENTS THROW AWAY THERE MONEY ON LEASED INSTRUMENTS, THESE ARE ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO TRADE BECAUSE OF NEW RULES THAT BEGAN ON 12-31-09. LEASED CASH WORKS. If your clients have $655,000 this is a wonderful opportunity to fund a project in any economic climate.


This came in March 9, 2010:

Mike and Drew,

You guys have stumbled, fallen, gotten back up, been smacked in the face,
been lied to, promised the world, taken advantage of, royally screwed and I
could go on. You should talk to Joe. He has been around a long time, sends a
news letter out weekly, lives in the Bay Area, lectures to large groups
(recently in Vegas), consults and is creative. He shoots straight and does
not mix words. It will work or it won’t. He will tell you.

He has outlined below in detail what you guys have been trying to do with
nit wits, want to bees, liars, thieves and bull shitters. He is well worth a

Best regards,

Steve Anderson
President / CEO

Exhibit “B”

OMEGA New LEASED Cash Trade- Special V2 Pricing 3-4-2010

Leasing CASH is fairly simple as an Escrow and Set Up Fee of $655,000. This is the ONLY fee paid up front.

To Start: Please submit
CIS, Proof of funds for $655,000 and a passport
Executive Summary, Company Bio and Project budget with a 10 month Draw schedule

OMEGA provider will post a CASH Backed Financial Instrument from a Top World Bank in the form of a Bank Instrument for the OMEGA Leased Cash Trade-Special V2 on Euro Clear only. OMEGA is given the ISIN/Cusip numbers on all financial instruments in advance from the Provider.

Within a 24 hour period of Client- Party “A” funding the escrow in the amount of $655,000 for Escrow and Set Up Fee, the LOI- Term Sheet for the financial instrument is given to OMEGA. The instrument will be issued for a maximum term of one year and one day.


1. Escrow and Set Up Fee will be reimbursed to Client- Party “A” from the trading proceeds payable within the first 30 days of funding the escrow.
2. The agreement between the parties is a Limited Liability Corporation named OMEGA.
3. Client- Party “A” submits a CIS and Passport and Proof of funds for the Escrow and Set Up Fee of $655,000 USD.
4. This includes $5,000 LLC formation and $3,000 Escrow Documentation Fee.
5. OMEGA Agreement will be drawn and submitted for Client-Party “A” and OMEGA Managing Member signature.
6. All paperwork will be in the OMEGA name.
7. OMEGA Managing Member will review the Lender Documents. The term sheet (the LOI) is issued from the Provider after verification of the POF within 24 hours. OMEGA receives the term sheet (LOI) for the financial instrument.
8. OMEGA Managing Member will review and sign LOI-Term Sheet.
9. After signed OMEGA agreement, Client-Party “A” automatically must wire Escrow and Set Up Fee of $655,000 to Commercial Bonded Escrow Services for the benefit of the Provider. Wire instructions will be provided to Client- Party “A” on the main document.
10. Escrow Agent Commercial Bonded Escrow Services ( provides to OMEGA the ISIN/Cusip number of the financial instrument.
11. Escrow is opened and funded with Commercial Bonded Escrow Services.
12. Provider issues the Escrow and Account Agreements.
13. OMEGA Managing Member returns the signed Escrow Agreements.
14. Provider issues financial instrument contract and is provided proof of funds from the funded escrow…
15. OMEGA Managing Member signs financial instrument contract.
16. OMEGA Managing Member reviews and signs trade agreement
17. OMEGA enters into a trade.
18. After Escrow and Set Up Fee of $655,000 has been successfully paid by Client-Party “A”, it takes about 30 days for the Provider to monetize the financial instrument. The financial instrument is monetized in the amount approximately 200M. Provider fees of 50M (equals 10% of the face value of 500m), is paid immediately prior to the Trade beginning. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the contract and removal of the financial instrument, and the outstanding principal balance of the loan, if any, will be immediately due and payable.
19. It is important to mention here, that the actual Lender who will “monetize” the transaction (that is, loan against the 500M financial instrument) has already pre-selected and pre-approved the financial instrument. Such lender is experienced in such transactions and has worked previously with the original financial instrument Provider. We believe that the loan against the pre-selected 500M instrument will be a successful outcome for both Party “A” and Party “B”. The same Lender will “seamlessly” place the monetized cash on behalf of OMEGA into Trade.
20. The OMEGA is responsible to repay in full the principal of 200M loan. Repayment is in ten equal payments and will be deducted on a monthly basis before disbursement of the Trade profits.
21. Client- Party “A” can receive their net profits in any bank of their choosing.
22. Trading will begin no longer than 60 days from the Master Holding Account after clearing compliance. OMEGA will go immediately into a seamless Trade for 40 weeks.
23. No personal liability. All activity run through the OMEGA.

Note: Escrow and Set Up Fee rates are subject to change. Fee effective date 3-4-2010

THIS IS A NO RISK CASH TRADE. Client receives $655,000 contribution reimbursed from the proceeds of the trade within the first thirty days after the escrow is funded. Client then enters the trade with no money out of pocket.

Provider Fee of 10% fee of face value 500M ($50,000,000) is due from the proceeds of the loan and is paid to the Provider immediately upon receipt of the monetized loan proceeds. No exceptions.

OMEGA is still responsible to repay the 200M loan from the proceeds of the trade.

All programs returns are customized to Party “A” business plan needs and monthly draw for project funding over the next ten months.

Party “A” will receive a monthly payout disbursement. If party “A” has more projects, they may enter into additional trade programs.

Note: Either Party can enter into another trade during the on-going trade or at the completion of the initial 40 week trade for additional trades. All funding and results may vary.

Party “A” will receive the $655,000 Escrow and Set Up Fee, LLC formation and Escrow paperwork which will be reimbursed from the trading proceeds payable within the first 30 days of funding the escrow.

The first distributions of the trade proceeds shall be no more than sixty days after the escrow is funded and continue for ten payments on a monthly basis.
-$50,000,000 (10% of face value of 500M is payable immediately to the Provider
-$20,000,000 monthly set aside toward repayment of principal of $200M (1 of 10 payments)

Note: All monies are taxable and each Party should consult with its tax advisor.

Terms of the financial instrument will be for one year and one day with options to renew at 10% leasing fee per year plus the Escrow and set up Fee. No other procedures will be honored.

All Consultants will share in a 5% fee based on what Client-Party “A” receives each month and will be drawn from the gross proceeds of the trade before distribution to either Party on a monthly basis and forwarded from the Company’s Master Holding Account.

The End #

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