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This is based on what I’ve learned from Gary Ryan Blair:

In this message I want to speak with you about the importance of
risk taking and share with you an important strategic weapon called
the “Minimax Analysis.”

The “Minimax Analysis” is a strategy in decision theory concerned
with minimizing the biggest possible loss while maximizing the
potential gain of any given situation or risk.

How it works is a simple, yet counter-intuitive process for you to

When you are presented with a decision to take a risk: what you do
is engage in a “worst-case scenario” analysis.

There are a few steps involved…

Step 1. Identify and analyze the worst-case scenario as it relates
to the risk.

A good example might be starting your own business.

The worst-case scenario is that you fail and lose all of your money!

Step 2. If the worst-case outcome is unacceptable, then immediately
walk away as this is an unintelligent risk. This will save you a lot
of time, money, pain and potential embarrassment.

You must remember that every risk has an upside and downside
scenario, and in the case of starting a business, you may have a
lower tolerance for risk than others.

Step 3. If you find that the worst-case scenario is something that
you can live with, then, congratulations, as you have quickly
identified and accepted the worst-possible outcome.

Now get to work on minimizing the potential downside.

One of the first things you can do is to begin your business plan
and research everything associated with the starting of a business
to include financial commitments and family sacrifices.

Step 4. The fourth and final step is all about maximizing the
upside positive outcome.

Identify all appropriate actions that can and will tip the scales
in your favor. This is intelligent risk taking in action.

From here on out the rest is “pure gravy.”

Now that you are armed with this knowledge, you must remain acutely
aware that the risks you’ve taken in the past define your life and
reality as it is today, AND the risks you take today will define
your life and reality as you would ideally like it to be tomorrow.

I am going to share with you a special opportunity which
contains a small risk and a MAJOR upside potential.

Last week I sent a very special opportunity for our Priority Clients:


Limited Private Funding from $4 M to $9 M

  • NO Credit required
  • NO down payment required
  • NO reserves required
  • NO application or front fees of any kind
  • Non recourse loan

We have a unique and powerful private  funding arrangement that provides BOTH  the Lender, and,  a 3rd party  provider of  bank collateral ( Standby Letter of Credit ) fully guaranteeing  the Lender’s loan.

With the Lender’s funds guaranteed, they  will  fund your project  100% LTV, from  $4M to $ 9M, worldwide.  Current loan terms are 6.5% simple interest, up to 5 years, with great flexibility on terms.

Any valid project can qualify and funding can occur in as little as 14 business days.

There are absolutely no loan covenants or restrictions on the use of the loan proceeds, and there are never any up front fees. Corporations, individuals, partnerships, multinational companies, institutions, municipalities, and foreign government agencies comprise  the Lender’ s world wide  client base. Funds may be used for any lawful venture.


  • Simple interest – not compounded interest.
  • No loan covenants or restrictions on the borrower’s use of loan proceeds.
  • Repayment at semi-annual interest in arrears or other custom-crafted repayment schedule, subject to lender approval.
  • Borrower may receive front-end grace period up to 24 months, with no payments of principal or interest due during the grace period, subject to lender approval.
  • No advance or up-front fees.  The loan fee is always withheld from the loan proceeds when disbursed.
  • The lending bank ( we provide) deposits the loan proceeds into the guarantee-issuing bank ( which we also provide)  before the guarantee-issuing bank transmits the guarantee to the lending bank.
  • The borrower receives loan proceeds very quickly, usually within 2 weeks after the lending bank confirms the availability of the guarantee with the guarantee-issuing bank and confirms the availability of loan funds to the guarantee-issuing bank by SWIFT.
  • Easy-to-understand loan documents that are simple, clear, uncomplicated, and minimal in number.
  • Enables the borrower to move forward quickly in order to seize financial opportunities.

To get started, please first send us  your Executive Summary of your funding request. Please,keep it brief, no more than 3-5 pages, and make sure you include a 5 year pro forma. Keep in mind, the requested  loan amount must range from  $4M to $ 9 M and any viable, lawful project can qualify. Once we receive the Summary  we will review and contact you within 24 hours to move the processing forward quickly.

Thanks for your cooperation and we look forward to funding you soon.

I thought that it was clear in the signature file that we are Fee and Commission Based.

Everything that we publish on our websites, in our newsletters, and in our announcements makes it clear How We Do Business:

It’s real simple: We work on either a Priority basis where you pay a fully earned, non-refundable fee for six months of service or a Non-Priority basis when you are not in a big hurry and we get to you and your project when we can: after all Priority Clients come first.

We work on your project and focus all our energy on you and other priority clients first and then others in order of availability.

We don’t take on a client or project unless we’re reasonably sure that we can achieve success.

The fee is 1% of what you are looking for subject to a minimum $3,000: maximum $30,000 per project. Any amount that you are trying to fund under $300,000 is $3,000 and any amount $3,000,000 and above is $30,000.

If you’re looking for $500,000 the fee is $5,000. If you’re looking for $1,000,000 the fee is $10,000. You get the picture.

Some ask me to spend the day with them. I charge $10,000 per day. You come to Concord CA. Some ask for a half day and I charge them $5,000. Some want an hour and I charge them $1,000.

You can see these services at You can direct deposit or wire fees to our Bank of America Corporate account. With 33+ years in financial services (since 11/76) we may be uniquely qualified to serve you.
Before you join, let me mention two things…

Firstly, I can’t guarantee your success. You know that and I know that, but it’s something I gotta say anyway. I will offer my expert opinion based on my own experience and knowledge, but there are no guarantees. You agree to hold me harmless for any result that occurs from my coaching.

Secondly, there are no refunds available. Because I can’t get my time back, you can’t get your money back. I’ll be happy to work with you to make you happy … but if you’re looking for a guarantee for a refund, then this isn’t for you.

Having gotten the “negative” out of the way, let’s focus on the “positive”! This is truly going to be a life-changing experience for you and I’m proud to be able to personally work with a select few in this program. I’m really looking forward to it.

If you’re ready, I am! You can literally get started hearing from ME this evening. So let’s get started together…

This is an interview that Dale conducted with me in July 2009. It may be of benefit to you:


Limited Private Funding from $4 M to $9 M charges three points. We earn half a point. I thought that was low because we normally receive one point up front for Priority Clients capped at $30,000 and two points to five points back end depending upon the product and the client.

We had three types of responses:

1. One client offered offered six points back end plus 5% equity plus a bonus kicker of $90,000 if we funded within 45 business days. He also wants me available for an indeterminate time to help him with other matters of importance to him.

Another gave substantial equity along with a fair commission. In fairness I have known this gentleman for a couple of years.

2. One referral partner brought three “sterling prospective clients” who also were very creative on remuneration.

3. One person became incensed with the way we do business June 3rd and lashed out at me. He sent me a cryptic email May 15th stating that he referred someone to us and expected remuneration.

We want to help everyone but we’ve learned that Priority Clients are committed when they “belly up to the bar” and pay us our fully earned and non-refundable capped expense commitment fee.

They know that we’re committed to them for six months and they can renew the agreement if they wish.

We won’t take on a Priority Client unless we’re reasonably confident that we can help them. We fail often, but we never give up! We have three PC’s that we’re working with indefinitely because of our commitment.

In our experience, Non-Priority Clients aren’t reliable. They’ll promise documents at a pre-set deadline and then we end up wasting precious time “chasing” them. I turn 60 November 29th. I’m too old and too tired to chase people.

Bonnie and our two youngest children, Katie, age 12, and Mike, age 10, arrive from Racine Friday, June 11th at about noon. I bought the tickets in March.

I’m working the same 7AM to 5PM schedule M-F (with the exception of June 11th) that I’ve worked for 33+ years. I am NOT available evenings or weekends in the summertime unless you’re a Priority Client and then I’m going to ask you for grace.

Bonnie and I were married for 34+ years. I have asked her to remarry me. I need to be on my very best behavior for the 75 days that they are visiting if I have any hope of reconciliation.

We have a limited number of openings: first come, first served for any of our products.

I’m also limiting my time on the phone and answering emails to Priority Clients and Preferred Referral Partners like my friends: Steve, Ali, Al, Robert and Pat, and of course our Preferred Vendors (not in any particular order): Jerome, Alex, Greg, Chris M, Lisa, Hector, Peter, Harry, Tod, Jay, Chris H, Don, Larry, and Leonard.

Forgive me if I forgot to mention you.

For the Non-Priority: I’ll get to you when I get to you… if you’re in a hurry and want to do business with us you need to “belly up to the bar.”

Until then, focus on developing a tolerance along with a healthy
appetite for intelligent risk taking.

Everything Counts!

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