Apartments, Assisted Living, Hospitals, Health Care

This came in Monday October 19, 2009 :

We only loan on Apartments, Assisted Living, Hospitals, Health Care

Available programs and quick guides . call for rates and details 800-669-2700

Multifamily “Acquisition/Refinance”Health Care, Hedge Fund Bridge loans for projects for high net worth developers.


The following description is a summary of a core lending program offered by William Taylor and LSCM.

We encourage you to contact us today for specific information and for a more thorough explanation lending services.

  • ACQUISITION:  Lesser of 80% Loan-to-Value or 85% Loan-to-Acquisition costs A Seller Promissory note of 7.50% Loan-to-Value is allowed.
  • REFINANCE:  Up to 85% Loan-to-Value, 80% with cash-out.
  • Up to 35 -Year Term and Amortization, (no balloon).
  • No maximum loan amount. Minimum loan amount is $1,000,000.
  • Low, fixed interest rate, guided by market spreads over the 10 Year Treasury yield.
  • Non-recourse, with no carve-outs.
  • Flexible and negotiable pre-payment terms. NEVER defeasance or yield maintenance, after 3 years of loan inception.
  • Loan is assumable with Lender approval.
  • This is a conventional mortgage, FHA does not limit rents, tenant income, or return on equity.
  • 1.17 Minimum Debt Service Coverage.
  • The loan is always assumable.
  • Third-party expenses and loan costs are financeable.
  • Moderate Rehab is allowed.
  • Available Nationally.
    We are also DUS lenders, assisted Living,Health Care, Hospitals, FHA

DUS(Fannie) fixed-rates and spreads w/ YM prepay at 101 (Tier 2 Lender Level II):   Can now issue LOI with only $4500 entry fee. In most cases can roll fees into rates where only closing would be 4500..

Interest Rate5.35%5.80%6.51%6.02%6.69%7.48%
Spread to TSY273 bps252 bps297 bps235 bps302 bps297 bps
*Indications assume loan amounts of $3MM+; add 10bps for loans <$3MM.
*Indications assume an Actual/360 interest accrual and a 30 year amortization period.


Loan Amount $500K to $300M
Domestic and International
Construction/Development, Cash Flowing Commercial, Residential, Raw
85% LTV for construction transactions
85% for all other

Rate: 4.99% to 6.5%
Terms: 3 to 5 years I/O
Repayment: Monthly, I/O or amortized for 25 years
Call for details.
OUR Niche is Fannie,HUD Loans,bridge,cash flowing from 1.25 dscr and non stable Apartment loans.

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