What If? CFSI 20110119

This is our weekly live educational call. Listen in as I share some programs that may help you “crack your monthly nut”, cover the “monthly burn rate” of your business, help you self-fund a project, and self-liquidate debt.

Listen to prospective clients as they ask questions and hear what clients who have been paid on these programs have to share.

We do live calls every Wednesday at 8PM Eastern for the paid subscribers of and for existing clients in our trade programs. Others invest the modest sum of $39.00  to participate. These calls last about an hour.

You will have an opportunity to listen in as clients share their success stories and occasionally listen to a real live trader.


1. Don’t invest with money you can’t afford to lose.

2. Always get your principal back as quickly as possible.

Turn up the speakers, grab a paper and pencil and listen in.

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