Read Only If You Are Unwilling To Pay Our Commitment Consultation Fee

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Thanks for your thoughts, Allen.

I appreciate your willingness to ask. After all, you’d never know unless you ask, right?


I’m giving over 33 years of experience that others have paid as much as $25,000 plus $2,500 per month on a 12-month commitment for, AND hundreds of articles, webinars, audio, video, ongoing support, and personal help for nothing and taking a chance on whether or not we’ll be successful enough in getting you to cooperate and stay committed to us so that we can fund you and you can pay me the success fee that I’m financing for you at NO INTEREST.

Even if you were to pay the entire $25,000 that I’m charging, it’s a huge bargain at that price.

I’m asking for you to take a $25,000 “risk” on me, and I’m taking a priceless “risk” on you.

Here’s the problem… I have 33 years of experience in doing this, and tons of quantifiable testimonials to back up my results. And the $25,000 I’m asking for for the six-month of support, mentorship, and “roll up your sleeves, put down your head single-minded focus on getting you funded? That’s even guaranteed. (you’re guaranteed to get my attention for six months and focus on getting you funded)

On the flip side, I don’t know you. I have no idea who you are or what you’ve accomplished. For you to not be willing to pay me doesn’t say much for where you are or the confidence you want me to have in you.

I do realize that things happen in people’s lives… many times those things are beyond their control. And most likely, that’s what has happened to you. I do have compassion and empathy for people whom that has happened.

But I’m running a business and if I’m going to be true to my business model, as well as fair to others whom I bring on board, I have to make the same offer to everyone. So if I let you come onboard for free, how can I ethically, honestly, and morally charge others $25,000? It’s just not fair, nor is it right.

And I’m sure that you can understand that I only have a certain amount of time and energy to spend with the people I bring on board, and that I commit ongoing support and service to. And frankly, to be fair to me, my company and associates, my family, and the other clients I have to share that time and energy with, I have to necessarily limit that time to those who have the greatest chance of success. Unfortunately, the only thing I have to judge that criteria by is their past performance.

If I have a limited amount of time available for working, and I have to make a choice between someone who can pay $25,000 or another person who is unwilling to honor me and pay me something, basic business logic makes the decision a no brainer. As much as I would like to help everyone who is in need, I simply can’t do it. I’m not a charity, and I can’t run my business as such.

Past experience has shown that the people who pay the least need the most help, require the most time, and produce the least amount of results. I’m not saying this is you, Allen. But across the board, this has been our experience, and it’s not something that I want to relive again.

As it is, I’m taking a HUGE risk by reducing our minimum requirement to get started to just $10,000 and depending on the balance to be paid in installments: $10,000 in 30 days, and a second $10,000 for carrying you within 60 days.  I don’t know if you are committed. I don’t know you and can’t see actual, quantifiable results: can I count on you to work as hard as I will to see you through to funding? Our screening process helps somewhat, but it’s no guarantee.

I hope you understand my situation and position. I do feel for you and wish there was a way that I could help you and everyone else who is in a similar position, but I simply can’t. It’s not good business. It’s not a productive use of my time. And it’s not fair to others who have paid significantly more for less than what we’ll be doing to help you reach your dreams in funding your project.

But… as I mentioned previously, I do appreciate your asking, and I wish you the best.

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