Referral Position Paper

In some cases, clients are willing to issue recommendation letters, most, however, insist on maintaining confidentiality. We maintain the strictest confidentiality of our clients, partners, and partners’ clients.

Intermediary firms who have shown recommendation letters to potential clients encountered the common consequence of complaints from the recommending companies. The companies experience high volumes of telephone calls asking excessively technical questions about exactly how they received capital funds, where they put it, where they keep it, and what they built with it.

They are asked to show bank statements for received funds, allow an office visit to meet senior managers with no commercial purpose, and many other requests more suitable to commercial intelligence by competitors or undesirable attention from governmental agents.

These clients complain that nobody pays them to operate a marketing center to process inquiries for our services.

Sometimes the gatekeeper at the business does not know the contacts that the CEO used to obtain funding or the funded company may have changed its address or telephone number and potential clients unfairly claim that the recommendation letter is not real. In most cases the successful funding triggered the change of address and phone.

Many such attempts to verify evidence of previous transactions lead to violation of non-circumvention contracts, and funding sources decide that they do not want to trust millions of dollars to such an applicant, since the client is likely to undermine key partnerships and contracts for the project in a similar fashion. This also causes severe damage to our relations with our funding sources.

For these real and compelling reasons we are hesitant to give or show copies of recommendation letters or similar supporting documents to prospective clients.

The only reliable and effective way to verify and evaluate the capabilities and experience of a professional intermediary and services firm such as Cash Flow Specialists is to carefully read, listen to MP3 recordings, and study the information materials, and talk with Joe Tufo, our Managing Director.

A successful firm must possess direct experience and understanding of this complex sphere, the capabilities and knowledge to achieve success, as well as the skills to apply these resources to the specific circumstances of each clients project.

Such information can only be the result of direct practical experience with all stages of the financing process from beginning to successful final results. The ability to present and explain this knowledge is the only real proof of successful experience.

We encourage prospective clients to read our informational materials carefully, thoroughly, and critically. We invite your lawyers, financial advisors, bankers, and top managers to review and process these materials, and ask us questions to clarify how any parts of this information apply to your investment project.

Attempting to conduct amateur verification through interference in sensitive business, legal and financial relations, however, is both ineffective and impermissible.

Our favorite funding Source C on our matrix, is a licensed law firm licensed financial services institution, and a licensed escrow agency.

Obtaining such licenses requires proving to government regulatory agencies that the firm has the required expertise and capabilities to reliably and effectively provide related professional services.

The possession of those licenses means that the firm operates under the regulation, supervision, and enforcement of the respective government agencies on a continuous basis.

Therefore, the licenses themselves are the ultimate verification of expertise, capability, and the truth of accomplishments lawfully represented. Accordingly the multiple legal and financial licenses are the best possible evidence that we do what we say, and say only what we do.

We are accustomed to working with multi-national corporations on transactions from $50million to billions. We have collected a full package of documents that clients have found highly revealing and valuable for due diligence review.

We are confident that you will be fully satisfied with the facts that these documents establish and verify.

We know of no other firm that provides this much transparency. We provide this full due diligence package only AFTER the project has been Confirmed and Approved.  We provide this only to the potential client, and NOT to any third party “advisors.”

Founded in July 1999 we have raised hundreds of millions and directly or indirectly closed billions in loans. With more than 50 years combined experience in the capital markets chances are we can serve you and those whom you choose to refer.

This is a special recording that explains in great detail the banking regulatory crisis, bank credit crisis, transition from credit crisis to capital liquidity crisis, bank capital liquidity crisis, outlook and projections for banking crises, impact of baking crises on project financing, Source C successful anti-crisis solutions, Source C strategic advantages for results: (highlight and paste to your browser)

Four Ingredients to Funding Success

1. Executive Summary not to exceed four pages

2. Bio’s key people

3. Detailed use of funds

4. Pro-forma five years ideal

We have a fully earned, non-refundable 1%, $2,500 minimum, $25,000 maximum consulting fee per project. This provides an hour a month consultation for one year plus submission to one or more sources for funding.

Kindly make a cashier’s check payable to Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. for 1% for each project, $25,000 maximum per project and mail to:

Joe Tufo, President

Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.

P.O. Box 844
Alamo CA 94507

Alternatively, you can wire money to our Bank of America account.

We will not accept company checks because we’ve had two-returned NSF in the past week. Not a good thing to do to a funding source!

This is a recording on who we are and what we do:

We do a weekly live Q&A for you and those who you choose to refer Tuesday’s at 5PM Pacific. The call lasts one hour.

Sign-Up Page for Clients, Prospective Clients, and Friends:

This is a recording that we made 03-20-08 live Q&A for Clients, Prospective Clients, and Friends: If you want to learn the Four Key Ingredients to Funding Success and Insider Secrets to funding listen to this Special Recording now.

This is a special recording on the challenges of fund raising;

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