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100% LTV PROJECT FINANCING WORLDWIDE Limited Private Funding from $4 M to $9 M


Limited Private Funding from $4 M to $9 M

  • NO Credit required
  • NO down payment required
  • NO reserves required
  • NO application or front fees of any kind
  • Non recourse loan

We have a unique and powerful private  funding arrangement that provides BOTH  the Lender, and,  a 3rd party  provider of  bank collateral ( Standby Letter of Credit ) fully guaranteeing  the Lender’s loan.

With the Lender’s funds guaranteed, they  will  fund your project 100% LTV, from  $4M to $ 9M, worldwide. Current loan terms are 6.5% simple interest, up to 5 years, with great flexibility on terms.

Any valid project can qualify and funding can occur in as little as 14 business days.

There are absolutely no loan covenants or restrictions on the use of the loan proceeds, and there are never any up front fees. Corporations, individuals, partnerships, multinational companies, institutions, municipalities, and foreign government agencies comprise  the Lender’ s world wide  client base. Funds may be used for any lawful venture.


  • Simple interest – not compounded interest.
  • No loan covenants or restrictions on the borrower’s use of loan proceeds.
  • Repayment at semi-annual interest in arrears or other custom-crafted repayment schedule, subject to lender approval.
  • Borrower may receive front-end grace period up to 24 months, with no payments of principal or interest due during the grace period, subject to lender approval.
  • No advance or up-front fees.  The loan fee is always withheld from the loan proceeds when disbursed.
  • The lending bank ( we provide) deposits the loan proceeds into the guarantee-issuing bank ( which we also provide)  before the guarantee-issuing bank transmits the guarantee to the lending bank.
  • The borrower receives loan proceeds very quickly, usually within 2 weeks after the lending bank confirms the availability of the guarantee with the guarantee-issuing bank and confirms the availability of loan funds to the guarantee-issuing bank by SWIFT.
  • Easy-to-understand loan documents that are simple, clear, uncomplicated, and minimal in number.
  • Enables the borrower to move forward quickly in order to seize financial opportunities.

To get started, please first send us  your Executive Summary of your funding request. Please,keep it brief, no more than 3-5 pages, and make sure you include a 5 year pro forma. Keep in mind, the requested  loan amount must range from  $4M to $ 9 M and any viable, lawful project can qualify. Once we receive the Summary  we will review and contact you within 24 hours to move the processing forward quickly.

Thanks for your cooperation and we look forward to funding you soon.

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